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  • I think you’re fibbing. I can see at least one man in that top photo! Glad the quality is good. Wouldn’t like Liberty to be exporting cheapo stuff.
    Was there a scoff for Olive? A Liberty scoff would go well with the handknits, but a handknit scoff might be just Too Much on the knitting front what with the delish sweaters she has.

  • Any men you see in those photos are just gawkers, or reporters. Heavily covered by the New York press corps.
    I swear to you that estrogen was required for this event.

  • I saw the Liberty for Target commercial and had to rewind to make sure I saw it right. Niiiice!

  • I’m always out of the country for the fun stuff!!
    Glad you made it, have fun in Madison.

  • Forget retiring to Florida…when I am old and gray I am going to NYC so I don’t miss out on stuff like this!

  • Green with envy that you have an “A” Tar-shay store! Thanks for sending photos to those of us who live in the hinterlands.

  • HAHA- every time I see the Liberty for Tar-zhay commercials I immediately think “Gotta email Kay- she’ll love it!”. Glad to see you already were on it (of course!). I can’t wait to snag a huge Liberty print watering can. Just the thing for my big planters since Tar-zhay sold out of the hot pink garden hoses last summer before I snagged one (the green with hints of duct tape is too bleargh for the pretty flowers- must find pink hose before growing season). Luckily for me there are 4 Tar-zhays within 20 min of my house and a handful more on the way to my daughters’ abodes up north so they can scour theirs if mine are deficient.

  • Are you going to cut up your shirts to make quilts?
    I myself recently cut up a shirt to make a lining for a knitted bag, but that’s as far as I’ve got. Actual sewing always slows me down.

  • OMG.. I can’t wait for my Target to open Sunday morning, I’m all over it!

  • I can’t tell you how sad I am that I live in Canada now. No Target! Woe! I might have to send my mom on an emergency run, though. She already thinks I’m crazy, this won’t change things.

  • Last week when I caught the Target ad at hmmm o’clock, way past any decent bedtime, I woke Mr. Taylor up from his couch sleep and rewound it so I could believe it was true. Target, my America feel good shopping zone, meets Liberty, one of my favorite stores in the world. Can Spring get any better. And now, to see that the whole thing kicked off in the garment district, Bryant Park no less, my favorite NYC shopping zone. Worlds are colliding here.

  • It sounds like you really scored! Mazel tov! I’m waiting anxiously for Sunday morning, but I don’t think they’ll have quite the same selection here in the hinterlands. We’ll see.

  • OMG! those blown up images on the building! Let’s blow up our Liberty prints!!!! Blown up Liberty print wallpaper! On the refrigerator! INSIDE the refrigerator! Will you go back the day they take all that stuff down and try to get the signs?

  • liberty come to target in florida please
    hope madison is fun

  • I’m all a-quiver after your report. Our Liberty arrives on Sunday morning. Maybe nobody in Dallas is drooling over this as much as I am.

  • First, I want that orange coat. Even though I’m old and definitely not bangin’. Second, when my children were toddlers, I used to say “If I can’t buy it at Target, I’m not buying it at all” (because that was the only store where I could handle shopping-with-young-children; I’m pretty sure it was the carts). Anyway — now, with the Liberty thing, I think I can say that again! 🙂

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t know what this is? I am young-ish, but apparently not bangin’.

  • I have barely been able to sleep, such is my anticipation of the Sunday unveiling of Liberty items at Target (okay, I’m lying. I’ve been sleeping great). BUT, I really am so excited. I, too, want to score some men’s shirts. Let the games begin!

  • Racked.com is giving updates on the Liberty line for Target – they actually closed the NYC pop-up store today, two days early, because they sold out of merchandise!

  • I am so excited for this. My local Target actually had some things out early (gasp!) and I managed to grab one of the few remaining toddler dresses. I may have done a little dance of joy, but since nobody was looking, I can pretend I didn’t.

  • Yes, a Union Jack quilt made our out Liberty of London prints would be awesom! So awesome in fact, that someone has already gone and done it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0FXyPYDZrE

  • After the estrogen discussion, I went back to look at the photos and noticed that the tall be-banged (and probably bangin’) woman standing just below the word “Target” looks a lot like Debbie Stoller of Stitch n’ Bitch fame. Is that another case of worlds colliding, or is it just my feverish imagination?

  • No, Oreida, you are not alone. I work about 5 blocks from there and have NO CLUE what this is all about. Apparently, we must be quite out of the loop (LOL) – but that’s why I come here: to get in the loop! Hope you made it safely to Wisconsin, Ann!

  • Oh, the horror of it all! You are both in Madison, which is so close to me (well, within driving distance) and I knew nothing of it until today. I am going to my brother’s 50th birthday party (a surprise) so I cannot attend your fa-boo event! I hope you will speak there next year! I am planning on joining the Madison knitting guild, so perhaps I will hear you speak next year! Have a wonderful time!

  • This explains why there was NOTHING left when I got there at 4:30.

  • No fair – a pop up Target with Liberty in Bryant Park? people in the city get first crack over the rest of us who have to wait for Sunday ….. I might have gone into the City for this one, as I can afford the train ticket, but not the airfare!

  • I thought their display would make a good quilt too…and, I have been meaning to complain about this…for a couple years I have seen your quilting on this site…and I have fought hard. i have resisted.
    I start my first quilting class on the 24th of March.

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    everyone is watching Phoebe…
    she may even get her own colourway!!!
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  • I must say that I’m rather disappointed by the selection of Liberty prints at my local Target–none of the prints used in the Target advertising in your first photo appear on any Liberty item I can get. 🙁

  • Torture. The Phila area stores got hardly anything. No umbrella. No men’s shirts. No housewares except pillows really too frou frou for me me.

  • what? they have men’s shirts…I didn’t even look there!
    I got a ‘lawn’ tunic for me and a sleeveless number too!
    hmmm…I might go back to target again this week.
    I’m de-stashing all my yarn…know anyone who loves to knit with Dale of Norway Svale? I have a lot

  • seriously? the fabric on all the women’s stuff is 99% synthetic, all of the housewares are polyester or melamine, the prints are bleedy & none of them align.
    the menswear is cotton, i’ll give you that, but why buy 10 shirts at $5.99 that were sewn by children in china and will only disintegrate in the wash two months from now when you can save to buy a decent fabric that will last years? i think it all speaks to the awful hoarding, “get a deal” mentality.
    what ever happened to buy nice or buy twice?

  • Must have an orange coat!!!

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