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  • What a cutie (and of course she is much more brilliant because of the sweater!)

  • Adorable!

  • Adorable baby in a beautiful sweater.

  • Tell her parents to keep a close eye on her. I would snatch the HELL out of a baby that happy, especially if it were also wearing an adorable lime green cotton cardigan.

  • Babies sleep?!?
    What a cutie! (And a cute sweater too, Auntie Ann.) 🙂

  • Dutifully? I see no dutiful here – only joyjoyjoy! Yes, I’m pretty sure I’m witnessing full-on Sweater Joy, the kind that only unselfconscious babies with Ann for an aunt can show.

  • How adorable! Love the color of the sweater.

  • Well, all I can say is awwwwwwwww…I’m melting, I’m melting…

  • Happy babies might just be the best thing in the entire world!

  • Funny how such youthful folk can be great-aunts! (I am, too!) Both sweater and baby are charming!

  • The world needs a little more unbridled joy. Thanks for the charming photo.

  • Echoing Mary’s thought about how youthful you are for a great aunt. My great aunts were ancient! Venerable! Cute cute sweater!
    xxo Kay

  • Gertrude, Helen, Victoria, and Anne with an E were my great Aunts. Big part of the family picture. They were funny, generous, yakky, and always making soup or cakes. They had a pantry. They wore aprons and housedresses. They made dreamcake. They didn’t knit but they should’ve. Aunts are good.

  • I,too,am a great-aunt and don’t feel nearly old enough! No grandchildren yet, tho’. My great-aunts were mainstays of the family and are all still talked of fondly; it is wonderful to see the generations unfolding. Today is my 60th birthday, hence the deep thinking so early in the morning! Lovely little girl and lovely sweater!

  • Awwwwwwwww!!!! 🙂

  • Very sweet.

  • As her grandfather, I can attest that she really is the happiest baby I have known. She loves the sweater and tells everyone that her wonderful great Aunt Ann made it for her.

  • My first niece was born when I was 12. Her kids now have kids. I doubly great (or is that doubly grand, I can never remember). It’s almost as good as grandparenthood. Love the sweater, too!

  • Thank you, sweet great aunt Ann!
    Love, Celine

  • Not only is she brilliant, but she is adorable!! Chubby, chomp-able,
    cheeks!! Like the sweater, too.

  • Such a sweet baby in such a nice sweater!

  • You’re right, she is brilliant. Nice work on the sweater, very nice color choice. Lucky you – a baby to knit for.

  • I’m a great aunt too and I find that handknits DO bring on that kind of joy, even in an otherwise less joyful baby.

  • Welcome, baby! Kudos Great-Auntie on a perfect baby knit.

  • Awww! So sweet and happy! Also, I checked your project stats, and the start to finish time comforts me. My auntliness is set to increase twice, (once in April and once in July) and I am feeling the pressure.

  • Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  • you now have a big world of baby sitters
    give us a call if you need help we don’t do
    diapers but we sure can holler at her

  • Lucky, beautiful baby! I have a feeling that the sweater adds to her happiness.

  • That baby is a smudgy bunchkin of love! So sweet — and stylish!

  • A baby who fits what was knit…who smiles constantly….who SLEEPS….priceless!!

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