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  • Great story, but I do wish it would have ended up with you meeting a celebrity and having him/her pictured right here on the blog.
    That really would have been a fun central park story.

  • Wait!! It can’t end!!
    What happened with Al and Lisa? And Artie and Lily?
    It’s Mason-Dixon meets 101 Dalmatians…
    Be still my heart!

  • Stories like this are the reason why Mason-Dixon Knitting is my fave knitting blog. Ever.

  • So. Is. Al. Single?

  • Thank you for the great story and yes, you are right, you do take your chances with the Metropolitan Diary in the NYT!

  • ..do any of them knit?

  • The only thing missing from this story is a New Yorker-style cartoon 🙂

  • I totally agree on blogs. They are wonderful to convey stories such as this. I miss having mine and Twitter and FB just don’t quite make up the difference. I do like Google +. It can be done on there.

  • Somehow when I read “dang pullover” the word “hangover” stuck in my head, which made the story all the more interesting.

  • Keep on with the dog stories! And we want to know if you have now developed a fine friendship with Al.

  • I figured the Debra might be some celebrity – like Debra Winger or Debra(bie) Gibson or someone of that cailiber – as in more famous than I.

  • That is really sweet. It is always nice to hear a good doggie story!

  • Kay, What this story makes clear is that you are that rare person who is able to make a potentially confusing story crystal clear. You are obviously not running for office.
    Three cheers for all the little doggies involved. While reading this account, all I could see in my head were a trio of little wagging tails.

  • Good story! Now we want to see pics of ALL the players: the dogs, the people, and especially that cute Olive!

  • Love that story! But then, how can you not love a small-world kind of story that involves helpful people and cute dogs?

  • I walk a sable Pembroke Welsh corgi; my friend who often walks with me, has tri-color corgi. We walk through our downtown area at least three times a week (to pick up mail) and it is absolutely amazing who we know because we “walk the dogs”. I sometimes wonder how people without dogs ever know anyone!

  • That is just a purely awesome story. Thank you.

  • um…there’s such a thing as dog insurance?

  • If Lisa and Al don’t end up together I’m going to be really bummed.
    This would be the best “meet cute” story EVER. They should get married just so they can tell the story at the rehearsal dinner.

  • Now I think we should tag all our knits so when they are lost, or misplaced — someone can find us and we can retrieve them back!

  • Quite a story, so those things do work, that is always good to hear…glad everything ended well…same question, was Al single?..haha! Go finish the sleeves I want to see the sweater!

  • Funny thing, I also was wondering if Al was single(also, what was he like, did he have a nice smile, etc.). As a single woman, I guess I’ll never stop.
    Anyway, can’t wait to see the sweater. Will there be a matching garment for Olive? After all, she’s a single lady too….. 🙂

  • Sigh . . . I love stories with happy endings (both the dog park and the sweater), particulary if one involves a good mystery.

  • Every day the world gets smaller, huh?

  • What a great funny, little story. I was wondering how it was going to end. Of course with a SIP! (Sleeve in progress).

  • Just finished listening to the unauthorized biography of Agatha Christie (“Duchess of Death”), and this little bit of intrigue fit the genre. Minus the murder, of course.

  • And that is a Very Good Story. : – }

  • Our Lisa? Of the “running in the park on the day of her wedding wearing a mini veil” Lisa?

  • What? Four dogs – count ’em, 4 – and not a single picture?????
    I have Olive-withdraw 🙁

  • Al came back so he could see Lisa maybe? Or is he involved with Debra? Do these people know that YOU are a celebrity?

  • You guys sound like detectives! Fun!

  • Love a good NY dog story!!

  • I think the proper Latin would be dramatis personae/canes. Yes?

  • a romance novel in the makeing

  • I am just so in love with the fact that you have become A Dog Person. I am just so in love with the fact that you have become A Dog Person. <3

  • Great dog story; you haven’t become completely dog obsessive because you did not id the likely make and model of the dogs involved. However, funnier than hell.
    On another topic, thanks for blogging the Gaptastic Cowl last year. I just finished my first as a gift for a Very Picky Niece in cream Cascade Venetzia (oh the silk makes a nice yarn with wool). It’s the color she specified. Now drying after a gentle turn in Herbert the FrontLoader. The dryer’s name is Agnes, but she has no part in this.

  • Brilliant ! hahaha