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  • kay —
    sorry to see that you have given “able” away…it is a beautiful sweater. worse, you gave to someone else besides ME!! (it looked good on me, so much so that i wanted to either knit one for myself or sneak off with yours. looks like i must resort to the former now)
    good news is that it does look good on karen. it also looked good on you though. now, since you gave away a sweater that i loved, i must warn you that it is now only fair for me to “recycle” a sweater you love.
    smokey birch awaits…as does chenille caplets, little baby sweaters, and …
    have a good weekend in berghampton.

  • That sweater is beautiful.

  • Lucky,lucky Karen.
    Bet it looked good on you …we need to work on your self image,don’t you think ?
    Of course you can do Elfin.The chart will help immensley.You’re more than capable a knitter to knit it.The grey will look very sophisticated with Karen’s lovely hair.
    You know,us mothering,giving types can give to ourselves as well. :0)

  • Kay–Now here’s an idea: a Seasonal Sweater Rotation. Everybody passes along a sweater to someone who will be happy to have it. Like a chain letter of handknits. Like a knitting exchange except you’ve already done the knitting. Hm. Need to work on this.
    Re Birch–Deal. You knit, I block. It’s not a question of whether you can do it, it’s whether you’ll lose interest once you get the swing of it. An alternative would be to do it as a scarf, and stop after the fifth or sixth repeat.
    At least start the thing, so we can enjoy the Northern Bureau’s version of Birch n Bitch. Or (worse) you could report placidly that it’s going swell, what’s the fuss?
    It’s all about that chart, the Rosetta Stone.

  • Able is a beautiful gift to your lovely friend, Kay….
    Go ahead and BIRCH, I did 🙂 If you manage not to rip your hair out and have *the chart* by your side, Birch is a mere bag o’shells! Actually, once you get past the first couple of repeats, it is an easy lace patern, and the kid silk haze is very forgiving for those lil booboos you didn’t notice until you were 5 repeats down the road!
    Ann, that’s one scary pick of MJ…yikes! I never took such a close look, that is one FREAKY dude!! I would be afraid to sleep in his room, no less my 13 y/o kid!!
    I know you’re the blocking maven, I was wondering…why a million pins vs. blocking wires?

  • [Clap, clap, clap!] I believe in fairies!!!
    Able is so beautiful. Your college friend is a lucky-ducky and you are a generous knitter friend 🙂

  • you’re giving her a sweater AND making her birch – now that is a true friend!! but speaking of birch, where is this chart you speak of? i’m curious!!

  • never mind – i’m a dork – i went into your archives and found it 🙂

  • *clap* I believe in fairisles!
    Able looks gorgeous. Karin is a lucky friend indeed. Hope y’all are having a great time.

  • Debi–I used a million pins because I had a million pins and I was in a freaked-out frenzy to finish the thing. My secret blocking fantasy was to get Kay to knit a Birch for Karin so I could . . . you guessed it . . . try blocking wires. Which I didn’t even know about until somebody mentioned them on the Rowan message board.
    For those who don’t follow the Rowan message board (go on! it’s fun!), blocking wires are skinny wires you run down the edge of a piece of lace when you’re steaming it. It makes a really smooth edge, and you need to use only a few pins to secure it instead of a zillion pins. This is weirdly exciting to somebody who likes blocking.

  • I’m with you Ann, I love blocking! I just love the smooth finished product!The wires are great with anything you block, especially sleeves caps! (with the skinny, bendy wires) Those too can now be blocked to perfection 🙂

  • Rene—–LOL LOL LOL at ‘I believe in fairisles’!!!! kay

  • Kay .. when are your UFOs and nearly FO’s coming out for an airing? I suppose that I can parade mine to make Ann feel better, but I NEED to see your sweater parts. Has the Christmas hat production for the teachers started yet?

  • Dear P–Very liberating news: No Christmas hats for teachers this year. At our school, the child is supposed (or as my Joseph, wiser than he lets on, would say, ‘opposed’) to make something for the teacher. Last year we fudged this with a blank notebook decorated by the child and (perhaps overly) funky Noro/Manos hats knitted by the mother. Haven’t seen a one of those hats on a teacherly head (and you KNOW I’ve been watching). SOOOOOO….this year, the children (now we have 2 of them at this DIY-themed school, where woodworking is required from grades 1-12) are making……SOAP!!!! and the mother is knitting those chenille flower washcloths from the recent issue of Interweave Knits.
    I kept scaling down those teacher gifts. I started on scarves, finished 2, and decided it was better to put them up for sale on the school’s ‘knitting table’, thus saving myself from knitting 2 more and assuring that the scarves would find a willing wearer. Then I was thinking about those felted bowls from Spin-Off, made out of Kureyon. These, too, I feared would be underappreciated, mistaken for hats, whatever. Then I had the brainstorm, assisted by my pal Lis and by my stash which has a fair amount of Crystal Palace chenille in garish colors, to make the soap & washcloth combo. Woo-hoo! The kids love making soap. All you need is a microwave, meltable glycerine soap, and some highly meaningful plastic toys to embed in the soap.
    I am really embarrassed about my unfinished objects, but I promise I am working on the report. I’m getting into that procrastinating-the-term-paper mood right this minute. Not sure the memory card on the KayCam can handle it. xox Kay

  • Kay–I hope you’re not getting to the point of procrastination where you start counting the number of words you have written and figuring out the rate at which you need to write in order to finish by the deadline. “Sixteen words a minute. OK. What if I start with ‘At the heart of the issue is . . .’ That’s seven words.”
    I would like to point out that procrastination and WIPs go hand in hand, so it would be appropriate for you to take a week or three to get things in order. Or maybe just start some other entry. Or just punt on the whole thing.