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  • Hurray for the tour! MDK Readers, stop by my blog and leave me a comment if you’d like to help petition Kay & Ann to come to the west coast. I’ll compile the names and then we can take up a collection to fly them out here.

  • What do I have to do to get y’all to come to Dallas?

  • Houston, come to Houston!!

  • Woohoo! Have a great trip. So, when will you make it to California?

  • I thought it was going to be a knittin’ and drivin’ schedule! You led me on Kay.

  • So if I come every day in NYC and the night in Philly does that make me a stalker or just a really excited fan? Your call.

  • But…Michigan…when?

  • Boston! just a SHORT drive from NYC- heck, take the Acela and knit! PLEASE?

  • Looking at that schedule, I’m feeling miiiighty lucky that I’m on the book tour. I had no idea ya’ll’d (yes, that’s a double contraction) only be coming to a few cities. And two of ’em are in Alabama. Go figger!
    I’m already planning what I’m going to order at Highland’s when we all go out to eat.

  • Earlier today I asked the boss for April 13 & 14 off ~ how psychic! Now to line up the sitter so I can met y’all at Knit Happens. Kristine, save a seat for me!

  • That’s so funny, love the new and improved lyrics. Although, I will have that song in my head for the rest of the day now.
    What about Boston, though? There’s an awful lot of knitters up here who would lurve to meet you guys.

  • I don’t see Boston??? Pretty please, with sugar and a cherry?

  • Halleluah! Y’all are gonna’ be in Huntsville. Yee Haw!

  • I wish you would come to the bay area! I finally started a blog after reading this one for so long…would love to meet you!

  • I’m not gonna be crazy and ask you to stop by Davenport, IA (I’d let you stay at my house!); but are you coming to Chicago?

  • Why or why does my planned vacation in NYC start the day you drive off to Philadelphia? Please remember “the Grapes of Wrath” and drive the Chevrolet all the way to California!

  • Seattle. Come to Seattle. I will take you to a place where they sell yarn.
    Ok, maybe that’s not much of a bribe. But seriously, y’all. Come to Seattle.

  • But…but…Chicago? Pretty please? You know we’re good for it — we’ll show up in droves and feed you well, I swear it!

  • What?!?!? No Chicago????? People buy A LOT of books in Chicago. LOTS. Honest. Dispoable income everywhere around here.
    Please say this is just the first leg of the tour???

  • drat! not one tour locale close enough for me to road trip to.

  • Of course the night you’re in my town (philly) I’m involved in a wedding. Shoot! Or should I say, Tarnation! Might have to load up my own mom-bomb and come to New York. I’m so looking forward to this book!

  • Wooohoo, London! Ann, you must come next time. x x

  • You know you want to come to the SF Bay Area…

  • Three stops in DC? OhmyGoodness!!! I am going to book a babysitter RIGHT NOW. Wow, how wonderful and exciting! Cannot wait! I’ll bring the funnel cakes and the champagne!

  • one tiny little word “Hamptons” Southampton has a super knitting circle that gets together once a week. And we even have bookstores if it HAS to be a bookstore 😀

  • Atlanta isn’t that far from Nashville! We have several very nice LYS close by! You can stay with me and we can even go to the new Georgia Aquarium come on I know you want to come!

  • London? Kay, I’m so jealous.

  • Yay! I’ll see you when you come to Knit Nouveau in Birmingham! If I bring my copy of your book (which I’ve already pre-ordered) will you both sign it?

  • OMG I am clearing my calender and coming to Seaport Yarn. !!!This is so exciting!

  • Yay! 3 chances in the DC area–I can procrastinate and still go!

  • Oh! Laura! I’ll see you there at Knit Nouveau! We’ll vow to tie them up with some Cascade 220 and a couple of 24″ circs until they submit to book signings. Awright! Knitters on the rampage. Cool.
    Ann and Kay, your fans are feisty.

  • ‘SUBMIT’ to book signings, Rachel? The submitting is all on the other side of the table. We had a guy in San Diego (it pains me to say this, but it WAS a man) who asked for his book plain, not signed, and we were all, “Sorry Sir, we are signing ALL the books. We didn’t come all this way to NOT sign books. Thank you for your understanding.”
    We will write you a freakin’ ESSAY. It’s all about the Sharpie love, xoxo Kay

  • Me and my extension will be there at all three NYC events. I’ll try, anyway.

  • Yay! Essays! In Sharpie! My favorite.

  • I have those SUPERCOOL Sharpies that have a broad tip AND a fine tip ON THE SAME PEN!!!!!! And they’re in many colors! How the heck do you expect me to check your glasses, Kay, if you don’t come west?
    I’ll even travel to California if I must…. no sacrifice too great for the MD babes.

  • Renata’s foray into Mason-Dixon links, take 39239309329804983928439.3333333333333…
    *Renata Sees Link to Mini-Tour*
    Renata: YAY! Mini-tour!
    *Renata clicks link*
    Renata: YAY! Link!
    *Renata reads Mini-Tour schedule*
    Renata: BOO! No West Coast Dates!
    C’mon man! You can skip California and come and stay with your pals in the greatest state in the West! That’s right! Oregon!
    ps: We have seriously cool knitters up here. Myself included.

  • Oh, bloody hell. You KNOW I wanna go to London to see ya. I might just HAVE to. How cool would that be????

  • I’m thinking along Norma’s lines here…I’ll be in Paris on the 26th, it’s just a Eurostar ride away from seeing Kay in London! Screw NYC–I could have London! (this is the point where my husband drags me away from the computer…)

  • See you there!

  • Yay London! Loop is such a teensy store though… I think. Maybe I missed the grand gallery last time I was there. Anyways, I’m making plans to be there! And don’t forget Toronto sometime after August!

  • California! Oregon! Shoot, how about both?
    (hoping to be in one of the right states by the time you guys come on out this way)

  • Dear Kay,
    Looking forward to your visit in London.
    Can’t wait…Jane

  • Well, that’s just typical, really. The one day you’re in my neck of the woods, I’m visiting my Mother in Norwich, since it’s Mothering Sunday and it’s important. Plus she wants that crochet scarf from Rowan 38 (for which I do not have the relevant yarn). Gak. I’m very frustrated now ~x~

  • What, no Finland? 😀 Have fun on your tour!

  • Yay! Road trip! I’ll see you April 12th! 🙂

  • Darn, will be out of town on business when you are in NYC. What does a gal have to do to get her book signed after the fact?????

  • Are you sayin’ that I’m going to have to travel to NYC to get you to sign my stomach (oh and a book!!!!) with a freshly minted sharpie?!

  • I’m joining the “come to Boston” contingent. I could arrange a signing in Newburyport at the store where I work… c’mon… you know you want to…

  • “Go west, Mason-Dixon Knitting!”

  • OK, girls, where’s the stop in the SF Bay Area? PLENTY of yarn meccas here. I can suggest more than a few. Can also suggest many fine places to eat. I am waiting very patiently for my signed (even essayed) copy.

  • Aww, c’mon, come to the West Coast, pleeeease? (Shall we direct the whining to your publisher?)

  • OMG!!! I’m SO EXCITED! YOu’ll be coming to my most favorite LYS when you’re in DC (Stitch DC)!! And the bonus is that it’s only 5 blocks from my apartment! There’s lots of great places to do some post book signing drinking, afterwards near the shop.

  • What? Europe and no California???? Come in October, it’s beautiful in Santa Barbara in October….

  • What no Canadian dates, either? We sent ‘our’ harlot down to you….

  • So, I’m trying to figure out who I can get to caravan from Denver to Kansas City with me to see you two at The Yarn Shop and More, one of my absolute favorite yarn shops!! If there’s a chance that you are coming to Denver…maybe, maybe?!…I’ll be the first one their to greet you. But, this is lookin’ like it may be the only option…what’s a 9 hour drive, if I get to meet the Mason-Dixon girls in the flesh!! Whoo-hoo! This sounds like so much fun!!! I still need to find someone that will drive me, so that I can knit across Kansas:)

  • What about Maryland Sheep and Wool? Lots of souvenir yarn to be had there…I’m just sayin’.

  • Yeepy, London is on the list! I wonder if Loop are having their phone ring off the hook this morning!

  • Okay, it must be love, I’ll be out of town but my husband said that he’d go to seaport yarn since it is right around the corner–yippeeeee.

  • I already see several calls for Boston on the list. Who do I have to knit for yo get you guys to come up here. I see a little crack of time here and there: surely you must be able to fit all of us in?

  • That picture cracks me up! Hurray for the book tour. I hope to be able to meet you guys.

  • I feel so privledged to have three opportunities to see you guys in Nashville. Forget country music!- here come “celebrities” I’d rather see in my city. How exciting.

  • I would be happy to get the word out about the tour on the Pointy Sticks podcast. Would you guys be interested in being interviewed? Let me know what you think…

  • Please come to Boston for a signing,
    So many knitbloggers have lots of room,
    You can sell your hats out on the sidewalk,
    Of the yarn shop where one of you’ll be workin’ soon,
    Please come to Boston,
    She said No, but I’ll sign a book for thee.
    (And) She said, hey knittin’ gals
    Why don’t you settle down
    Boston ain’t your kind of town
    There ain’t no denim
    And there ain’t nobody like me
    I’m the number one fan
    Of the gal from Tennessee

  • OMG you’re coming to KS. Yaaay! You’re much cooler than that OTHER knit-blogging author, huff!

  • we would love to have you in Atlanta, if you need any help facilitating that let me know…..unfortunatly i will miss you in Philly by one day

  • Kay: Speaking of English Tea… do you need me to bring you some? I am currently in London and if you have a shopping list, I do plan a trip to Fortnum & Mason, which is one of my faves, as well as, of course, Harrod’s, but if you have another great tea shop, please let me know. I plan to stash up for myself and can easily get you some, too! Plus, then we’ll have an even better excuse to get together in NYC when I return. (and when you do, too!)