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  • I feel pretty sure my pony is on its way from heaven. Any day now.
    xox Kay

  • Phooey. I somehow deleted my own comment.
    I don’t know about ponies, but there was a glorious rainbow this morning! I’m sure it’s a sign.

  • Your post reminded me of the Free Pony and Ice Cream Party (political party, that is. I can’t locate their original website, but here is a description.
    Our Story
    Welcome to the Official Free Pony and Ice Cream Political Party Page. As a political party, we expect to create a large following, due primarily to the two promises that we will put forth on the campaign trail. If our candidate is elected (we have yet to choose a candidate, however don’t be surprised if you see a parakeet named Gigi on the ballot, or a cantaloupe named Banjo, we will immediately deliver one pony to every family in the nation (size and color at our discretion). 93% of the ponies will be well bred and of good temperment. We will also supply ice cream to every family on the third Friday of each month (ice milk and fat free will also be available). The ice cream will be delivered in cartons and it will always be fresh and tasty. With the exception of these two distribution programs all other elements of government will be eliminated. With the presence of ice cream and ponies we see no need for these other organizations.
    The Facts
    Scientific research has shown that ice cream and ponies are loved by millions. Class warfare and racial strife would be tremendously decreased by the simple satisfaction most americans would receive from our two programs.

  • Your Hubbo made the Tennessean this morning in the Local Section under the title of “Nashville’s ‘Merle Hazard’ tackles hedge fund woes with country ballad”
    I’ve clipped it for you as I’m sure you will want to send it to family and friends. I just love it!

  • That reminds me… I need to add the Perfect Sweater to my Ravelry queue.

  • You know, that Dusty Springfield song is fantastic, but I humbly submit “Midnight Train to Georgia” by Gladys Knight & the Pips for your consideration:
    I love that she’s got backup MEN singers, ya know? And they’re called “The Pips”? PRICELESS. 😉

  • Hey ladies, I just received my Lion Design catalog, and it looks to me like they’ve got a blatant ripoff of the Moderne Baby Blanket in there! Can you sue?? It made me mad — you should get the credit instead of Vanna White!!

  • Hey ladies, I just received my Lion Design catalog, and it looks to me like they’ve got a blatant ripoff of the Moderne Baby Blanket in there! Can you sue?? It made me mad — you should get the credit instead of Vanna White!!

  • So…if you drape knitting over a MS it edits itself? GREAT, I’ve got JUST the knitting and just the MS! (Can I have the pony if it doesn’t work?) Also – I’m fascinated by the Cascade 220 fact! I’ve been using it for my “historically-accurate” French toques for years, but didn’t realize I was part of a Trend. (I like Lamb’s Pride Worsted too, it makes such nice stitch definition.) But there are some that say I’m not a “real knitter”…and you know where they can put their cotton dishcloths.

  • Hey Ann – don’t forget the boat – (Me up on my pony on my boat…)

  • I sincerely hope the shiny new pony doesn’t fall ON YOU, however.

  • Forget the pony and perfectly-edited book…I’m still waiting for the laundry to wash, dry, and fold itself while I’m taking a nap. Eventually it will happen!

  • I heard that song this morning while taking the bus to work. Thanks- I couldn’t remember the singer.
    Hmmm, using knitting to hide manuscripts that need reviewing? I guess I should start that throw and bring it to the office. I got a whole stack of them to hide!
    Are those the proofs? Or do you have one more round?

  • There were quite a few M-D, um, “inspired” projects in that Lion Brand catalog. I was irritated on your behalf (behalves?) as I flipped through.
    And let me tell you: long arms are no guarantee of going to Wimbledon. No guarantee at all, nosiree.

  • Oh I can’t wait for the new book, I am a bit concerned though. I think you might have to put a warning in this next one, “may cause you to be unable to put down your knitting needles.” I just started a mitered square blanket and am now on my third Mason Dixon obsession (the first two: washcloths and log cabin). Is there no cure for this maddness? Just kidding I don’t really want a cure!

  • m-d washcloth madness seems to hit me every year, ’round this time.
    that video made me shiver, it did. the sleeves! that voice!!

  • My mom and her sister grew up in Ealing, London. My Aunt knew Mary O’Brien (Dusty Springfield) in school when they were girls. Her brush with fame! (Pete Townsend lived in their area, too). I’ve always loved that song. I used to listen to Tanya Tucker’s version.

  • the pony is more likely than the ravelry invite. it’s certainly not moving at any 1000+ per week; it’s been so long i don’t even care anymore. if it really exists, obviously it doesn’t need me, nor i it!

  • What I want to know is if the inverse is true.
    If I drape my completed business proposal over my knitting, will I have a completed sweater in the morning?

  • Oh, let me edit your manuscript for you! I’ll bring my pony!
    Ok, I don’t have a pony, and I’d probably be too busy drooling over patterns and laughing at your jokes to edit anything, but still… please?

  • Nobody sings it like Dusty! While I scrolled on the sleeve picture, I started to get a little nervous! Phew! Just a 1/2 mile long sleeve 😉 Here’s to shiny ponies falling out of the sky!

  • Hey, where’s my Kitchen Fairy? Isn’t there enough of that Kitchen Fairy Dust around? Oh wait; it’s the dust bunnies moving in because I knit instead of sweep. Do you think if I scatter enough dishrags over the dishes and wish upon a star the dishes would wash themselves?

  • I had to have a break from the rigorous manuscript-review process going on here; must come up for air…. So herewith: two thoughts.
    1. I am not up on the local politics. BUT is the new mayor by any chance Mr. Dolly Parton? Same name….
    2. Once I heard a friend-of-a-friend story about stopping the telemarketers by listening politely for several minutes, then remarking in a soft voice, “I have a pony.”
    I know, I know, no knitting content and pretty random, but cut me some slack. My blue pencil’s wearing out.

  • in the words of Lyle Lovett…”and if I had a pony, I’d ride him on my boat.” one of my all-time favorite escape theme songs.

  • Awww, I’d almost forgotten about Bill Boner. Did ya have to remind me? At least we’ve had some really good guys since then, and I’m looking forward to having Karl Dean as our mayor.

  • Maybe my Mass. born husband will move to Nashville and run for mayor. I have the yarn for my perfect sweater, but haven’t cast on yet, hoping to F a few Os first.
    Love that colour though.

  • You know, I just got that Lion Brand catalog too… there were SEVEN projects I recognized!! They didn’t just rip off the Moderne, they’ve switched the log cabin and the mitered square blankets to crochet. The photo styling even looks similar! Not to mention a shameless copy of the Ribbons baby blanket from Fiber Trends, a sweater from Knit Cafe, and the 2 pages on felted patterns made me think I was looking at my copy of ‘Felted Knits’. Did they think no one would notice?

  • Quinn beat me to Lyle!
    When is Merle Hazard going to cover “Cryin’ Shayne” I mean, “Shame”?

  • Thanks for the Dusty Springfield video. She’s amazing (though I guess she’s dead now). That song just flows right out of her.

  • Dude. And then, I was totally thinking, like, wow, I should totally knit one of those really cute horses from one of the Waldorf patterns (the really really cute stuff, like Cristina in Philly makes? And carry along some of the crazy shiny gold stuff that someone gave me, and then send it to Ann, because surely they would fly it from here to there, and that would be a shiny pony out of the sky!
    And then, I thought, oh my god, that is so totally not on my list of ugliness to knit (I mean, can you imagine, ruining one of those sweet toys with that thick, horrid gold stuff?), and anyways I’m bizy with the charity knitting that I’m tag-teaming with Kay. So then, I thought, well I’ll just tell her about it, because maybe she’ll laugh. And if you laugh with something in your mouth or your hand real near the manuscript and something got on the sweater and you had to move it to clean it, then you’d run into this book that looks really interesting and maybe sit down and have a look see, and you’d probably get out a pen, because sheesh! whoever’s writing THAT could use some editing and then POOF! Voila! No shiny pony needed! Right? Sure! So, anyways, you’re welcome. Me, I’m off to get some coffee, because I can’t believe I’m actually going to post this.

  • Yummy color…I have some Rowan Calmer staring at me. Any thoughts on how the Perfect Sweater would knit with Calmer?
    PS am on 8th square of Buncha Squares. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Just found your sweater patters. Gotta make me one or two or three of those.

  • So the video of Dusty makes you cry, eh? Probably the hair-do!! Anyway, I do love Dusty…my favorite though has always been “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me”

  • I do b’leve Karl Dean was born in South Dakota…is that okay? 😉

  • It is a perfect song. I’m really feeling the love for Bill Withers “Ain’t No Sunshine” these days too.
    They’re American Pie songs. Their custom never stales.

  • OK I’m on my fifth listen of “Son of a Preacher Man”. Help me!
    My husband has 3 ft long arms. I am knitting him a sweater and thankfully I did the arms first. If I had to face the arms after I did the 3+ ft torso, I’d dig myself a hole and pull leaves over me for the entire season.

  • I just lurve me “Son of A Preacher Man!” Why? Maybe because I lurve me a son of a preacher man! So much in fact I married him – and I’m having his baby!!!! (Indulge me – I just LOVE saying that!)
    But have you ever heard Aretha sing it? I mean Dusty’s a goddess and all, but did you know it was originally Aretha’s song? It’s a kick ass version – one not to be missed.

  • I have a 95 yr old mother-in-law who knits and crochets all the time. Family and friends now have lots of afghans. Seeing the article in the Family Circle gave me an idea. I know she would love to donate toward a charitable cause and give her something worthwhile to contribute to society. Problem is, she doesn'[t have wool yarn but lots of left over acrylic. I don’t see any charity who takes in squares or blankets of acrylic. Can you help me find her a charity that may take her beautiful love filled items? Thanks you, Marty