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  • I have your visit marked on my calendar! Last year was so much fun, we’ll certainly miss Ann this year. Don’t worry, Ann, we’ll take pictures!

  • We can document the cookie consumption! And the knitting! I’m looking forward to the 15th, too, and I’ll be there as long as there’s a single parking space somewhere in the Village. I’m willing to stare down a Hummer if I have to!

  • The hydrangeas are such a great summer flower for an arrangement. I love the colors in all of the FOs. So bright and happy.

  • Whoooah – I read that whole newsletter, and I think the “Food for Fines” idea is brill-yunt! Wonder if our library would go for such a thing…. Wish I could join you, that sounds like a truly splendiferous event. Yes please – pictures!

  • i know i’ve mentioned this before, but i understand the sleeve comment. aren’t over-sized hubbies so much fun? (even shopping for jeans for him is annoying, i have to buy them online, as his size is 34×38)
    wish i could go to the event, it sounds like fun!

  • OMG. Kay in make up. I have to go sit down.
    Personally, I prefer you au naturel.

  • Sounds so civilized, very mint juleps under the magnolia tree… I would love it! And your photo is very glam – no matron there!

  • That looks like such fun! Unfortunately Southampton is a little far for me to rationalize — the Society in general looks like a great place to be near!

  • Aw, I’m sick about this. I’ll be there in spirit. I mean, really. I’ll be in that chair in the back HAUNTING YOU PEOPLE.
    Have a swell time! Sigh!

  • Can’t wait – and Jane you can park in my yard and we can walk if there are no parking places – it is just over a mile so not bad as long as it isn’t 99 degrees with 99% humidity 😀
    Ann – we will miss you lots….

  • this is the 25th just lovely
    just a great cover for a book or a magazine

  • Blue sweater guy (Lars): I think the belt makes me look fat.
    Gold sweater guy (Sven): No darling, nothing could make you look fat.
    Are they real men or what?

  • Wow! You look so sophisticated!

  • Wow! You look so sophisticated!

  • oops — I was so overwhelmed my your sophistication that I commented twice! Sorry!