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  • what fun!!!!!

  • Wish I could have been there!!!

  • Sounds like a great time!

  • So glad the retreat was a success! It sure looked fun.

  • I wish I could have been there! Thanks for the embedded links.

  • Already Snippeting, next time will be Shakeragging!

  • thank you so much!
    Snippets is a great way to start my weekend…always such fun!

  • Glad I’m covered. I love giveaways!

  • Thanks for telling us what we missed!

  • So much fun. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Awesome bag design, Ann!

  • I covet one of those swag bags so much. I am crossing all of my fingers and toes. What a wonderful, wonderful getaway. Wow. And a Field Guide at the end of the month? You know I’ll be picking one up!

  • ” I helped with the jokes mainly by laughing at them”… Kay, you kill me!
    The bag itself is so lovely and so clever; and, the contents are Divine. Can’t thank you guys enough!

  • looks like a lotta fun!

  • Please design a Getaway Bag for your shop! The bag looks fabulous with the square flat bottom and button closure – so very useful. please, please, please!!!

  • I’ve just found Mason Dixon Knitters. I hope I ever lose you folks. Wish I could have been there!

  • You ladies always make me smile…and make me want to retire so I can just knit all day…You are dangerous!

  • I’m so jealous!

  • WooHoo! Thanx for sharing. Sounds like one of the best times ever. I am now anxiously awaiting the next field guide. 🙂

  • Wish I could have been there and appreciate the notes and pics and online market so as to include us. Maybe next year. I have been enjoying Snippets for a few years.

  • Looked like a fun weekend

  • Love reading Snippets

  • I can tell that y’all are still glowing… What a great get-away!

  • A knitting retreat is at the top of my bucket list. (Well, right after Iceland.)

  • Wonderful! Thank you to vendors for thinking of us who can’t get away!

  • Please host this event again! There are so many would-be get awayers awaiting!

  • Big linen shirt and party shoes!! My cutting edge look.

  • The Snippets segment is brilliant. It’s how I catch up after a grueling week of work.

  • One of these days I will make it to an MDK getaway. Until then, thanks for letting me live vicariously.

  • Looks like a great getaway was had by all!

  • The Getaway sounds heavenly!
    Thanks for giving a taste of it as a giveaway! ❤️

  • Loved the bios of the fabulous teachers, and the fun photos. I’d have loved to have been there too, but hopefully there’s a next year???

  • Looks like it was a wonderful camp! I wish I could have joined you guys. That swag bag & its contents look delicious, so I’m hoping to be picked as a winner!

  • Never heard of you all I’m glad I opened this article

  • Hot diggitty dog! You’re the bestest. Thanks for all that you add to the knitting world.

  • Wish I could have joined the party. Seems like a truly magical time!

  • It was so nice to get to the bottom and realize that I was caught up! Been getting Snippets for quite a while so there was nothing more to do. Ahhhh…free to enjoy National Sewing Machine Day to the fullest!

  • The giveaway sounds GREAT!!!

  • It sounds like you all had a great time. I have on my bucket list to go on a knitting retreat. Some day.

  • So wish I could have been there!!

  • That is a serious swag bag!

  • I would have loved to shadow Dr. Fix-It the entire time…I tend to undo instead of fix my mistakes, to the point of knitting each of the three baby sweaters that I made for a dear friend TWICE. Amazing giveaway, love that bag and all the goodies inside!

  • Congratulations on your successful first getaway. It all looked so fun and relaxing. Here’s to many more!

  • Oh how I wish I had been there! I’m signed up for Snippets already! Hope I win this lovely prize!!!

  • I wanna Shakerag next year!!

  • Thanks for sharing all about the retreat – so glad everyone had a great time!

  • Ann, love your artfully humorous swag bag, and even more knowing you too laugh at your own jokes! 1st packing list item Big Linen Shirt — my daily uniform — ✔ Now to just bring my mad knitting skills up to getaway weekend worthy

  • A bad case of FOMO. Sounds wonderful.

  • Love the photos and report! I wasn’t able to make it this year – I hope you do it again next year 🙂

  • Love your blog! It is one that I actually subscribe to – most I follow in my reader. I especially enjoy the suggestions for music, podcasts,etc to knit by.
    Thanks so much!!

  • Thank you for sharing! I live vicariously through others who travel.

  • what a well put together bag.

  • I so badly wanted to be there – but it was my husbands milestone birthday weekend and our anniversary weekend. It would not have been wise this year!

  • Great post with all the links. A bit sad to be back in real life.

  • The intense stares on our faces sum up the seriousness with which Dr. Fix-It performs her diagnostics on the patient. So glad there wasn’t a camera around when she was performing open cable surgery on Jo’s cardigan. We were aghast! She was a calm and experienced surgeon. Much like open heart surgery, it’s probably something I won’t try at home, but it was a thrill to be in her presence while she repaired the cable. And talk about beginner mind! It was the hardest, most humbling part of the weekend. I’m so grateful for all the teachers and their inspiration.

  • Took a class from everyone and spied on one. Hope that doesn’t make me b-a-d. The teacher’s were all wonderful and were approachable throughout our time at the “camp”. Willing and eager to offer advice and answer questions. A total treat!

  • Thanks for spilling the beans (w/photo evidence) for those of us who couldn’t be there. Looks and sounds like a fabulous weekend!

  • It would have been so wonderful to be there!
    So much knowledge !

  • I wish I could read the labels on that swag photo!

  • woo hoo!

  • Wish I could have gone to the getaway, I would have soaked up the classes!

  • It looks like everyone had a grand time!

  • Love that bag! Looks like y’all had an amazing time. 🙂

  • Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  • As a newbie knitter I have become totally addicted to MDK Knitting, the yarns, the easy peasy patterns and totally to the MDK Field Guides… So much so that I’ve converted several other newbies to MDK… Now we have a weekly MDK Newbie Knit Group… Thank you for coming into my life!

  • Looks like you all had an amazing weekend!

  • What amazing teachers…and what a fabulous swag bag!!!! Thanks to everyone for contributing three to giveaway!!!

  • oooohhh…no essay!

  • I want one!!!

    Next time let me know. It’s great stuff but it needs a good brownie.

  • Yay! So thoughtful!

  • What a delightful Swag bag, especially the art ! So clever. MDK
    Certainly knows how to throw a retreat, wish I had been there. The
    Goodies in the bag look delightful…
    Who doesn’t love a bag of goodies!!!

  • The photo of the mugs prompted me to get out two hand made cups in my cupboard that have the same rustic beauty. Mug of tea in my hands, knitting in my lap, now I feel like I’m at my own little getaway. Thanks for sharing!

  • What fun you all had! Wish I could have been there. Loved reading about all the instructors. Love the name Dr-Fix-It!

  • Thank you! Snippets coming my way!

  • Love the relaxed attitude described at your camp!

  • Gosh, I’d love to do this some day! So much fun!

  • How wonderful! So much fun, so much yarn, so many knitters! I wish I could have been there, especially after this lovely recap.

  • Looks like you had an awesome time at the retreat. Wish I had been there.

  • Awwww SHUCKS! Thank you! That was one swell getaway.

  • I love Snippets!

  • I do get Emil’s from you, not sure if that is Snippetts.

  • Oh, thanks for thinking of those of us who couldn’t attend. Enjoyed reading about the getaway. Maybe I will make it next time!

  • All of this is wonderful – even though I enjoy it vicariously!

    • I’m a member of Snippets and enjoy it every Saturday!
      If the winner needs a US address, I do have one.
      Now all I have to do is win!

  • What a great sounding get together!

  • I can’t wait for Saturday’s. Not only because it is the weekend but because I get Snippets in my box!!! You girls make my day!! I’m out here in the knitting deprived and depend on that weekly jolt of yarn mania. Thank you. You brighten my day !!!

  • It was a great weekend…beautiful setting, wonderful food, interesting classes, and lots of knitting! I and my friend enjoyed it so much. Thank you for making it all possible.

  • Fun Bag! Lovely contents! Sounds like I missed a great time…boo!

  • Awesome!

  • How cool! Look forward to Saturday AM every week.

  • Thank you for letting us in on your weekend with a lovely opportunity to win a swag bag! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Thanks for sharing the Getaway with all of us who couldn’t attend. It looks like a fun, fabulous time was had by all!

  • great ideas

  • Shakerag-new destination Knitting retreat. Looks so amazing. Please do repeat camp for crafters again at Sewanee!

  • What a wonderful eclectic group!! So sorry I have to miss….any chance of doing the same (or similar) in the beautiful Pacific Northwest?

  • I’m catching up on a week of blog posts and am looking forward to finding out if Ann really brought a drum carder to the Getaway…

  • I love that we have the same great taste in party shoes!! <3

  • Love it

  • Love the MDK aesthetic and the weekly snippets are fun to read.

  • I want to go next year. When do sign ups begin??

  • Could not attend this summer but hoping you hold another MDK Getaway in the coming year. Swag bag looks amazing!

  • Wonderful post!

  • Yay! Thanks to snippets I can be incommunicado and still have a chance at winning! What a retreat it must have been!

  • I will love to be there!