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  • What a gorgeous and original color combination. So lively, despite not containing a single strand of RED. How can that be? Come to think of it I recently discovered an amazing “not-red” yarn combo in my stash that looks made for Mitered Crosses. I’d better hurry up and make at least a MC pillow before some red creeps in there. Chloe

  • Wish the criss-cross in my mitered square was more symmetrical…

    • Gets better with repetition but I am still struggling not to have loose centers.

      • I am totally hooked on these squares now!! I’ve been picking up through the back loop on that center stitch, going under both loops of the stitch. Working pretty darn well. And keeping tension tight through the middle.

  • Those squares are beautiful. I’m working on my first one and it is a little wonky. Hoping blocking will make it less so.

    • Blocking almost always redeems knitting irregularities. First one will be wonky because you are still working out consistent pickups and stuff like that. It will still be awesome!

      • The blocking did seem to work magic. I’m not such a good practitioner, if I’m being honest.

  • There is so much inspiration, wit, and wisdom in your blog – it never fails to amaze me. “…life’s random moments of idleness really do add up…” How true, and worth remembering!

  • Thank you so much for sharing our Camille pattern! I know the ladies we are collecting money for really appreciate everyone’s support.

  • This was a gorgeous pattern when first released and even more so now since you are supporting my
    Home state. Thank you thank you. It’s devastating in the eastern part of the state.

  • Yes, I think money is the best and most useful answer at the moment.

  • Thank you so much for sharing the Camille fundraiser. I am humbled by how quickly the yarn community has rallied behind me and behind Peggy at The Salty Sheep. We’ll be back!

    • Did not know of your losses at TSS, but now I do, I have shared this onto Facebook, along with your posts on the new place and address, to our members of Twisted Threads Fiber Arts Group, of the Triangle. I know of your shop through our members who are long-time fans of yours, and hope to visit the new shop soon!

  • Thanks for those links. I always like to know what knowledhable local folks think because the national one most people send to has a long history of not being as nearly as good as most assume. Thanks again!!