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  • can not stop laughing. what well-clad characters all! such range! such ingenuity!

  • Who knew how much the fashion industry ignores the less than 2 feet tall set? I feel much better knowing the needs are being addressed! I am inspired to go forth and knit for all my DD’s stuffies now!

  • My range of emotions is never ending: shock, happiness, wonder, amazement, confusion…
    I LOVE IT.

  • My chads are hanging already. There is already one choice checked per box, and it won’t go away. Help!

  • Oh that was HARD ! There’s just too much talent out there. I ended up going with Jill Goes to the Oscars – purely as a Carmen Miranda fan – but if Console Cat ever wants to sell her pattern I have 3 very cold eared moggies who I know would just love it !
    Heather x

  • Brilliant work by everyone, it was SO HARD to pick just one to vote for.

  • I just didn’t think there would be taxidermy –

  • How can I choose just one?????????

  • Oh, not a good idea to watch the show at work. I burst out cackling and disturbed all my engineering neighbors…
    It’s going to be hard to pick a winner…

  • Well, there went an hour of my day. Spectacular!

  • Amazing how much effort went into each entry. There are 62 winners.

  • Is it wrong that I want everyone to get a vote for their efforts?

  • These are spectacular! I wish I could vote for more than one!
    I wanted to vote for Mr. Wigglesworth, but I’ll admit that it would have been a vote for recognition. I love walking around Harvard Yard!

  • Can I only vote once? There are a bunch more, for other reasons. that’s what you need; one poll for jaw dropping gorgeous, one for remarkably abstract, one for clever hobbitses,….

  • so excited, failed to capitalize. sorry.

  • Good lord, choose only one? That is a really tall order. Off to ponder and pace…

  • Un-bee-leev-abull!! All I can say. So many winners, the icy aristocratic penguin, the humble potato o’head with that authentic sweater, the fish–, but I had to go with Jill…..you just can’t beat couture.

  • I want to go on record as just not being able to choose between my final three: The Spartan Ducks, Mr. Potato O’Head and Jill Goes to the Oscars. And that was after I reluctantly cut a dozen more that I wanted to win as well. My sentimental favorite, though, was Annabelle, looking so sweat and tolerant in her new year’s ensemble. Bravo to all. What a fabulous job everyone did. (I’m off to pick a number out of a hat)

  • Words fail me. The talent, the creativity, the . . .are we all really this crazy? Thank goodness!

  • Oh. My. Goodness. That was hysterical! They are all so creative, so funny, so touching–I can’t choose! But I have to. The salmon wrap? TPatty the Cricket? Mr. Potato O’Head? Jill Goes to the Oscars? Help!

  • Fierce.

  • I voted, but man, it was hard to pick one. Everyone really is a winner!

  • these are sooo good……but I can’t vote as it says that someone else has already voted from this email address and as my husband is away on business and I have no children I am a little worried…….do my dogs secretly log onto this site when I am at work?

  • Fabulous!!!! Fun!!!!! I loved them all – the designs AND the commentary. Well Done knitters!!!!!

  • Wow! Major kudos to all the designers. I had to go with Gumby because his story reminded me of a hostage storage from my youth – Osborne Green, a green plastic pig who was a mascot for our French class, was held hostage for quite some time by some jealous 7th graders. Thankfully he was returned in time for me to take him to France as an exchange student (I was the exchange student – not him). He fulfilled his destiny of world travel, and enchanted all those who met him. I sure hope Gumby is released soon!

  • So hard to choose! I wanted to vote for so many of the entrants… But Gumby won my heart first.

  • What a hoot!

  • You know, I thought this would be harder, what with there being so many entries and all, but Babs the Sock Monkey’s ensemble grabbed me right away and none of the others, good though they were, really worked nearly so well. Even Nina Garcia would be impressed – I’m sure of it.

  • Crazy?!?!? Hey I represent that remark! But it’s nice to see that there are plenty of other crazy people out there, too…

  • #29 is absolutely darling! I’m part Irish and I do believe that “Mr. Potato O’Head” should move over and share the warmth! I always said, “Two heads are better than one!” SO CUTE!

  • It was hard to stop laughing long enough to select a winner. They are all winners!

  • Oh gosh it is going to take me days to narrow it down to just one – they are all so good.
    What fun πŸ˜€

  • I can’t see bride in sheeps clothing….it switches from number 62 to number 2…..

  • wretched dialup! It will take me til nearly Thursday just to see all the snaps, but I’m already laughing so hard my belly hurts.
    The accessorizing (sp?) is killing me!!! “Flipper slippers”…HAHAHAHAHA!

  • I voted for the Ice Princes Penguin. She is stunning in frosty blue, and the girl is working that neckline! She’s so cool… she’s hot.

  • Help! I want to vote, but I can’t unclick the first button in the other boxes. Is it just me (or this computer)?
    They are all so FABulous, darlings … It took a long time to narrow it down to just 20 or so.
    I hope this is annual contest, because I didn’t finish in time.

  • I am also having a problem with the pre-selected choice in each box. There is no way to uncheck the box. I am using Firefox on an Mac. I may try my husband’s PC later to see if the problem is there too. Anyone have a solution to it yet?

  • OMG, those Spartan Ducks just quack me up!!! Sorry, sorry, sorry, I couldn’t resist! Clapoti-esque, indeed.

  • These are just fabulous! There are too many awesome ones to choose from. Looooved the Ice Princess, Guiseppina, Mr. Potato O’Head and the Spartan Ducks and so many others.
    Thanks for organizing all the fun! πŸ˜€

  • With a final decision between the lovely Patty Cricket and Mr. Potato (Paddy?) O’Head, I chose Miss Patty. I decided it’s more important for a lady to disguise her figure flaws than for a man to cover his beer belly, handsome as his sweater may be. With her delicate shimmery ruffled outfit, Patty looks simply angelic.

  • Unbelievably wacky and fun and brimful of talent and creativity! Every single entry beats anything on Project Runway.
    It was so, so difficult to vote for just one!

  • Oh! I love so many of them!!! My kids each wanted to vote, too, but I told them, sorry. Mommy already used up our vote. Maybe we will have to trek to the public library and log on separate computers…!
    I already voted, but I soooo also like the little wiener dog in the sweater and the kittens with hoodies…

  • Kudos to all of the designers! For sheer attention to detail and natural history, I had to choose Harriet the Hippo’s Outfit. Sublime! And with a cable running down the center of her back!

  • Oh no! I voted twice! I didn’t mean to. I was just trying to – um – see the results. Yeah. That’s it. The fact that I’m from Chicago and we vote early and often had nothing to do with it.

  • Although I finally chose Jill, it was a real toss-up between her (and her gorgeous gown), the Spartan ducks (genius!) and the Debauched Sloth because, really, how can you say no to a debauched sloth? Stephen Maturin would be so proud…

  • For those confused by the checks in the box – just choose the groupings where your fave is and press the vote button only in that grouping’s box. Don’t worry about the other groupings.
    Hey, I love this. I cannot believe how creative everyone is, including the stories! WHat a great way to spend an afternoon at work. Thanks so much for thinking of this.

  • wow! how can i choose between babs, jill, and that adorable little rat fairy?????? super work…i’m totally impressed with all of you who contributed!

  • Armadillo to the Rescue!!!

  • These stitches are FIERCE!

  • I can hear you two snickering all the way in Az.! I’m not telling who I voted for, it took me almost an hour to decide! Best fun I’ve had in ages.
    BTW, I agree with the others they’re all winners!

  • Oh my. I loved this! I went on youtube and played techno music at the same time as I watched the models come down the runway. Love the Project Runway reference to the ice queen with the hands. That was classic.

  • I had to have paper and pencil handy so I could take notes….this is really serious stuff, you know! I’ve got it narrowed down to my 7 favorites but I’m exhausted! I’ll look at them again tomorrow and then make my final decision.
    Good job all you designers out there! Your clients look fabulous!

  • Really, really mean, making us choose one from all of those. I mean, Salmon Wrap won my heart early, but then the cricket! the penguin!!! Mr. Potato O’Head!!!!! And then Jill sealed the deal. But oh, for a chance to vote for my second, third, fourth, and fifth favorites. Have you no hearts???

  • They were all wonderful! Ultimately, I was torn between the giraffe in the zebra dress and Jill goes to the Oscars (I went with Jill…I truly did think the purple in her cheeks was glowing!lol).

  • Darn! I read the voting instructions more thoroughly and realized I can only vote for one of them. Not fair.

  • this is just a hoot
    my knit two purl hat is off to you all
    the wee one with the pants on the
    head looking so sweet please vote
    for me look on the face won my vote
    have we not all had times like that

  • It was very hrd to choose just one. But I h ad to go with Jill Goes to the Oscars. She was fierce!

  • Oh, they are all so wonderful! It was so very, VERY hard to choose just one – I feel like I cheated all the ones I didn’t vote for. I hope hope hope that this will be an annual event, and that next round there will be categories, so the voting won’t be so hard! You could even let the voters decide which category each design belongs in – just list all the designs in each category list!

  • Wow, the decision was SO hard – there were about ten I wanted to vote for (mine included – but that would be WRONG). I finally ended up going with Console Cat. She’s so elegant and really pulls off her look. I don’t think she’d be nearly so interesting without that hat with the separate ear pockets, seriously. Nice job, everyone!

  • M a k e i t w o r k!? You made me laugh like Chris March! And today’s wacky Boston snowstorm suddenly became bearable…. How can I ever decide who to vote for? Must view photos once more.

  • Wow! Priceless…

  • Oh, wow, totally amazing, and SO HARD TO VOTE. I love all of these!!!

  • Jill goes to the oscars by far. Congrats to all entrants, I love this, way better than the tv show.

  • Are you sure we can’t vote for more than one? Please? There are so many deserving creatures – I don’t know how I will ever choose!

  • Choosing just one is almost impossible. But I cannot believe that not one commenter so far has mentioned Kermit the Frog’s flamboyant European sister, who has it all – style, glamorous back story, stunning entrelac sweater. The telling combination of well-finished separates and eye to accessories is pretty hard to beat.

  • One vote?!? Dang. I voted for Frangles the Cat, who doesn’t seem to be doing so well. Frangles, I’m pulling for you! Ear holes, people, ear holes!
    I must ask, is that a real rat? Comments in flickr seem to suggest that it’s a preserved rat…
    Hilarious contest.

  • This was really, really hard. So many great entries. So creative. Next time there will need to be categories, i.e., best design for statuary, best design for tv stars (like Kermie and Gumby), best design for fish, best disguise, etc., so we can vote for more than one. What a great way to lighten up the gloomy days of late winter!

  • : (
    I looked at all the wonderful pictures. Read all the info. Clicked on my fav to vote for ONE. And it said my address had already voted!! How could that be, I’ve been asleep all night?? I really wanted to vote, and now it’s been taken away.
    I PROMISE I HAVE NOT VOTED YET. I AM AN HONEST KNITTER. If there is anyway to fix this, please let me know so I can vote for my favorite.
    Luv, Sara

  • You gals sure know how to throw a party! This is great fun πŸ™‚

  • You made my day!! WOW designers!!!! I’ll be back to judge when I’ve made a pot of coffee…….

  • Wow, that was a hard choice, I am so glad I didn’t enter, I would have been so inadequate.
    Great job….

  • That was FUN! Each one was better than the one before. It was almost impossible to choose, but you said I had to choose just ONE, so I did. XO

  • Is that a REAL LIVE rat??? Such poise!
    Awards for artistic impression and best photography have to go to Salmon Wrap.
    Are knitters odd or what?

  • A clear choice for me! Great job to everyone, this was so much fun!

  • I had to go back and look at the rat twice to make sure it was, in fact, a live rat that had agreed to pose for a photo. That knitter deserves a vote just for getting the rat to cooperate.

  • I love these – the debauched sloth made me laugh so much – that whole section remains one of my favourite Aubrey/Maturin moments! I also enjoyed the rat in the hat, she looked so proud! In the end went for Jill at the Oscars, purely because that is an amazing design, and it does make her look incredibly sophisticated.

  • Being a pretty intermediate knitter who had never designed a pattern in her life, it was a bit of a challenge for me to enter. But, I had NO IDEA how talented some of you ladies are! I mean, to come up with and knit some of this stuff in such a short time, WOW! It WAS hard to choose just one, and I was tempted by Jill and several others, but there was just something about Annabelle the Rat that spoke to me!

  • Let me state for the record that I really, really wanted to cheat. In the end, the Girl Scout in me won out and I only voted once. It was very tough.

  • I left this comment on the rag rug post by mistake…. sheesh!
    Anyway…. What fabulous, talented people you have reading your blog!! It was so hard to pick just one!

  • I looked at the entries yesterday and came back to vote today and when I clicked on my choice and voted it said that this address had already voted. I also just noticed that all the blocks that I did not vote in have the selection in the top of the box already picked and they can’t be undone. Help! πŸ™

  • This was the most fun I’ve had ina long time! The discussions about pattern choices with the client, the attempts to a chieve just the right look, and then…seeing the fabulousness of all the entries!

  • I was having trouble voting. Tried a few times–but I can’t seem to link to the server. May I submit a vote of “Jill goes to the Oscars” please? I had to look twice to see that it was a stunner of a dress! At first I thought it was a scarf or something.

  • For some reason my ‘puter wouldn’t let me vote, but let me say here that I’m smitten with Babs. Too cute. So many laughs! Y’all are amazing.

  • Blimey, they are brilliant! Made me laugh out loud, especially those spartan ducks! And I wish I would look as good as Jill on her way to the Oscars.
    Brilliant, brilliant idea!!

  • Oh my word! It was so hard to pick just one to vote for, there are so many I like. Everyone did such a wonderful job.

  • I can’t see any boxes in which to vote. So my vote goes to #15 Salmon Wrap!

  • With Teeny Project Runway experiencing β€œFlorida Primary 2002” voting irregularities, I respectfully suggest that all (4) pre-selected candidates [Bride in Sheep’s Clothing, Patty Cricket, Zee-Zee the Giraffe, and Armadillo in New Haven] move on to the finals along with the next top five vote getters. While the lovely Ms Jill appears a shoe-in, other worthy candidates should have their opportunity to shine on the more limited final ballot.
    ~ E-Voting Oversight Commission

  • This is so great! I think they’re all great, but I’m trying to vote for Jill at the Oscars. My computer seems to be having a problem connecting…is it me, or is it you?

  • I can’t believe I watched the whoooooole thing!

  • These are amazing creations. I’m blown away with the variety of designs.

  • Oh so funny. You are all crazy in the very best way!

  • They are all so great. It was hard to pick just one.
    But I did.

  • I am in awe….there are some amazing designs. I feel so unworthy to be in the presence of so many designers! I have never designed before, but it was fun and at least my daughter will enjoy them! πŸ™‚ Even if we can’t vote…ah the magic of technology.

  • Voting was SO painful. Everybody who submitted–your are all (crazy) winners!!!

  • everyone should win a prize. each one was wonderful!

  • I am commenting a second time to say that I sent the link on to my husband, and he ended up looking at every single one, laughing hysterically, and then, after much deliberation, voting.

  • i am a resident of florida
    and i will be happy to help
    with the vote count -trust me
    haveing trouble with your touch screen
    i can help- trust me- just because you
    win the popular vote-you may not
    be the winner – trust me
    at your service ann and kay -trust me