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  • I generally avoid stuffed animals, whether knitted or taxidermied, but I want that squirrel. Nice touch with the bow in her hair — uh, fur. I mean, on her head.

  • Does anyone else think the Yarn Harlot should make one? She needs to get her over her squirrel issues and feel the love.

  • I saw that and was tickled to think that taxidermy was expressly prohibited. No one was going to pull a fast one on them! Love that store too.

  • Squirrel?!? The most advanced knitted animal project I have done so far is “snake.” Look ma, no limbs! It seems like a big leap (flying squirrel-sized?) to make a squirrel, but this contest may be all the impetus I need…

  • That is so stinkin’ cute! No squirrel from me, though…

  • I’ve been scooped by another Gretchen! I was just wondering what the Harlot would think of this contest. Maybe she would prefer to contribute a squirrel dressed in prison-orange and wearing paw-cuffs to prevent fiber theft.


  • Do you listen to This American Life?
    Do you remember the Squirrel Cop? He’s in NY somewhere… I think he needs to see some squirrelydermy!

  • I can submit UP TO THREE squirrels? Heh, heh, heh……!

  • Just wondering if they could really tell the difference between a yarn weasel and a yarn squirrel. Although that is a mighty fine specimen of squirrel in the post. Make me want to get out the stew pot, that one.

  • The “stew pot”? Well, doggies! I ‘spect I’ll be out a the ce-ment pond, while Granny is fixin’ to cook up a mess ‘o that good grub. Hope Miss Jane and Mr. Drysdale will join us fer supper at th’ fancy eatin’ table….

  • That is the most adorable stuffed critter! I just may have to knit one of those. (Sorry, Ms. Harlot!)

  • I’m not usually one for knitted stuffed animals (all those ends are so fiddly!), but that squirrel is adorable. Will there be (or is there already) a pattern available?

  • That lil’ critter is all kinds of cute.

  • I figure that the exclusion of taxidermy rules the Harlot right out. That knitted squirrel, though, she’s a keeper!

  • I really want to try this, but I told myself that I cannot start anything new this month. Heck, at the rate I’m going I won’t have finished anything this month either (it has been a bad month for the knitting and a good month for the reading), so I probably shouldn’t start anything next month either. Hrm. but I wanna!

  • Thank you, Kay, for posting about our contest. I’m so excited to see our little cutie here on your amazing blog! Just wanted to let folks know that the pattern will be available this week as a free pdf on our blog. Keep checking back! So funny about Yarn Harlot–I completely forgot about her squirrel problem!

  • Coming out of years of lurkdom here, love the squirrel! Especially the texture of the tummy. Love the way whole conversations spring up following your posts. I just wish your blog had hyperlinks to the individual posts; that way I could share them with friends. Thanks for the knit love!