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  • Hellllooooooooo?::tap tap:: Is this thing on? Where did everybody go? No comments? Must be a sign of the apocalypse.
    Glad to know you two haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, though Monteagle Mountain and the EU sound pretty freakin’ close.

  • Some of us are still on dial-up anyway!!!
    (I *think* Broadband has finally reached our village) Besides, slower internet connections mean that I don’t spend *all* of my time online as I get too bored waiting for pages to appear.
    You’ll be glad to know that MDK is generally v. speedy 🙂

  • Hi Ann,
    I’m a friend of Robin Smith’s counselor at Hillsboro who teaches the Hillsboro High School kids to knit. I love this site! I’ll be in Monteagle for a week w/ my entire family next week starting 6-27. Yikes! I’ve packed pounds of knitting what is there for a frustrated knitter with her one summer week off being spent in Monteagle to do?! Any knit or crafty shops in the vacinity?

  • I have a little concern to mention with the fair knitting. I asked about knitting for our *county* fair here in central Ohio, and found out that people attending the fair–and, of course, eating all manner of greasy and sticky fair food (why else would one go?)–tend to touch the knitted things with their greasy & sticky fingers. So be sure your work will be displayed behind some finger-proof barrier! Just thought I’d mention it… Happy knitting!

  • Gosh, that sounds nice, Ann, as long the wood-burning connection, the candle-powered camera, and the treadle CPU keep working (at least until your feet get tired).
    Have fun!

  • Monteagle Mountain – I know where that is – I have a friend going to Sewanee this summer doing grad work – beautiful place up there!
    Always enjoy reading your blog.