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  • Just looking… sure. We all believe that one;)

  • kAY the quilt is just spectacular! I love it. what are your favorite “novice” quilt books?

  • first time coming by, wow.. I like the knitting and overall of your blog. 🙂

  • kay, the photo of you is lovely. i can’t believe you’re not patching ann in via webcam for the occasion. or an ann sockpuppet? (sorry, it’s early.)

  • Ooh, as an Etsy member this news popped into my inbox this morning, was strange to see you there out of context from the blog – but lovely all the same and your picks are lovely! Sadly I couldn’t seem to get the Etsy auditorium bit to work but will try again later. Just keeps saying ‘authorizing’ at the moment …

  • Hi, Kay..I love your book and I’ll be there tonight! Love how Etsy brings all the creative people together.

  • I’m sorry that I missed this! I was stuck in a theater then anyway, and unavailable for Etsy watching. Will there be reruns?