Thank You All

By Ann Shayne
November 28, 2016

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  • I’d iike to thank you and Kay for providing this wonderful place!

  • Nice drawing Molly! Keep at it!

  • What a year indeed! Hope you had a great holiday, Ann. I truly loved checking out Nashville over mine, especially the nooks and crannies. Also, if you haven’t had the meatloaf at the Franklin Puckett’s, make it a point to soon! I’m still thinking about it.

  • Love it all!

  • Beautiful!

  • Your writing at Thanksgiving is very uplifting, even to a Canadian. Thanks for your thoughts and all your creative ideas.

  • This space has been a gift for all of us as well! I am enjoying relaxing in the lounge!

  • Thanks for the entertaining daily posts and for all of the inspiration! Looking forward to more!

  • Molly’s drawing is quite interesting. I would hang that on my wall, She has a lot going on there and I look forward to seeing further work. (Now removing my former-art-teacher hat)

  • Having loved your old blog I was unsure about a new format, but you’ve done a great job and I really love checking out the articles each day and hanging out in the lounge. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  • My euroflax kit was so beautifully wrapped that I cringed a bit when I tore the MDK sticker even though I was being careful.Love the burnt orange tissue and ribbon and SUPERFAST shipping! Thank you!

  • Thank you! I fell fast and hard for the euroflax mini skeins & when you posted that shawl pattern last week I fell even harder! Thank goodness for mail-order! I’ve just added another project to my holiday queue but since I started knitting early this year (Nov 20 instead of Dec 10) I’m good!!!!!!

  • I love Molly’s drawing! I’d buy a print if you sold them in your shop.

    • Me too!

  • Oh, Ann and Kay! I could not be more thrilled that this place is here. You have been making me happy for more than a decade, but never happier than this fall.

    Love the illustration! Dolly Parton fans are the best.

  • Lovely group shot – is that a view from the Cereal Station?
    I am so happy the Ann and Kay Vision for Better Living Through Yarn is getting off to such a sweet, swell, happymaking start. Very thankful for both of you!

  • I love the new site. Can Olive be guest editor soon?



  • What everybody else said! (Well, except for the meatloaf at Franklin Puckett’s. I can’t vouch for that.) Thank you all for everything!

  • SUCH a wonderful family tradition!! And now to look at your Shop….

  • xoxoxo !

  • As I said to Kay at Rhinebeck–your refreshed take on MDK has made the knitting internetz fun again for me. I love this sweet online spot so, so much! Thank you for creating it! xxx

  • Great post. Backatcha! You’ve no idea how bummed I am that HQ is in TN because that means I can never work there.

  • Love the new format and options, one minor wish for some overseas shipping. Have enjoyed my first thanksgiving here in Australia (courtesy of a friend from Maine) and loved the cornbread

  • Also clearly all y’all nieces are very talented

  • I used to read New York Times first thing in the morning. But since the election, the news causes my anxiety to spike. Not a good way to start the day. So I’ve switched to MDK, which begins my day with creativity, witty, insightful writing, and generous and clever people in the Lounge. Thank you, Ann and Kay, for the gazillion hours of work you’ve done to make MDK a beautiful oasis.

  • The drawing of the sunflowers is beautiful. It needs to be a painting!!

  • I’m envisioning a lovely muslin tote bag with Molly’s artwork. Maybe proceeds to a feed the kids program?

    • What a fabulous idea.

  • Thank you both for all that MDK contributes to community