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  • That’s the definition of a daughter, I hate to point out. And they don’t stop at socks, God love ’em . . .

  • First thing in the morning and your title has me thirsty for a wine cooler.
    Couldn’t you do a first-edition only special insert of the pics that deserved your comments? I’m really curious.

  • Sock thief! I will say, though, that those socks look like they are worth “borrowing” . . .
    Also, “pelt knitting”?! I almost spewed coffee.

  • Enjoy the sock-stealing moments. It won’t be long before she will try to deny she was born of woman –

  • Sock stealer she may be, but that’s the best way to get ’em interested in knitting socks. Ask me how I know! If you’re going to TNNA, you’ll have a chance to meet my sock thief turned the-only-person-who’s-ever-knitted-socks-for-me knitter.

  • My daughter steals my socks too. We should start a support group.

  • that just means that your daughter has good taste in socks–handknits all the way. :o)
    hm…starch on handknits for added stitch definition…interesting concept…i’ll consider it. :o)

  • When I looked at the photo, the first thing I saw was those socks! Must be a true knitter, right??? I tend to zero in on such things…. I think your daughter just has good taste in socks! And perhaps she’ll learn to knit them someday? It’s not like there’s no yarn or needles available at your place, right??? LOL samm

  • Unauthorized borrowing sounds like an invitation to a knitting lesson if I ever heard one and a darned good way to discipline the child. (We don’t punish at our house, we discipline).

  • Are those stickers on her crocs?? I’m wearing a pair right now (pink), but I never thought to put STICKERS on them. Kids. So creative. We need to put the kids on global warming – they’ll fix it in a week.
    And if you’re serious about the pelt knitting, try felting up the “Uros Aran” yarn from Elann. It’s half llama wool. I had some in electric blue. When I felted it, it looked like someone had hunted down the Cookie Monster, shot him, skinned him, and used his pelt to make a bowl. Gotta love it.

  • Hand knit socks are the only handknits my 9yo daughter will wear. Everything else (including cotton) is “too scratchy”. She hasn’t taken to stealing them yet…I think. Can’t wait for the book!

  • What’s the publication date???

  • I have 4 who just sort of” borrow”…..it’s like whatever.. now. I did give up! I try to be flattered, but do hide the things I don’t want them to “borrow”…can’t wait for book #2!!!!

  • My best daughter theft happend when I was in the fourth grade. My parents both left the house for work and I was waiting to catch my bus. I snuck up into my mothers dresser and borrowed her pearl necklace. It was picture day and I wanted to look my best. As soon as I got home I made sure to tuck it away where I found it. I totally got away with it. That was until the pictures where returned and my mother found out my little secret. We still laugh about it 15 years later. I think I was just lucky I didn’t loose or break them :o)

  • Who are these “can’t spare a square” people? FOR SHAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMME!

  • those selfish bastards.

  • No sock-thief problem here. My daughter won’t wear them because “they’re not white.” When I offered to make white ones, she looked a little scared and gave me a quick, polite “no thanks Mom! Really!” I haven’t even been able to get her to branch out into crocs! How do you suppose I turned an 11-year old into such a conservative dresser? Sigh.

  • Tough love, it is tough love that editing process.

  • Ha! My darling, tall, thin, lovely 12 year old daughter has these long skinny feet that are too big for my socks. But I have two more daughters waiting in line to steal socks from me.
    My oldest is now trying to steal some of my Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. She says she’s ready to learn to knit again because she wants to make herself some socks out of the pretty, soft sock yarn. (I think she fears asking me to knit another pair for her after she has never worn any of the others. “Too itchy, mom!” But she says this yarn is different. It will not itch.)

  • Hi Kay –
    Can’t wait for the new MDK book! Loved the last one…..
    And now, a question from a Curious Knitter. Have you ever tried to dye ecru Rowan Denim? I’m working on a bricklayer blanket, and imagining the possibilities for something else out of the R.D., because it’s such fun to work with!
    En boca lupo with the book.

  • thanx muchly for the “A for A” t.v. clip. it warmed my ole ticker…..

  • Ah, the ultimate accolade !

  • Oh I have one too. And she steals mine when she knits her own and they are BETTER than mine. I cannot return steal as she has the fine Irish feet and I have the wide Hungarian double d’s.

  • Oh I have one too. And she steals mine when she knits her own and they are BETTER than mine. I cannot return steal as she has the fine Irish feet and I have the wide Hungarian double d’s.

  • Love the socks, can’t wait for the book. Julie T. go check out http://www.jibbitz.com, I think that is what you see, tons o’creativity for crocs there….

  • Awesome post, and can’t wait for MDK2! But really, I’m coming out of lurking to give you a BIG thank you for blogging about afghans for Afghans. I’m about ready to mail off 6 hats, thanks to you (hats off, MDK!), and watching that news clip made me feel all warm and wooly. I’m sure I’ll be doing lots more knitting for them in the near future, too. Thanks so much for the links and the inspiration!

  • Hey–those purple sock really made that outfit pop! you should be a vurry, vurry proud mama.

  • Sock stealer, no. Sock borrower, maybe. Besides, those socks look so great with the outfit, she either needed to borrow the purple socks or ask you to knit her a pair, and with the book deadline and all, she was just trying to do you a favor. Which is also why she didn’t ask first. She was just thinking of you!

  • Carrie has a wonderful sense of color. Love the purple and green combo! Tell her I am making a matching afghan.

  • Can’t hardly blame the kid for having good taste now can we? Funny, I don’t even think about getting to the book so much as clawing to death anyone who gets in my way of the pre-order! Once done, you know you have yours and everyone around is safe again:)


  • What can I say but she has very good taste, those socks are gorgeous.

  • Beautiful purple socks on a very smart young daughter. But…I have a “concern”. I wore crocs for awhile at work, and they are sock-eaters!! I ended up with holes in feet of all my socks from the ridges on the bottom of the crocs. I am afraid to wear hand-knit socks with crocs–I guess I am a slow knitter, and I cannot bear the thought of wearing out handknit socks prematurely…

  • I’m tagging both you ladies! If your willing to play yet another game of tag, the rules & regulations are posted on my blog.
    You’re it!

  • I think that counts more as “mergers and acquisitions” than stealing.