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  • … we are indeed incredibly thankful … and happy happy happy for the goodness that abounds … thanks for making me a “spokesdog” for an awesome cause (says gumby) … for allowing me to participate in such a fabulous forum of readership and knitting … and … words fail me for what else … but MILLE GRAZIE kay and ann for letting me a part of your blog contingent … (says ina) … on to turkey dinner preparations … mille baci … ina and gumby

  • had to check in at mom’s to see about the bidding, yay kay, ina and gumby.. i didn’t win, but glad to help the cause. happy turkey all.

  • Whoop and a Hoop! Look at those Clapotises go! That is just fabulous.
    And also fabulous that you made my soup and it tasted good! And you go, girl — you got the parsnips!

  • Hooray for generous bidders. Hooray for fabulous blogs. I am loving your found objects this month. I wish there were some way to know more about them.

  • Congrats on two successful auctions for a worthy cause.
    And I thought I was the only one who posted pictures of homemade soup on her blog! 😉
    I’m going to have to try Norma’s recipe sometime – it looks superb!

  • Wait, “family, knitting, and yarn” in that order? Really?

  • and i’m thankful for the kay/ann team….who keep us in stitches…..

  • Kay, everytime you post about Carrie, I love her more. She is truly a gem and a girl after my heart! 🙂

  • My 3-yr-old daughter told her teachers she was thankful for “Cinderella and for Mommy and Daddy and also for all the lions in the whole wide world.” Classic stuff.