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  • He has been a huge impact on our lives.

  • Farewell, Steve Jobs. Thanks for everything.

  • I started out with a MacIntosh, then for 20 years went over to the darkside out of practicality and price-point. But now I’m working on my incredibly elegant I-Mac and feeling very sad that this rather brilliant man has left us so soon.

  • The world has suffered a great creative loss, but I suspect he has taught and inspired many.
    The fact that I can read and comment here is all due to him – thanks!

  • Indeed, I remembered your piece about him and stopped in here first after the Apple site. (Yup, I prefer to get all my news from knit blogs.)

  • Thanks, Steve Jobs, for your vision. I love my iPad!

  • Truly a visionary, very sad.

  • I have been using Macs at home and in school since the early 90s, and I love the look and feel of each machine I’ve had. As sad as it is that Steve Jobs is gone, I remind myself that the pancreatic cancer must have been hard for such a dynamic person to live through. He never would have stepped down if he thought he could do it.

  • Your post on Steve Jobs was an education in itself. I watched the video with tears in my eyes and have recommended it to boatloads of people since. I also became a Mac owner after that. The loss of good, creative people always feels so personal.

  • Did you see the yahoo story regarding free airfare to Japan?
    You two should look into this because you are just the “highly influential blogger-types” they are hoping to attract!