Thanksgiving Greetings to You

By Ann Shayne
November 28, 2019

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  • Happy Thanksgiving MDK! I’m Scottish but giving thanks today for all that I’m so lucky to have in my life and sending love to those missing someone today.

  • What a lovely post, Ann! Your writting is as good as a yarn-cake!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you Ann and Kay. I’m so happy I have the gift of knitting every day! I’m grateful to you both for your work introducing us to yarns, techniques and designers, hopefully for years to come.

    • What a lovely soul-warmimg note, thank you.
      To all, enjoy this day in a way that is meaningful to you and whether you know it or not, someone is thankful for you. As Ann wrote, we draw sustenance from each otherr.

  • Beautifully said Ann!
    Happy Thanksgiving Ann and Kay! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • sending you & your families ❤️

  • Today as I count my many blessings and reflect on all I’m so thankful for, I’ll remember that day at A Good Yarn, which came as a “go to” recommendation from a friend & fellow knitter here in Upstate NY. You can only imagine my delight as I stumbled unaware into this amazing LYS, the fun event, the friendly welcoming knitting Floridians & MDK (Ann & Kay). LIFE IS GOOD!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to MDK and all!!! I am so thankful for the family we share as knitters. May we always care for each other and our craft. Love and Hugs

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I am Canadian but appreciate the heartfelt greetings of this day. I look forward to our Florida trip in December, we go right by A Good Yarn and always stop. There is always something to see and people to talk to. They are lovely people, welcoming and friendly. A nice spot to stop in our 32 hour drive.
    We only have 2 1/2 hours to drive after that and if I need something else or have a midnight yarn emergency they will ship to me over night. The yarn I bought last year by was dk instead of fingering..and my fault, has turned in to one of my absolutely favourite shawls.
    If you get a chance to should go.

  • Dear Ann, I am thankful for your beautiful writing!

  • That’s the thing, indeed! Well-said, Ann. I’m thankful for MDK posts and look forward to them every morning. Bless you all!

  • Happy Thanksgiving, Ann, Kay, and all at MDK:)!

  • I have so many things to be thankful for, and so many of them are right here, every day. Happy Thanks everyone!

  • And sending the love right back to MDK!! Thanks for you, and wishing a safe, fun Thanksgiving weekend.

  • I am a very lucky person: I have a wonderful family, good friends, a good job and a very nice house. I enjoy the challenge and beauty of knitting, and my knitting friends are the best! I look forward to reading MDK everyday, and I wish I could buy all your yarn! Thank you everyone at MDK for your contributions to this wonderful website and store. ❤️❤️

  • Thank you for your daily presence on the interwebs!

    PS: for a virtual dessert, may we see a picture of a Choco-gator?

  • What a nice sentiment!

  • What a beautiful letter Ann. Happy Thanksgiving to All;)

  • I’ve been to this yarn store. Highly recommend it. Beautiful store. Hoping to visit again this winter while we’re spending winter in Florida

  • You dont know how.much joy you brought along to “our” shop! It was a great day and you made it better

  • Beautiful post! Since relocating to Florida, A Good Yarn has become my local yarn store despite the 2.5 hour “field trip” to get there. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • Happy Thanksgiving, and happy 10th to Susan and Murray! Their special hand-dyed yarn colorways based on Murray’s underwater photography are stunningly beautiful.

  • I love the good yarn — I live in Ventura, CA but I’m from, and my family still lives in Sarasota. It’s fabulous!