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  • Woohoo! I feel proud to know that a few of those dollars were mine. Congrats, ladies!

  • La Belle wha?

  • What a fantastic amount of money! I feel kind of guilty for having received something so beautiful in return for my very small contribution. It speaks volumes to your creativity!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see the finished project 🙂

  • WOW. That is awesome. Thank you for doing this!

  • When I entered my blanket project yesterday, I was number 5. It’s up to 9! Bet it’s going to grow, quickly! I’m on my 3rd quadrant, in my first square, auditioning the wool for the background…it’s thicker than the noro I’m using in the middle…

  • We wouldn’t be knitters if we didn’t have the faith!! Go us.

  • This is awesome! I haven’t even bought the pattern yet (I should figure out what yarn I need for it, so I can buy it at the yarn crawl next weekend).

  • Thank you for the opportunity to send money to help in Japan and for the great pattern.

  • I’d been out of touch with the internet for several days and was so pleased to find that you’d not only created this pattern, but that the proceeds are helping Japan (try as I might, I can’t begin to imagine the unbearable fear and suffering). Even though I’d just finished a log cabin for Project Linus on Saturday and have been thinking that it could be a while before I plunge into another, I know it won’t be long before I get the overwhelming hankering to start on a garter stitch blanket. I’m pleased to have this hanging out in my Ravelry library waiting for the urge to hit.

  • Fantastic ! Well done.
    So much better than, in my opinion, the appeal for the purchase of cherry trees, to ‘show support and solidarity’ through blossom ! I doubt that’s on people’s minds. The lack of cherry blossom. More concerned with clean water, food, shelter, warmth. Closely followed by grief, despair and post traumatic shock.

  • As a profane Brit, I can only say ‘bloody hell, and bloody well done!’. You are a star. x x x

  • Wow! The disaster had left me wondering what on earth could I possibly do to try to help out, and this purchase felt so right – not just the wonderful thing that it is in itself (because it is really beautiful), but how you simply identified the direct connection that makers/crafts people/artists have that crosses all borders and cultural differences. A moment of perfect clarity, just like the pattern.

  • Wow. That’s 450 knitters! Great job, Kay!

  • Oops, also meant to add that I found Noro Silk Garden color 269 at http://www.woolneedlework.com (and at a discount, too!). Not sure how much more they have (or even if they’ll be able to fulfill my order, since I haven’t gotten a confirmation from them yet), but thought I’d put it out there FYI.

  • I’m not a blanket kind of girl, but this one is so tempting. Would I be crazy to make it in sock yarn? I have so few worsted-weight leftovers…

  • Very nice Kay. I love knitters. Also got the 269 at http://www.woolneedlework. And no I didn’t get a confirmation yet either.

  • That is 2,250 kinds of awesome. Mwah, Bon voyage, reviens-nous vite!

  • I just started a sock weight blanket in Wollmeise. What a great pattern, and a great longterm project.

  • That’s some impressive fundraising! Well done – can’t wait to see the finished blanket.

  • Helen @ 2:29, I just got an e-mail from woolneedlework and they don’t have it 🙁 Guess Lambs Pride will have to do!

  • I understand that the charms of Noro Silk Garden are legion. However, if Color 269 proves elusive, could Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool fill in as the background color? Though I realize that it’s DK weight and Silk Garden is Aran, I realize. Or maybe Manos Silk Blend?
    Either of those choices would extend the idea of “helping hands across the globe,” as Elsebeth Lavold is Swedish, and Manos del Uruguay is, well, Uruguayan!

  • you rock Kay!!!

  • Totally not to be Debbie Downer but I heard on NPR that Japan is refusing all funds. Not sure what the relief orgs are going to do with the received money. But I love you gals for doing this all the same. 🙂

  • Ok, now that I posted that, I can’t find documentation of it anywhere in print. Hmmm. Should have found the actual source first. DOH.

  • Aw, if you stop in Paris, dit to the dive american bar where I used to work.
    Which one, you ask?
    The one in which we used to shout at closing time (in English, of course): “We’ve got your money! Now get the h*ll out!”
    My Metro stop was Maubert-Mutualite, twenty some years ago.
    Have fun!

  • Fantastic! So happy to have had the chance to participate and show Japan some love; and that it was such a beautiful pattern to boot just made it all so darned perfect. Thanks Kay and congrats to all of us.

  • Oh, you are too, too perfect. Just got my copy of the pattern, so plan on seeing a weird Noro laceweight version, probably in the form of a wide scarf, on Ravelry soon.

  • Rebecca, the “Japan Relief Donations Not Necessarily Welcome” was a story by Elizabeth Blair on Weekend Edition on Sunday, March 20th.
    It is the DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS website that says: “MSF has sent medical teams to support the government-led earthquake and tsunami response in Japan” [though] “we are not accepting donations specifically earmarked for the recovery efforts in Japan.”

  • Carolyn @ 4:48, woolneedlework contacted me to say I would have to get two different dye lots and wait two weeks but that I could get it. I must have made it under the wire. We’ll see.

  • Holy COW!!!
    That is just wonderful. Love being part of the knitterly community. Thanks for doing this.

  • wahoo! Well done.

  • All I have to say is woo hoo to you guys. Nice that a great project pattern made with beautiful wool can bring about so many donations in such a short time.

  • Bought the pattern and cast on last night. What a great idea!

  • dit “bonjour” of course. apparently, my little > & dit “bonjour” of course. apparently, my little > & < made the bonjour fall into hyperspace.

  • This might finally be the knitted quilt that I am unable to resist. It’s so beautiful, and I love Noro yarns.

  • question: somewhere towards the end of your first post about the pattern, you mentioned making 12 blocks — but I see the pattern calls for 10. Are you going rogue on us or what? This is just the perfect pattern for a long-overdue hospitality gift blanket and I think it’s possible (probable?) that there is suitable yarn in the stash! Still loving it, whether it is 10 squares or 12 or 120!

  • bravo

  • Great pattern. Wonderful idea to raise $. Good job.

  • Bought the pattern and love the blanket but so wish I could find the neutral 269 as I adore the color variations. Any other yarn even come close?

  • I am not sure when I will get to knit the blanket, but between your generosity for an important cause and your ingenuity at the design, how could i resist? Thanks for sharing and I hope you raise a gazillion dollars for those folks in need!

  • Elsebeth Lavold makes a Silky Wool XL that might fill the gauge bill and comes in a nice neutral.

  • That is amazing. Wowza.

  • Huh. I like the gray.

  • I kinda like the grey square quilt. Something happened to me this winter and I’ve become gray friendly, every time I start a new project I find myself considering yarns in that hue, it’s like I have graydar now.
    I hope Mr Noro heeds your plea, you are so right about the vanilla ice cream analogy. (and the cat!)