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  • Hi Guys,
    I don’t knit, but could I paypal you some wool or make a donation somehow?
    Keep up the good work:-)

  • Those two ladies are awesome, and I’ve put their button on my blog in hopes of reaching one more person 😉 Knitters are amazing…

  • Quick y’all–there’s a nonknitting dude up there in the comment. Somebody teach him to knit, willya?

  • Pretty awesome, innit? I was stunned by the total in two days. In a good way. Stunned by some other things – Condi Rice’s shoe shopping, for example – in a “different” way.
    Susan had a good laugh when I sent her another email last night, after my original one earlier in the day: It said, in essence, “Tonight, at the grocery store they asked us at the checkout if we’d give a dollar to the Red Cross, and we said yes.” My subject line in the email said, “another dollar.” Susan said I made her crack up. Why?! Hee-hee.

  • Ann and Kay,
    Thanks so much for your faciltation of good works on behalf of knitters. I’m giving my $$ through UMCOR (United Meth. Committee on Relief) which is working tirelessy along with RC and SA etc. Out here in CA where I have lived through Earthq., (Louisianna UMCOR gave us $70,000 for churches after Lomo Prieta) Oak. Hills Fire and various floods I am comforted by the response of so many. We have a prayer service tomorrow instead of “Church regular” – It is good to pray for so many who probably feel like they can’t pray for themselves right now.
    Bless you and knitters everywhere,.
    Rev. Linda