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  • Too wonderful! Thanks for sharing it.

  • I’m so sick of Christmas music already, but I clicked anyway since, as you said, you’ve not steered me wrong yet. And oh my, I’m glad I did. That was great!

  • I’m so sick of Christmas music already, but I clicked anyway since, as you said, you’ve not steered me wrong yet. And oh my, I’m glad I did. That was great!

  • So the burgeoning love of young men singing a cappella is a symptom of being *d’une femme d’un certain age*? All the better, I say. That was great.

  • That was undeniably excellent – thanks for sharing. Just the thing I needed to break out of my “sick of Christmas music” mood 🙂

  • That was fabulous. I laughed out loud! Thanks so much for sharing your find!

  • that was great – thanks for sharing!!!!

  • That brought a smile, a nice change! They were wonderful! And cute too! I am way too old to “notice” THAT!

  • I think the dreidel part was my favorite. My kids have been singing that song non-stop.

  • Wonderful performance; thanks so much for sharing. How those young men could keep from getting mixed up, I’ll never know.

  • Make that 1.7 million + me. Can’t wait to share it with my five daughters.

  • Hysterical!

  • Ha! I just saw this this morning on some other blog and was going to post it to mine in a few days. Now I guess it’d seem like I was copying…twice. 😀

  • Assuming that the title of your entry was not some bizarre coincidence, I’d just like to mention that I WAS IN THE SECOND ROW CENTER FOR THE ROCKAPELLA HOLIDAY SHOW AT GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY LAST WEEKEND!!!!
    And they were so wonderful. (But then you probably knew that!)

  • they can just rock on down to
    the beaches of the west central
    florida- just any little old time
    they want to- and a bird of paradise
    to you too-13th day you know

  • that was fun. had to add the link to my blog too!
    love the a cappella.

  • The clip got me thinking about my days at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I was a music major in a college that had a fantastic Men’s Chorus and many student barbershop quartet groups. Also reminds me of the British choral group The King’s Singers. Although I think they’ve mainly retired by now.
    I did spy at in the ending credits that the group was from Indiana University, which also has a fine music department. My son is at Purdue and IU is one of their big rivals. I AM allowed to compliment the IU music department though, because Purdue has no music majors.

  • Sigh. I miss so much with dial-up.

  • I linked to that the other day. My Mom got it from a friend who got it from her daughter who got it . . . aw, who knows, but aren’t they fabulous?? I LOVE really good a capella music, and this certainly qualifies!
    And, Rockapella? One of my very favorite Christmas albums….

  • Thanks for that!

  • It’s up to 1.8 million… I think it’s all the knitters!
    Love it!

  • Oh, I loved that. I’m going to share it with everyone I can think of.

  • ooh! that was so fun. I’ve seen three different a cappella groups do Africa by Toto, but this was by far the most creative way I’ve seen to work it into the show. Thanks for linking it!

  • Have watched it 3 times now and have laughed myself silly each time. In fact, the entire family was rolling! A capella is a favorite around here, as we’ve all sung in high school and college. Collegiate a capella is great, but it doesn’t have to be the cute younger generation to sound great, although they’re the likeliest to play around with lyrics.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • my face hurts.
    I had a huge huge face wrinkling smile on the whole time.
    that was great!!!!

  • Aw – that was so much fun. Thanks so much for sharing that link. I’ll have to share it with everyone – especially my friends who just got back from Africa.
    ; )

  • Kay – hope this makes you feel good – my 14 year old daughter has a love of a capella groups too. WE have viewed this and many other by this group before – she even has a cd of them & they are on her ipod. Of course we love them also because they are from my alma mater!

  • Kay – hope this makes you feel good – my 14 year old daughter has a love of a capella groups too. WE have viewed this and many other by this group before – she even has a cd of them & they are on her ipod. Of course we love them also because they are from my alma mater!

  • Dear America
    The first English Blanket for Oliver is now done and ready to be viewed over on my blog. Whilst not in the same league as a Kaffe Looky Likey, it’s very pretty and the tickets are starting to sell like the proverbial hot cakes. Hope you all like it.

  • Thank you for featuring our wonderful guys. I have been a fan of theirs for years. Every year they are wonderful even though the mix changes. I have a couple of their cd’s. I didn’t even think to look for them on YouTube!

  • Please, please don’t ever be embarrassed or apologetic over the collegiate a cappella! It’s just so fun!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  • I was amused. Very. Although I must admit, I had no idea that Hoosiers could sing so well. Why? The hubby is a Hoosier and couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. Confession time–I was trying desperately to smother the laughter during the singing in church once when he was singing next to me. But it’s not everyone who will buy a woman a spinning wheel for Christmas (especially when she already has 2 of them), so I’m definately hanging on to him. 🙂

  • This was most enjoyable. I loved it! Thank you.
    Some commenters have noted they’re from Indiana University in Bloomington (Hoosiers), but I wonder if the men are not instead from Indiana University in Pennsylvania (my alma mater), which until last year had an Indian as its mascot (ah, political correctness). I note an Indian in the university logo on the YouTube video. I checked the “other” Indiana University website (in the state of Indiana), and their logo (also soon to be changed – more politicial correctness) is the Pioneers.
    Sooooo, I wonder if the young men are in fact from Indiana University of Pennsylvania… Either way, they make a delightful ensemble. Great voices – at least for we femmes d’un certain age.

  • Ach, my bad, sans doute. I think that’s actually a book surrounded by rays of light. Femmes d’un certain age have eyesight d’un certain age as well. Looked like Indian feathers to me. No doubt IUP doesn’t have that many men to make up such an ensemble.

  • This brings back such great memories. My husband sang with the Cornell Hangovers back in the 80’s. He’s going to love seeing this.

  • I just double-checked …. they’re from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. I also checked out their other videos on YouTube … what a fun way to squander Christmas prep time!

  • I love a capella and this was fun, silly and in the best spirit of collegiate acapella groups. IU has a top notch music department. My son went to Oberlin but alas is a percussionist not a singer.

  • Incredible! I love a cappella singing! Thanks for that!

  • I went to IU Bloomington and I can assure you those guys are from Indiana! I love Straight No chaser… I used to work at one of the food courts on campus and a few times they would come in and randomly sing to everyone eating (also to announce their upcoming events)
    great link!

  • Thank you for that clip! My daughter sent it on to her choir teacher who wrote back write away to say she loves it.
    Knit on, sing on!

  • Thank you! that video just made my day! also, thanks for the warning to hang in there, I might not have from just the first minute.
    May your whipstich arm stay strong! Happy sewing tonight.

  • Great clip. Now I’ll be singing from it (snatches only) from the rest of the day. Thanks, Kay!

  • That was great for so many reasons, I’ve done my part to spread the video!

  • When my younger daughter was at the U of Illinois in Urbana Champaign (she graduated in ’98), one of her good friends was in the Extension Chords, their male a cappella group. In fact, one of the songs from the medley in the video sounds just like one of their songs (the non-Christmas one – but I suspect that the college groups have a lot of overlap in their repertoires – I know that they travel around the country having performance that include several groups). I have 2 CD’s that they made & still listen to them often. I’m not sure about the age thing though – I know my daughter loved the performance as did I. With your love of it, I think we pretty much span most of the range of adult women.

  • I did a cappella when I was in undergrad…things haven’t changed much. (I LOVED the Toto reference–perfect!)

  • It’s not quite a cappella, but the Helsinki Complaints Choir is great. Like everything else on the planet, it’s on youtube.
    Susan in Katonah

  • I spent the better part of my night in front of my computer thanks to you and this clip. I came across this one. (there’s a version of them singing it in a dorm room too, but I thought you would appreciate the suits!)

  • My first true love partially made his way through college by reviewing and critiquing the a cappella singers of other colleges. Because he was a sexy, sexy nerd. With a fantastic college job.

  • LOVE IT!!!
    just love the a cappella.
    especially clever stuff like this!
    and you have never steered me wrong–the corn casserole, er, souffle? Absolutely Yummeriferous! :o)YUM!!!
    my fiance moaned and declared it was Most Delicious. what did i say? OF COURSE IT IS! it’s from Kay’s Korner Kitchenette!!! :o)
    thanks and happy holidays! elaine.

  • As of last night it was 2.7 million views! I’ve watched it at least three times now myself. I got the link originally from my daughter’s vocal ensemble teacher (high school girls’ a cappella — totally cute. Alas, no YouTube) and have done my part to pass the link around. Now I have to get cracking and look up the groups the other commenters have mentioned. Helsinki Complaints Choir — I’m so there!