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  • What an amazing array of hats! Congrats, Tanya!

  • So incredible!!! What a lovely bunch of hats!!! Congratulations Tanya!!!!

  • I am seriously blown away by this honor. Thank you so much!!! Just being recognized among all the amazing knitters out there would have been incredible, but more yarn too?? Fainting 🙂

    • Congratulations Tanya! You rock!!!

  • Congrats to Tanya and huzzah to all the bunchalongers! It’s been fun spectating 🙂

  • …as a person who considers herself a friend of Tanya, you should totally meet her in person. Amazing person with a heart that is so generous and good and kind.

    • Awwww

    • Seconded. Tanya is creative, generous, and kind, has done so much to make her neighborhood a real community, and does so much to help animals.

      • Serious blushes here ❤️

  • Brava Tanya! A quick look at her Ravelry projects reveals she also has made 16 (!16!) Water hats by Thea Coleman since September! Such an inspiration this Tanya is. Congratulations!

  • So fun and beautiful and every other superlative! Great job, Tanya!

  • I would like to see your knitting catologe looking a warm pair gloves

  • I don’t know what strikes me more – the sheer number of caps or the wonderful color conbinations.