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  • Dear Ann,
    You’re very welcome. I’m expecting my own visit from the surly FedEx guy any moment. I really just wanted to get you on the Zingermans perpetual mailing list because I feel you need more opportunities to buy stuff.
    As we never ever used to say in Nebraska,
    L’shanah Tovah and may you be inscribed in the Book of Life and may we get a challah as big as that one.
    Love, Kay

  • Oh yum !
    Do you think it would survive the journey across the pond ?
    Thought not !
    Please bring somw when you come to visit ;-]

  • Emma–Too bad, too! You could make some awesome French Toast for the Rowanettes this weekend. Don’t imagine you get a lot of challah on the Costa del. xox Kay

  • Only when I make it – the Good Housekeeping recipe.I make a double plait – small on top of large.involves loads of butter & numerous eggs.Yum,yum – especially toasted.Haven’t made any bread,least of all challah,since Oliver was born.

  • And add to the new year wishes my son’s comment in an email from a guest-house in Phnom Penh :’Never tell an Israeli you have Jewish blood!’