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  • Oh I do love that Liberty Blanket. I too am lost in the joys of the noro scarf. I can’t stop myself despite my absolute horror of bandwagons. Have fun striping!

  • I think it was the Liberty Blanket that clinched it for me, when I was thinking about putting the Mason-Dixon book on my Christmas List this year, even though I don’t know when I’ll ever knit that huge gorgeous thing! But take heart, perhaps I’ll downsize as well. I love the colors. Yum coral with teal.

  • I love the Foxy Bob Cratchit scarf. If the victim of your whimsy doesn’t want it, send it to me! I was thinking that it sounded like an awful lot of work, but I think it turned out great. We are apparently having the same weather…I haven’t been able to stay up past 7:30 for about a week now…I am ready for snow, or something completely different, like sun.

  • The Liberty Blanket is my next Big Knitting Project..if I don’t decide to make the FBC scarf–love it!!

  • Love the crashing stripes scarf – you have more patience than I!
    Love the Noro scarf – have resisted so far.
    Love the liberty blanket too!

  • All look great, I’ve been so glum with the weather that I’ve been (gasp) unable to knit.

  • My version of the sexy Bob Cratchit scarf is still in the works. However, I thought of knitting it for feminine me, because I love wool scarves- so wonderfully warm. I often wondered why they didn’t blast astronauts into space with just a wool scarf. Except for that air thing, they’d be good.
    I am embarrassed to submit my photo- my scarf is poor compared to yours, Kay!

  • oh, you make me think more and more that I should venture further into the jungle of Manhattan for yarn. Annie’s looks marvelous.
    I think I might be on the verge of a Noro scarf, though no shopping would be required, just some browsing through the stash. (This is a recession, right??)

  • Love the scarves. Love the tiny Liberty Blanket. Is it spring yet? I’ve been googling “dehumidifiers” and pondering a move to Arizona and it’s only December. Hang in there, Kay! We’ll get through this. Somehow…

  • Oh how I love that Liberty blanket. It may be my first adventure in steeking, somewhere down the road.

  • I know you can’t see me, but I am bouncing in my seat yelling, “Show me the side! Show me the side” because I am still fixated on this Fake Seam business and want to see how it looks.
    Also – seriously, who are these people that are not on the two-row bandwagon?!? I said the exact same thing in my LYS last week and got blank stares from those in my vicinity. Weirdos. I am anxiously waiting for my shippment from WEBS – some of my Noro being on backorder (gah, the disappointment)

  • Love the Cratchit scarf. And the cuff is Perfect enough. Glad you shared the increasing trick; I’d’ve just blocked it silly! And I’m giving all the men in my family the Brooklyn Tweed Noro scarf. They’re beautiful (and impressive!!!).

  • well i guess you understand the scarf

  • Well here in New Orleans we have far too much weather. Feel free to take some of ours. In the past week, we have had mostly sunny highs in the 70’s, pouring rain, and snow interspersed with our greyness. It’s very tiring and I can imagine the tourists are not appropriately dressed for any of it.

  • The “unsuspecting victim of your whimsy”? Would not that include, at one time or another, all of us readers? Need I remind you of Teeny Project Runway? I rest my case, and look forward to receipt of that fab scarf! (Not really, of course. I am sure there are others far more unsuspecting than we.)

  • oooooh! now i get the crashing stripes and all that talk about a fake seam. need pictures, i do.

  • I finally caved and bought Noro for THE SCARF today and the LYS lady asked the same question. I think I looked at her funny.

  • Hello, lovelies…
    Winter here is Massachusetts is a bleary mess of soaking rain…where’s the snow when you really need it to brighten up the landscape? Though I guess it is snowing in Lenox (2 hours west), but not here in scenic Arlington. I have been too damp to knit. But I did seam a fingerless glove that I was too stubborn to knit in the round. One. Sigh. Need to do several more before Christmas…not to mention a ruffle on a little bolero-ish lacey knit thing for a girlfriend. I need either some inspiration or a lot of caffeine.
    Have a lovely night!

  • I had a similar conversation with a yarn shop owner while I was digging through her bins of Silk Garden Lite. She hadn’t heard of the 2-row Noro Scarf, and it made me feel really silly trying to explain it!

  • Oh! Oh! Oh! The Runcible Scarf is GORGEOUS!

  • Love the FBC scarf! And the Memo comment made me laugh out loud. I can’t believe a knitting store doesn’t know Brooklyn Tweed and the Noro scarf!

  • I was in a mall yesterday and saw the model scarf — yours is way cooler.
    On a totally different note, I got the book Indigo Knits from the library the other day — now I see where you get your bleach-a-rama ideas! Those guys are denim/bleach mad! Must make the wacky beach blanket — no one on Ravelry has made it yet and it is so crazy and delightful. Who needs a scarf when you could have a beach blanket, eh?

  • ‘One finds oneself thinking about vampires, the Bronte sisters, and Jack the Ripper, and googling “mildew”.’
    Thank you so much for perfectly summarizing how a girl feels when she’s in a funk. AND making me laugh while I’m in a funk. A grand accomplishment, I think.
    Don’t know if I’ve commented since I got your second book, so I’ll say it now – it’s awesome. Thanks.

  • Gah! I had resisted even looking at the tempting links you had so thoughtfully provided previously for this Bob Cratchit thingy. Now, while I am weak with Christmas obsession you bring it back and tempt me!

  • Where do I find the pattern/idea for the Bob Kratchit scarf? It’s so cool.

  • I love that Noro stripe scarf too and I have to admit that my fingers are hurting a bit from reading about it this second when not one of the five projects I brought with me today includes any Noro.
    I had logged onto your site to check that I had it spelled correctly for our new blog Katonahyarns (off of our website Katonahyarn.com). It, along with Jared and his Noro stripe scarf, is one of our sources of knitting inspiration.

  • I was in my LYS a couple of weeks ago and said “wow, I can’t believe you still have Silk Garden in stock” and they were very puzzled. Clearly the NYC stores are not the only ones who didn’t get the memo about the Lemming Scarf (as I fondly call it — I’m loving knitting mine!)

  • If you all get ambitious beyond the Noro lemming scarf, let me suggest a stockinette sweater- two rows each of two different Noro colorways– just as addictive. Plus, if you pick the right colorways you can even please men who are afraid of color (hint: colorways that don’t have too much pink or fuchsia).

  • Hi, all. I would love to see a pic of someone modeling the scarf. Please?

  • No one is saying anything about the mini liberty blanket? In the killer unbelievable yarn? With the colors? And the yarn? And the pattern? Killing me.
    Also, Cratchit I guess has to have the scarf, or he would die of jealousy at the beginning of the story and then he’d be one of the ghosts and… I mean, where would that go?

  • I don’t think your ribbing is puffy at all. It looks great! Wow! A pound of yarn. That’s a pretty massive scarf.

  • So, is this a hint that I need to knit the Noro scarf as a store sample at Annie’s?? I could, you know…

  • I think I might adopt your friend’s Upper East Side lumberjack look. It should fit in perfectly here in northern Wisconsin.

  • All of this is so, so wonderful for me. THE Maragret sweater, the Cratchit scarves, learning about EZ’s fake seam, that pretty mini Liberty blanket (the yarn has SUCH subtle shading–beautiful!).
    What is also very heart warming is what I read here just about this time last year, namely, the Fetching fingerless gloves(teachers’ gifts, remember?). I’ve already made a pair, and hope to finish a pair or two more for this holiday season. (Bob Cratchit–see ya in ‘aught 9).
    Thank you, ladies. Through thick and thin, you’ve been a cozy kind of a constant here.

  • That scarf is lovely!
    I just bought a couple of skeins of Noro Silk Garden the other day, with exactly that K1,P1 thing in mind. 🙂

  • Luv that scarf. I think the cuff so far looks spiffing. Cratchit rocks!
    And that darling little Liberty blanket! That gives me ideas.
    By the way, you mention in your WUNERFUL new book that deep in the heart of the Orkneys they hold both strands of yarn in one hand. Could you possibly splain how pretty please?

  • Kay – for some reason, I really latched on to the runcible-frankensleeve scarf (with apologies to Al Franken, I guess) and am about to join my two sides. I am absolutely in love with the phony seam and am glad to have had a reason to try it. Am just wondering about how you joined your two long, never-ending seams together?
    Also – do note that I saw the Gap version in the flesh this weekend while shopping in NYC – do note that it’s just one wide strip and one narrow strip sewn together with ribbing at the end – no sleeving to speak of. Such a wasted opportunity.

  • So after looking at the bob cratchit scarf, Is it a tube with cuffs?

  • So after looking at the bob cratchit scarf, Is it a tube with cuffs?

  • So after looking at the bob cratchit scarf, Is it a tube with cuffs?

  • Katherine, in her allergy to feminine frippery, is very much a girl after me’own ‘art.
    Long live the Noro Silk Garden stripey scarf. I, being the owner of three (the fourth one was tragically lost), could still use about four more. Love.them.