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  • Oooh, I’ve always wanted to try their cookies, but alas, they aren’t really a good value if you mail order them. Beautiful AND delicious. Isn’t that what food is all about?

  • My Oscar comment for the moment: Charlize looks like an Oompa Loompa.

  • Mariko–If it’s any comfort, they aren’t a good value even if you walk over to Chelsea and get them yourself. Alas. But a good sugar cookie is hard to find.
    Ann, I know what you mean about Charlize. All the other girls are buffed to a high gloss, and she’s got the Max Factor pancake makeup on. Plus she has to be talked about on knitting blogs, poor thing.
    But my boy Tim Robbins got the Oscar!! The nicest movie star you could ever run into taking his boys for a snack after school. Lanky, happy and perpetually boyish.
    And didn’t Annie Lennox just make us proud to be pasty 40-something women? Why doesn’t Rowan get HER to model some knitwear?
    xox Kay

  • I have to admit to loving the Oscars – dresses, shoes, jewelery etc etc! Sadly I can’t stay up until 5am to watch on this side of the Atlantic but I can’t wait to see the programme tonight, especially as Annie Lennox was a winner. I’m a big fan of hers, not least in the so-pasty-I’m-see-through department, where she is truely my role model!

  • Oh, Charlize got the last laugh, and I love it when people are sweet to their moms. But the Oscars are hard to watch without getting all catty. I mean, Nicole Kidman is getting as brittle as a stalk of straw, don’t you think? Handknits are what that girl needs, for sure.
    Pallor is on the way back in, I promise. I look at folks sitting on the beach all day and think, yeow, that’s gotta hurt. We’re here! We’re pale! Get used to it!
    And Kay, I sent you a virtual clink of the flute when your man Tim took the prize. I don’t think I could get through Mystic River without a complete meltdown (is there a sadder premise for a movie in the universe?), but he really is a terrific actor and will be a great president once he engineers his overthrow of the U. S. government.
    My man Bill Murray will have to wait for another day. I adored him in Lost in Translation. Hope you took a bite out of his head last night. Those cookies are deeelicious!

  • Ah! Priceless cookies. The glass of bubbly sounds enticing, too. Methinks Oscar parties at your house are fun.
    P.S. Don’t you love how Johnny Depp’s stubble was included on the cookie???

  • Mmmmmm…Johnny Depp cookie…
    My one snarky comment of the night was that Samantha Morton’s dress reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara’s curtain dress. And that’s all I got.

  • Em–True. Painful for this new fan of Samantha M, but true.
    Not that there wasn’t something this Gee’s Bend gal didn’t LOVE about Scarlett’s curtain dress, and those great matching playclothes made from the nursery curtains in the Sound of Music……But all Samantha really needed was the hat and the tassels. At least she wasn’t boring–I’m a bit tired of the skin-tight column dresses dripping with diamonds, aren’t you? You’re skinny–we’ve noticed! Congratulations! I liked Renee Z’s Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend frock, though. And I think Oprah looked beyond fabulous in her gray (you loved it, didntja Ann?) portrait collar number. I love a portrait collar.
    I would like to apologize to anyone across the Atlantic for whom I may have spoiled any suspense by revealing who won Best Supporting Actor. At the time I was writing, Annie Lennox hadn’t won anything yet; she had just sung her song and while looking drop-dead retro gorgeous. But still. Next year I will be more discreet. Love, Kay

  • I just liked the way Julie Andrews said “playclothes”–it always came out “plehclothes.”
    In 1973 there was a time in Nashville when “The Sound of Music” played at the Belle Meade Theatre for at least six months. THOSE were the days.
    And yes, Oprah looked regally fantastic–so very ready for our visit to her show.

  • hey!! kay!! now that someone has mentioned, “the sound of music,” i thought i would remind you of this….”high on a hill is a lonely goat, yodeladi, yodeladi, yodelheeehhoooo.” ok. now see if you can get that lyric out of your head…:)

  • Damn you Elisabeth, ladiyodeladiyodelayHEEhoo.