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  • Ah, I wish I could grow even a 3-foot sunflower before the squirrels get in and eat them. Maybe next year I will plant so many that some will escape… Delightful!

  • I am so glad you guys are back in the swing of posting — I’ve missed this blog!

  • Awesome!

  • Marvelous. I missed planting them this year because it was too cold and wet. Are you going to the Knit Girllls SSK?

  • Love them!

  • Awesome post. You are one most excellent lax-mom, Mama Shayne.

  • I love your close up of the sunflower at the end. It’s a great reminder that they are not really one flower, but tons of flowers.

  • Thank you! This really brightened my day 🙂

  • Fibonacci lives!!!! thank you.

  • Hope someone is planning to harvest those sunflower seeds. Here in Maryland…50 lbs of BOSS (Black Oil Sunflower Seeds) are selling for a whopping $30. They used to cost about $9.00 back in 2000.

  • Beautiful!
    I watched Singing Revolution the other night on PBS and thought of you. Thanks for telling us about it. I never would have stopped to watch it if I hadn’t heard of before.

  • On 96 btwn 100 and the Natchez Trace bridge, a couple of teen boys didn’t want to mow for the summer. They grew at least an acre of sunflowers (which are now dried and for sale.) They were stunning!

  • oh what a beautiful morning
    oh what a beautiful day
    i have the beautiful feeling every thing
    is going my way bon jour

  • I can’t really grow sunflowers where I live so they always bring back memories of lazy summer days visiting my aunt. She grows a small forest of them every year. Definitely a wonderful commuting landmark.

  • They grew some like that in our park last year — they were amazing. Looks like sunshine even on a cloudy day!

  • Like a row of stately maids in green gowns. Very lovely photos.