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  • Even log cabin squares?

  • You guys crack me up so much, I’d almost believe the Week 1 categorization.

  • Kaffe Fasset-style intarsia knitting?

  • Book-signings? At Rhinebeck? Where?? (Look at me, getting all excited….)

  • That’s kind of impressive if you’re really that good with the dishcloth cotton!

  • Look at those adorable widdle hankies :o)
    Good job on bringing that average up in the home stretch! Beast-based. Heh.

  • I think you mean A Goat IS (your) Homework…no KIDding.

  • Wait – did I read that right? Ann & Kay — or is it Ann n’ Kay — both at Rhinebeck?

  • Y’all are going to be at Rhinebeck, too? Yay!

  • When is the rhinebeck fest???? Some of us have been out of town….

  • Is there anyway I can get a signed bookplate for my friend’s copy of your book? I can’t make Rhinebeck this year. 🙁

  • The Charo video was a hoot!

  • Lucky, I wish I could take that class. What about making a little garland with another string and the teeny skeins hanging from it?
    See you at Rhinebeck?

  • “Beast-based” – I love it!

  • Oh dear me. I thought I was the only one who thought small skeins of yarn would make good Christmas ornaments.

  • score! go straight to the head of the class! I would guess the first two had merino and then merino/tencel. I’m thinking a nice fuzzy baby hat.

  • Can’t you just shove them in your bra to see if you get all itchy and allergic and junk?
    We’re going to Rhinebeck too. 😉 Can’t wait to see you.

  • Ya! Where????! I’ll be first in line. Well, okay, that’s probably a bit hyperbolic, but you get my drift. I’ll be slacking along somewhere in line, though. Promise.

  • Keychains?

  • You have some ShiBui in there – I think the lime green fuzzy one. It is wonderful!

  • That is skill, my friend. Or possibly manifestations of an obsession..

  • the wee little skiens would
    be a necklace perhaps like charms
    tied to a chain or cord and worn
    with highneck top and same colour pants
    or jeans and jacket there you go
    your book is so good really really is

  • Hey, no fair! I haven’t got my Week 3 samples yet and here you are, already got ’em figgered out.

  • Hmm. In cleaning out the stash this weekend I came across not one but two yarns that I could not identify (frankly I can’t even remember buying them; I think they’re runaways from someone else’s stash.) I should send them to you to ID! Then maybe I’d know where to fit them in the knitting rotation . . .

  • how about key chains??