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  • I still can’t get over her recipe for fried butter.

  • OMG this was HILARIOUS! We saw it when it was on tv, who knows how late I was for work the next day because I stayed up to watch it.
    My to do list seems to not be getting much smaller. At least I stopped adding stuff to it though!
    Good luck with yours! Happy holidays!

  • Here’s Paula Deen on NPR’s “Wait, wait don’t tell me”. Sadly no video, but still hilarious.

  • I have spent way too much time this morning discovering the fabulous Fanny Cradock.

  • Thanks so for the much needed laugh, Kay!
    Been too tired this week to stay up and watch Craig … I laughed so hard tears came out.
    Happy Holidays!

  • Oh Cray-ug. I just lurve hi-yim.
    Thanks so much for this, Kay.
    Happy everything!

  • Sh-eah eyyyes frummm sothron Gawgeeya . I ate at her restaurant several times way back when before she was famous and she really does talk that way.

  • Thanks for that laugh; I really needed it today! (I love Craig too)

  • Can’t see the clip at work, but for Tori, my husband and I went to “The Big E” a multi-state fair in the Northeast this year and they had a stand selling Fried Butter Balls–I just had to try them, so don’t know if that is exactly what she made, but they are tasty (and go a long way to explaining why we have such weight problems in this country!!!!!)

  • I cannot believe I watched the whole thing…that was so funny and now I am so hungry. I want to try the tea/jam over ham recipe…need to go find it, now!

  • You suspicions are correct, Kay. I met a chef who has known Paula for years and says she did not have a heavy accent then. When she asked about it, Paula told her the network insisted on the ever-more-syrupy accent.

  • That is hilarious and so much raunchier than I was expecting!

  • One of my favorite visual jokes of all time: It’s Paula Deen’s keyboard, y’all!

  • D’oh! The hyperlink isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. Here’s the text of the URL, so you can copy-and-paste it into your browser address bar:
    Sorry, y’all!

  • What a wonderful Christmas present! Thank you! I love Craig Ferguson and I love Paula Deen, and as fun as they are separately, together they were greater than the sum of their parts. (Kind of like a certain dynamic knitting duo…) : )

  • you should read her autobiography. she is as southern as they come!

  • Many thanks. That is a gift to cherish….

  • Oh – Thanks so much for sharing – That was super funny!!!

  • Girl, I can’t thank you enough for posting this one! I surely did need that laugh. Yep, that Paula is “the real deal, y’all.”

    I LOVE this video SO MUCH!!!
    the combo of Craig AND Paula is UN-believable…
    omg. i LOVE them. and together? unstoppable.
    oh geez. my cheeks are sore from laughing so much…
    Happy Holidays!!!

  • omg i want Craig to call me baby and hug me like that… YUM… 😉

  • LOL!!! oh geez. the combo of the two of them is FANTASTIC. GOBBLE BOGGLE.and a very DIRTY Thanksgiving to you too. LOL!!!
    p.s. i’m bookmarking this post.

  • funny you all

  • You appear to be putting on an apotheosis of the weird today and yesterday. The Paula and Craig show was very odd (and yes, her accent seems more Southern than what she was born with, a sort of Clairol blondness of a speech pattern) although charming. The awkward pregnancy photos on the other hand, were positively Gothic. I don’tknow which one was more peculiar, the one with the pregnant woman, the watermelon and the gun or the one with the pregnant woman with her jeans partially undone stealing her husband’s gun.
    This New Yorker realizes that the rest of the country is far far ahead of us in eccentricity.

  • So funny! Thanks so much for posting this and all the recent fun links. Happy Holidays!

  • I can’t tell you how much I needed this thirteen minutes of laughter…thank you SO much for posting it, it saved the day!

  • I watched this last week and it just made me love Craig that little bit more. I’d talk like that if it’d make him hug me!

  • Loved the part when she cuts the cake and Craig pretends its sex! LOL.

  • Too funny – they are great together! Thanks for sharing – Happy Holidays!

  • oh my god, that was hilarious! I have tears running down my face and it’s not even 6:00 in the morning yet. Thanks for that!

  • Keep surfing Kay. You find the best stuff. Still laughing about the pattycake cats and image of Rainn Wilson laughing like an eight-year-old watching it. Everything is funnier with an accent. Animals are particularly hilarious with British ones. Have you seen this? http://www.wimp.com/animalvoiceovers

  • My favorite is when she tries to say the word “oil.” I swear she can make that into three syllables and can make it sound like the word contains every single vowel in English, including the Y.

  • This was a much-needed bright spot in a fairly gloomy day — I laughed so hard I scared the dog and cat! Then, my husband laughed so hard when I showed it to him he scared the dog and cat!
    Thanks, “baby”

  • Thanks for the post, Kay. Craig Ferguson is just too funny anyway and pairing him with Paula is even better.
    Speaking of funny, the following of Jeanne Robertson “Doing the Pasmina Toss” had me in stitches, too. You might enjoy the NYC comments . . .

  • Thanks for the post, Kay. Craig Ferguson is just too funny anyway and pairing him with Paula is even better.
    Speaking of funny, the following of Jeanne Robertson “Doing the Pasmina Toss” had me in stitches, too. You might enjoy the NYC comments . . . http://jeannerobertson.com/MeetingPlannerVideo.htm

  • Kay, I just had a wonderful experience with Purl Soho to pass along. I had ordered Sajou scissors for my sister’s Christmas present in mid-November from another vendor. The order got delayed, and they were not sympathetic about it. So I cancelled that order, turned to Purl Soho. When that shipping got delayed by UPS, they were very empathetic and are even refunding the shipping charge! By the way, the scissors did get here.

  • Thanks for the laugh.

  • This goes very well with k d lang and Dame Edna.

  • My mother was born and raised in Sparta, Tn.
    My childhood was spent in central and northern
    My baby brother’s name is Ed.
    count them – 2 letters, 3 syllables:
    my husband, born and raised in central WY,
    insists he needs closed-captioning for
    family gatherings.
    so, Paula is putting it on a tad, but
    not much…

  • We TiVo Craig every night here. We laughed ourselves into spasms when that aired. If you ever get a chance to see him live, do. Worth every day-um penny.