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  • Um….first?

  • I cast on Citron today, too! Jinx! I got two hanks in cream because I want to wrap it serially to look like an Elizabethan ruff.

  • Also, did you catch Rodarte when it/they were at Target? I got a webby cotton/wool cardigan with a self scarf. I’m always asked if I made it myself.

  • I’m knitting a plum coloured Citron for the Ravlympics ! Does that make me a cool kid too ?
    Great knitting minds, and all that.

  • Oh that Citron, its been running through the New Haven knit mavens like a gallon of spilled OJ. So tempting. What color?

  • I missed the opening ceremonies, I’ll be over in about 25 minutes. 🙂
    You’re on the UWS somewheres, right?
    Anyway, loved the Citron. It was an awesome knit. However, I think that you will be finished with it in only few nights of Olympics watching, so you might wanna queue up another project soon.

  • More Rodarte gaping to be done over at the Cooper-Hewitt – exhibition just opened! If only I could plan my knitting mistakes to come out so hip and chic.

  • I cast on Citron during the Olympic tap dancing last night. The well-aged stash yarn I’m using is called Neveda Woline. It’s blue, and it’s from Holland. I feel very international.
    Go, Team Citron!

  • No Kay, I was just so excited to see that I was the first commentor that all coherent thought left my head and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by even though I had nothing useful to say. Sorry.
    Regarding the Knitting Olympics, I am afraid that I did not spend enough time in training. After casting on my project multiple times with various yarn combinations, I don’t like how it’s turning out. That’s what I get for stupidly thinking that I could just go to the Olymipcs with what is in my stash. Clearly I should’ve scoured the tri-county area yarn shops, bought enough for multiple projects, searched back issues of IK, and swatched like a madperson. I have not given up, though. I just might need to switch events. I don’t want to let Our Dear Harlot down, after all. Is there a cookie-eating Olympics? I’m totally qualified for that.

  • kd lang’s song last night was my favorite part, so bittersweet, so perfect.

  • R2, it was called. And they put out crazy yarn to go with.
    KD Lang, super-fantastico, I agree!

  • Ummm, what does the FRONT of the costume look like?

  • iFloor — perfect name! I don’t only want the iSlate (I can’t cotton to its given name); I want the iFloor as well.
    And k.d.lang’s Hallelujah? Best version of that splendid song, ever. Did you see the quote that called lang’s singing of it “[the song’s] ultimate state of blissful perfection”? (at a previous performance). Yes, yes, yes.
    I love Canadians. I love Canada. I love the Yarn Harlot and Red Green. I’ll stop now.

  • Knitting my first Baby Surprise Jacket for the Olympics. Agree that k.d.lang was terrific.

  • Just had to jump in on the k.d. lovin’. The 16 year-old who sang Oh, Canada wasn’t bad, either.
    Mostly, though, I loved the inclusiveness that flowed throughout the ceremony.

  • I’m lovin’ the Olympics… can’t seem to get enough this year. Too funny, though, I just printed Citron and wound a little lace weight yarn – Mine is red though, I’m looking forward to seeing yours.

  • razzle dazzle jump suit all the way

  • Go Olympics Go!! Not sure I’d be able to WEAR anything by Rodarte, but it is incredible. As is KD Lang, her singing Halleluia and everything else she puts her mind too. Love that phrase, being Canadian, Canadian Genius, Squared!

  • That costume is WONDERFUL!!! Thank you for posting the photo.

  • Would love more details on the Citron to get me distracted from TWISTING my circular cast on for my Olympic knitting. It’s like wiping out on the training run.

  • How do you sew up a hem on a sweater with a contrasting yarn without it showing on the right side of the garment? Bonus Question: Also, how do you get my one year old from getting peanut butter on my knitting?

  • You’re kidding, right? Because Rodarte stuff kinds looks like ass. Reminds me of that whole ‘ratted to shreds Matrix sweater’ phase, only worse.

  • BTW, does anyone have any ideas of what to do with a skein of sock yarn besides making socks? It’s enough for two socks (about 400 yards), and I wish I could use it to make a stole type of shawl.

  • Not to bash Rodarte, but have we finlly found a perfect use for fun fur???

  • I live only an hour from Vancouver, but am enjoying all the peripheral Olympic buzz more. Hint: flaming feet and knitting are a no go. Look for the Sardis drumline and my little chicken pie (the only girl with a snare).

  • I remember R2. It was fun.
    I was just over in Duluth. We drove past a hotel that had a sing up, “Canadians welcome.” I’m not sure where that came from…

  • How about a Rodarte look alike contest?

  • i came out of the bathroom and everyone was standing around, looking awed. “leonard cohen?” i blurted. no, k.d. who sang beautifully and looked wonderful, too. now they need to ask rufus wainwright to sing it for the closing. his version will make you believe in god. 🙂