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  • Congratulations, ladies! I can’t wait.

  • Congratulations! I just found this site recently, and now you two will be responsible for feeding THREE addictions — blogging, knitting, and reading. I can’t wait!

  • What happy news! I seem to recall some sly/slight mention of this in the offing, but now it’s ON! Congrats ~ It couldn’t happen to (or without) two better gals.

  • Congrats, only the rewrites of the rewrites of the rewrites to go! All hail the post it note but true respect to you two….spring 2006 in USA autumn in uk????! Joy to you both.

  • Congratulations Ann and Kay! Y’all’s blog is one of the ones I most look forward to _reading_ (as opposed to just looking at for knitting content), so I am looking forward to the blabbing! And I’ve gotten so much use out of your buttonhole bag pattern–if you’ve got even one pattern in the book that is even half as handy, it will be well worth the price!

  • How very cool. Congratulations to you both. I will be awaiting the publication of this wonderful tome with bated breath!

  • Wow! Mazel Tov! As a writer, photographer and knitter – man I’m jealous on all fronts! I wish you both the best of luck – may you have many, many printings.

  • Wonderful!!

  • Well, congratulations! That’s great!!

  • Congratulations! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!
    Let’s see…subtitle…howzabout “Mason-Dixon Knitting: Across all lines”? OK, maybe not. =)

  • Congratulations! This is all very exciting.

  • It couldn’t have happened to two nicer…(?)… hmmm, nuttier…(?)…well, whatever! And we can say we knew you when!
    Seriously, huge and heartfelt congratulations to you both.

  • Fan-bloody-tastic !
    When can we pre-order ? :0)

  • I’m sure it will be chock full of symbolism, allegory, and iambic pentameter. I have no idea what I’m talking about. But yippee! and congrats! xo

  • Faboo! It will be like Flannery O’Connor, I’m sure, but with more knitting. Yay.

  • So…I’ll expect one for my birthday in June of 2006! I’m totally writing it on my calendar…”book from Kay and Ann”…there…it’s written in ink, so it’s not going anywhere!! Congrats ladies!! I’m so excited for you two!

  • Roll on next Spring! Well done you two – you will have to do a European book-signing tour.

  • Hey!
    that dog’s a Norwegian Elkhound!
    Oh, right — yay, the book!
    But the subtitle’s a give-away:
    The Nation’s Only Bi-Regional Knitting Book.

  • yaaay!! congrats, congrats, congrats! (I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy….) Anne took my suggested subtitle, so perhaps I’ll have to think up another one….

  • Sounds fantastic! I will look forward to reading it. Well done on getting it done and on keeping it hush-hush for so long!

  • Awesome, awesome, clap-clap-clap!

  • finally a birthday present to look forward too!

  • yipee another book, I hope yours is as succescful as the current blog world bookbookbook that everyone is talking about. Keep us posted on a release date. Congratualtions!

  • Congratulations! I can’t imagine that on top of all the knitting you post here, that there’s MORE!? You girls are two busy knitters!

  • Sounds like it’s time to plan a book tour!
    I can’t wait to see the book. Way to go!

  • Cool. Just cool.

  • Holy cow! That’s totally cool. I don’t know how you kept it secret this long. I can’t wait to see it.

  • Wow, how cool- congratulations! Wasn’t it hard to keep it under wraps? Wish I’d been your photographer. I’m looking forward to getting my copy! -gale (she shoots sheep shots)

  • Congratulations! What a nice surprise to find you are going to have a book coming out. Waiting impatiently already!

  • incroyable! fantastique! vive ann! vive kay! vive MDK!

  • Wow, congratulations! I am glad I didn’t have to scotch-tape those pictures, but I will certainly look forward to seeing them all in place! Mason-Dixon Knitting: Pass the knitting water! (Snappy subtitle??)
    Well done!
    Mary de B

  • Completely awesome!

  • Mason-Dixon Knitting
    Crossing the Line Between Cool & Classic
    Congrats on the book deal!

  • Mason-Dixon Knitting
    Crossing the Line Between Cool & Classic
    Mason-Dixon Knitting
    Crossing the Line Between Classic & Cool

  • Sign me up for a book from the initial printing! Signed! Delighted for you! Come to my house when you do the Chicago tour okay? I have a lovely screened porch and you can relax here (and maybe knit with me!)

  • Ohhhh, and CP do some verra nice, shiny but not too shiny books. A perfect fit for MDK.

  • Yaay! A book! I love books. I bet it’ll be a great success 🙂

  • that is SO cool!
    mazel tov!!

  • Hoooray! Can’t wait to add all the blabbing that’s fit to print to
    my Library!

  • I’ll buy it!

  • Ann SO wrote this entry. it’s got her stamp of understatement all over it.
    Anywho, I’m so glad you’re out with the secret now so I can talk about it on my site (’cause all three of my fans might have blown your cover!! I mean, it’s the Smoking Gun of the Knitting Establishment, no?). I’ve been reSTRAINing myself for lo these months now since the Sew-Up Bee in Nashvegas. We are so happy for ya’ll. The Yarn Harlot AND the Mason-Dixon crew all in the same YEAR?? It’s too much. I can’t stand it. Someone fix me a Bloody Mary.
    Mason-Dixon Knitting
    Way More Fun Than the Civil War
    or how ’bout this
    Mason-Dixon Knitting
    Knitting a Nation Together
    or this
    Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Book
    They Sure Have Been Wasting A Lot of Time on This

  • Hey, whaddya mean you didn’t meet until you had a book deal? Weren’t you, like, childhood friends from somewhere interesting, or college roommates cruelly separated by fate and jobs and stuff? Oh my…

  • I believe I congratulated you at our lunch in Nashville but now I get to do it publicly and to both of you! I can’t wait till I can plug it into my Amazon pre-purchase. Bask in it girls – bask.

  • Well, first of all many congratulations!
    I have authored a large manual in my chosen discipline (OT)I can certainly vouch for how much hellish work it can be, especially the author queries (once you have the draft done and you think you’re on the finish line and on the road to fame and acclaim, then come the AQ’s…). I must say, on a different note, I have been in the process since I started lurking and occasionally commenting on knitting blogs (I started with yours and now spend most of my time on Norwegian and Swedish blogs, neither of which can I read but it’s alot of fun…still visit you weekly) that my blog reading has lead me to try to believe that just because something’s in cyber space doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, on some tangible level. By morphing into authors in print, you’ve turned this intangible thing into something tangible. Once again, you’re forcing me to change my perspective! Good for you! (I had a hard time when libraries went from card to online catalogs too, I’m a strong believer in paper!) But I gotta ask: did you get your contract because some editor was impressed with your blog?
    Skol! Wendy in Massachusetts

  • Oh Kay & Ann! Congratulations. Over and over again – congrads! How exciting. Now we, your faithful blog following, will have to share you with the whole world. And I just know the whole world will love you two, too.

  • Hurrah! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months, and it’s not just your superb craftiness that keeps me coming back–it’s your sense(s?) of humor and the great way you have of putting things, that way that makes me think, “That’s exactly the clever way I would want to talk about fainting goats/kiri shawl April Fool’s jokes/brilliant Lent sacrifices/etc.”
    I can’t wait for the book!

  • Ladies, all I can say is that I wish I could go to New York and Nashville RIGHT NOW to give you both big bear hugs and a bottle of champas to pop. This is so exciting! Huzzah!

  • Congrats and well done Ladies!!

  • Huge congrats! You made it – Imagine the excitement when you have that first copy in your hands! Next Autumn in the UK seems like a long way away but it’ll be worth the wait!

  • Hurrah, well done etc. etc. I know it’ll be fantastic! love Belinda

  • Oh, that’s just wonderful! Congratulations! 🙂

  • That is brilliant news, well deserved congratulations. Your family and friends don’t know how lucky they are to be able to receive this gift over and over again! 😉

  • How about-
    Mason-Dixon Knitting: Crossing the Line?
    Still cool.

  • How WONDERFULL!! I can hardly wait for your book. Mason-Dixon Knitting: America’s Finest Blogfest/Mason-Dixon Knitting: Knitting and Purling American Style. Well, good luck and God Bless!!

  • OMFG!!!! Mason Dixon on my bedside table! Ann and Kay in my knitting bag! I love to read! I love to knit! A book! I am so proud. Like everyone is asking….when can I pre-order? and I am not joking to make you feel good either

  • Wow! That’s fantastic! (No, SUPERFANTASTIC!) Happy, great, superfanastic news. But wow. You gals are wayyyy to sneaky for your own good.
    Why not keep the subtitle simple: North. South. Knit. Purl.

  • I had to sleep on it, but here it is:
    Mason-Dixon Knitting: Some Gray, Some Blue, All Hooty-Hoo!
    xoo, c.

  • WOW, well done, congratulations to Ann and Kay. Can’t wait until it comes out.
    Love, Mabel the pro.
    You two are great.

  • Congratulations! Now I will have something portable when I need a Mason-Dixon Knitting cleverness fix. Will it include some of my favortie lines such as,
    “Where there is a hat for Maggie, verily there shall be a hat for Paul. Not that Paul likes hats. Paul likes Justice. Paul likes Inter-Sibling Equity. I am a sibling myself. I share these time-honored values. No problem.”
    “I had Joseph with me, due to Spousal Failure To Make Self Useful this past weekend.” 3/5/05

  • My LYS is Needles and Pins, London, Ontario, Canada. Put it on the book tour, oh please put it on the tour.

  • Yeay!!!!
    Huge congratulations to you both! Can’t wait to get my hands on to the finished (published) article!

  • At last! This will be a guaranteed classic, destined for many reprintings. And then you will have to change the tag line from Kay’s husband.
    (Nope, this is a career, buddy. I have an actual FOLLOWING…)

  • Congrats ladies!! Can’t wait to see the final product…book tour in Florida, maybe?

  • Bless your little hearts. If you could see me, you would be surprised at how puffed up with pride I am just to know you two.
    Brilliance, fabulousness..and it couldn’t happen to more deserving knitters. Don’t bother giving me one for my birthday. I’ll have bought my own three by then.

  • OMGosh! Congratulations!!! Y’all have to bring the book tour to Dallas. The Dallas S&B will love y’all. My church Yarn Guild will love y’all. My MeetUp group will love y’all. Come on down!!!

  • The blogiverse is exploding with literature! Harlot, Wendyknits, youse guys….I am so happy that you are all getting published. Not that WE don’t appreciate you more than you know, but there’s something about being published that lets the whole darn world appreciate you!

  • Wow, what fun news today! I’ve been reading the blog for just a few months and it never fails to amuse, inform, and inspire. I’m only disppointed when there aren’t more frequent posts–and now we know why! Tickled pink, I am.

  • I have read your blog since I started reading blogs about 6 months ago – it is so fantastic. And now, to think, there is a book on the way. How absolutely amazing for you (& for me since I get to buy the book).

  • oh, how i *heart* you mason-dixon girls! and now i don’t have to fish around to try to find out whether valentina knows before i blow anyone’s cover! all the best as always – xoxo, heather.

  • Great news! Whom do I have to bribe how much to get my copy autographed by the two of you?

  • Excellent. Looking forward to reading a GOOD knitting book.

  • Congratulations and cheers! We will all be popping corks when that one hits the bookstores, won’t we?
    I used to work at a book publisher and I must say, those sticky notes look *mighty* familiar! LOL
    Now. Exactly which cities will be on your book tour?

  • No effin way! I am so excited for the two of you. I thought there was a suspicious air about the place recently…
    For the subtitle? Well, I always crack up at the little subtitle quotes from your husbands up top of the blog.

  • Yippee! Congrats! 🙂
    My favourite suggestion for the subtitle is this:
    “Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Book
    They Sure Have Been Wasting A Lot of Time on This”
    By Rachel
    😀 😀 😀

  • Well, now. If it’s the first time you’ve been published – way to go, ladies. If not, even more kudos and now you could take it easy and walk over broken glass. Remind your editors you are the meal ticket, I promise you as one it will be sobering in a zen-like way. Other houses should have such authors. Will pre-order as soon as the title comes up.

  • I cannot wait to see this book – and i LOVE these subtitles! Annhb

  • Y’all have no idea how hard it’s been for me to keep my mouth shut about this! I’m not a mouth-shutting kind of girl… WooHOO!!! I cannot wait to see it, read it and knit it! And give it to all my knitter friends for their birthdays! Congratulations!!!

  • ….it’s ALMOST like giving birth…..spring ’06 can’t come fast enough…..you’ve made us all deliriously joyful! bear hugs!

  • Congratulations (again and again and again)!! I can’t wait for the book signing party in NYC. Hey- do you need proof-readers? I think I know about a hundred people who would be happy to help. 😉

  • Yay – that is just so exciting! I cannot wait to see what you came up with..

  • Clarkson Potter – woohoo! Hang in there, this will be soooo worth it. Looking forward to Spring 2006.

  • Mason Dixon Knitting
    Knitting a Nation Together

  • Super exciting news!!! Congratulations.

  • Congratulations! Y’all have got a great bog, I’m sure the book will be fabulous!

  • Congratulations, y’all!
    I’ve enjoyed your friendly style of writing and general exploits. Much luck to you both.

  • I’m so happy for both of you. It’s like family! may I be the third person to buy your book on Amazon. Can’t wait to put my order in for your book!
    Just love my Buttonhole bag. People commnet on it everytime I wear it!

  • Holy Red Heart Batman!!! This is so exciting. Congrats to you both. And I can just say one thing….I’m jealous of the office supplies!
    Lookin’ forward to seeing the finished project.

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