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  • Glad you asked what the stuff in the middle is. I suspect it’s from the Maryland State Flag, the arms of the Calvert (the black and yellow) and Crossland (the red and white) families. More information is available here:

  • The curlicues are, of course, yarn: Donegal Tweed two-ply creeping toward the north, Handknit DK heading south.
    Teep, you’re a living doll! I love this SO MUCH.

  • Yes! And that colorful ball in the middle is Noro! or Koigu! Get the graphics department on it, stat. Xox Kay

  • Yup, looks like the Maryland state flag, but it’s a bit hard to see since they have it in a round badge format. In “heraldese”, this design is “Maryland, State of
    Quarterly: 1 and 4 paly of six Or and sable, a bend counterchanged; 2 and 3 quarterly argent and gules, a cross bottony counterchanged”

  • Kay, I see Michelle beat me to it, but I can promise you more mitred squares. They`re great fun!

  • I have to ask about the beautiful bit of knitting that is 3rd item down on today’s found objects section. What is it, and may I please have it?!!
    My kids and I are knitting squares for you, please be patient – and maybe a bit forgiving.

  • Alison, and everybody, you can read about the Found Objects by clicking on the dates at the bottom of the column. We keep meaning to fix that up so it’s a bit more user-friendly.
    We try not to miss any opportunities to blab.
    As for patience and forgiveness, Ann and I are the very soul of both of those virtues, if we do say so ourselves. We shall expect no square before its time. We shall appreciate all squares in their unique handmadeness. Thrilled to hear that kids are knitting squares. I don’t have quite enough patience, yet, to teach my 7 year old. Neither does she.
    Love, Kay

  • Hey one of You Mason Dixon girls please EMAIL me and let me know where i need to send the squares i have to.

  • Anne–you maniac! You never cease to blow my mind. Way to parse that heraldry.

  • Love the mitered square, you must give it the same attention as the Log Cabin, if only so we can see you document the progress!

  • Ms. Kay, Ms. Ann and fellow Mason-Dixon Knitting fans: Found Objects have now been made user-friendly 🙂
    Your Digital Handywoman