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  • But if you put the bags of crap in the bin, you’ll lose your camera cable. A really smart person would have put them in the bin on the mountain. I am never that smart person. Neither am I good at putting stuff in the bin! x x x

  • Being in the same boat, I have decided that it is high time my boys learned some life skills (other than the one they have mastered, which involves Mom doing everything…who’s fault would that be?). So, I have made each of them a list of what needs to be done to get ready for school (effectively delegating a large chunk of my To Do list – yea!)and now it is their job to be ready or not — and my job to deal with it and not cave in. There is joy and pain in this, as in most of parenthood. We’ll see how it goes…

  • yes, that coat is dreamy.
    Welcome back!

  • Not to take anything away from that Missoni coat, but if anyone who weighs more than, say, 80 pounds were to wear it, she would look like a tank/blimp/Michelin Man.

  • Wow… that is a GORGEOUS coat! would you have to be tall and skinny to wear it?!

  • Unfortunately, I won’t be knitting the coat. Horizontal strips just don’t do a thing for me! LOL! There are no children at my house but I can attest to the same malaise at my house and the homes of friends.

  • I wonder how that coat would look if it was knit sideways (with vertical chevron stripes) . . . Someone needs to work on that.

  • I’m willing to take on a wide scarf version which of course is no where near the same but it’s a realistic goal.
    I once knit a kimono for my daughter who said she wanted a robe like a blanket for reading. Needless to say the $300 robe is on the floor of her closet.

  • Did you know I am cooking up a Mis-phoni wrap? Did I tell you that, or are we just that finely attuned? Which would be scary.
    And remember that you can probably snag that coat for 50-70 percent off if you bide your time. (Don’t do the math–it’s still a lot.) I hate to break it to people but I’ve tried on Missoni coats and you actually don’t have to be skinny to look good in them. They just look great. The coat wears you. The gauge is so fine that it kind of floats. I almost bought one by accident last January. 70 percent off! No kidding! But it was still a lot, so restraint was applied.

  • That coat reminds me of a wrap dress that I saw many moons ago. Getting kidlets to organize can be a royal pain,high school age or college. Going through that now.

  • Why does the green and gray chevron stripes remind me of another knitted item? Volt? Cashmere? Endless I-cord? Remember? Anyone?

  • A larger size would bring activists against the misuse of alpaca.
    I never store good items in garbage bags since my sister (accidentally) threw out my (extra) stuffies when I was eight and making room for her to move back home.

  • What’s with the can’t ship to Canada business? It’s like they are saying if you’re Canadian we expect you to be able to knit it yourself! Great coat, though.

  • Wow, that coat looks like a giant coat version of the jaywalker sock pattern! Love it:)

  • Holy shiza! I wonder if the pattern is in Purl Bee’s newest book. Companion coat to the chevron scarf maybe? 🙂

  • Yes, the coat is lovely. Yes, the coat looks best on a human coat hanger. But I would bet that she has nothing on but maybe underwear under it, and it is hot under the lights. Alpaca. This may contravene the UN sanctions on torture. After all, the coat and the way to wear it were not the model’s idea, and the poor thing is probably hungry, to boot. Waiter, we need a little justice here!

  • No kids, but the ones here have already gone back to school so no lists left to do, just lots of studying. Overheard a co-worker who stated that with the high temps and humidity we were having, at least her son would have something constructive to do during the day now that didn’t involve a day devoted to the play station. Love the coat BTW. 🙂

  • In 17 days (yes, I’m counting) I will, officially, become an “Empty-Nester.” I. Am. So. Ready. So. . . sorry. No help from me on the gearing-up for school front. (But that coat is gorgeous!)

  • If one could and would knit the coat, the size range they list would provide me with a wrap-style legwarmer!

  • I love the chevron stripes in the Missoni coat, and the soft colors. It reminds me of the Taos Diagonal Jacket pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns. It’s no “fits-like-a-dream” luxury coat, but it’s got a nice look.
    Or maybe you should wait for Kay’s “Mis-phoni” pattern?

  • It is beautiful!
    I could knit it – not by hand, of course. But the mental exercise of working it out for the ‘hand loom’ would be fun. I have knitted a dress in that lace pattern in the past and it was a big hit. You do have excellent taste.

  • The coat is OK (“crappola” was the first word that came to mind when seeing the color arrangement–but I digress).
    What I would like to know is: was it knit on a machine? How much wool to hand knit it? What size needles? What brand of wool? and Do Knit Picks & Etsy carry comparable yarns? How much yarn would it take? etc., etc., etc.
    Ann, quick as you can,get to those pictures of YOUR projects, girl! I think I’d find them more exciting.

  • correct you do not have to do anything
    to enjoy a fine garment nor be tall
    or anything at all look dream tis all
    as we used to say it don’t cost money to go gawking – lots of ideas in just this one coat
    i think ann needs to go on vacation soon

  • The knit fabric looks slightly felted. Has anyone seen it in real life?

  • Know just how you feel-yesterday was back to school haircuts(seriously, the boys had to be able to SEE the blackboard) and buying school supplies-sigh, put me in a mope.

  • Right on Ann, and Eliz A! Great inspiration.

  • What a beautiful coat! Thanks for pointing it out. I could probably knit it for less than 3 grand.

  • I dunno – it’s nice and all, but kind of bathrobey looking.

  • I’ve been looking for paste wax, and am having a hard time finding it. Do you have any recommendations on where I should look? Thanks!

  • OMG, what a yummy coat! I’ll get right on that 🙂

  • The coat is beautiful, I am tempted someone volunteer to write the pattern!

  • According to the “Modern Size Guide” attached to that Missoni coat, we must lose half an inch in our busts and waists and a FULL INCH in our hips.
    Oh, and apparently XL women are simply no longer allowed.
    Must be the stripes…

  • Welcome back! If it is back to school time then Rhinebeck must be right around the corner!

  • The Missoni sweater was probably done on German knitting machines. Stoll (in the garment dist. of NYC.) sells these machines to schools, etc. and also have free tours of the facilities. It is an amazing place. Director is Beth Hofer and I had an amazing time there last spring. I think it’s on 37th or 39th st. A designer will come in with his design, talk to the people there about what he wants, provide the yarns, and usually in less than an hour the sample is done!! The pattern is programmed in to these huge knitting machines and a very capable person operates it. There are also linking machines there that put all the knitwear together. There is also an archive area where all their samples are stored. Nothing is for sale but they do 2 collections per year. No copies please. These machines are used all over the world by companies who produce the knitwear we see in lots of places. T Check it out!!
    Elaine in Chicago

  • Vera, Vera – oh, the memories. Somewhere, somewhere, I have some embroidery kit hand towels, partially completed of that very bit of fern and assorted vegetative greenery… Darn good job too, if un-completed… If Vera’s coming back, must find them!

  • Over $3000 for a coat that looks like it was made from a 1960s chevron stripe afghan? I think I’ll pass.
    IMO that’s a sad waste of alpaca.