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  • You guys are really too wonderful. What an inspiring speech to signify the month’s end. Do you really have over a thousand squares already? That’s amazing. I’m going to Alaska in July and I’d like to assist in your quest to include a square for the state. If I knit and send it from there, does it count? Keep up the great work!

  • dear marnie! i hope to be the very first to say congrats, kudos, and hurrah for being the lovely recipient of the yarn-‘o-the-month! enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this windfall…. and continue to think “square-ness” during all creative moments. carolyn

  • Damn ! My two measly squares didn’t even make it in time for the April drawing. I knew posting them two days before the deadline was too late. Well, at least somebody else was there to represent France. I may be able to post some squares from the West Indies later in the month, and add a little more color on the map.
    Alas for the felted tweed, hooray for the Magpie ! And congratulations to Marnie.

  • My friend from Hawaii is visiting next month. I will use persuasion, trickery, or force to get her to learn to knit and make a square.
    Congratulations to Marnie! Congratulations to all the beautiful-square-knitters. I have checked in every day to see the latest offerings. It is always such a happy moment.

  • Me?
    But … I’m flabbergasted. I’m stunned. I’m so grateful. Did I mention that I am stunned?
    Did I mention that I wasn’t a bit interested in winning anything until I saw this month’s yarn, and suddenly realized how it would bring out my green eyes? Did I mention that I’d given up on that fond hope because so many great people sent in squares? Did I mention my sad lack of funds to actually buy yarn for a nice sweater for myself?
    Did I mention what a bad day I was having until now?
    I promise to be good for the rest of my life. I promise to clean my room and feed Fluffy and pick up my Legos without being told. I promise to knit another giant stack of squares and withhold my name from future drawings. I promise to make myself something really nice and send you a picture.
    Hmm, cardigan …
    Stunned but grateful in Canada,

  • Hey guys,
    Ok I’m from Hawaii but live in the UK now, does that count? if so you gotta square baby

  • Leya, I was thinking the same thing. (I’m also from Hawaii and now live somewhere else.) For a moment last night, I actually considered knitting a square, mailing it to my mom and having her send it in. Just for the postmark and the good of the cause. We must fill in the map! (Doesn’t this demonstrate how persuasive Kay is?)

  • Nothing from NJ??!! I might just have to hop on the band wagon!

  • NC will be in the red next month, promise!

  • Oh, I forgot to mention that Moxie (my version of hubbie) and I are honeymooning in Italy (or as I like to call it – “Knitaly”) this summer, so we can send a square from there! I also have an upcoming trip to Vegas which will put Nevada on the map and will likely find myself in Arizona, too. We need to be creative girls! (and boys, if you’re out there!) Take advantage of business travel and layovers!

  • How’s this? My mom taught me to knit and sew/quilt at 5 in FL. I continued to knit/sew and started to accumulate stash (you’re never too young!)as we moved to KS, HI, Japan, and back to KS for HS and college (with summers in NJ, CO, KY, MD, NC, and WA where I met future hubster). Married, moved stash and selves to GA (#1 son born), OH, Germany (accumulated 2 daughters, many lovely needles, fabric, and beautiful cotton and wool yarns – some right from the neighborhood sheep!), CA (hubster grad school, Bay Area yarn shops, #2 son, 2 trips to HI w/knitting), NY (#3 daughter, dog, 2 cats), KS, AK via Canada (#3 son, knit lots of mittens and dog booties) and back to NY (#4 daughter, first 3 in college, next 3 play hockey, youngest is 3 and LOVES fiber-already has small stash, knit/quilt to stay sane and to stay warm at hockey rinks-name one w/in 2 hrs of NYC metro area-yeah, I’ve been there). So, 2 squares I sent you were knit in NY, on needles purchased in Germany, with Soviet-Maine yarn, pulled from a stash with the accumulated knitting karma from all of the above named places (and the states and countries travelled thru to get there). Start coloring map squares!! Seriously, my sister shipped out to Afghanistan yesterday and I’m sending warmth and love to the Afghanis in the hope that it will be returned in kind to the troops and aid workers in Afghanistan so that my sister and other soldiers like her (possibly my oldest son in the next few months) can return home safely. (OK-and the possibility of adding cool yarn to my stash helps too!) Thanks Ann and Kay.

  • Wow, a thousand? There is a LOT of stitching up to be done at those sew-up bees, isn’t there? I’m guessing you may need to do more than one day’s worth!
    Oh, and Ann, many belated kudos on taking the two-handed plunge. Isn’t it amazing when you teach your hands new tricks? In her “Magnificent Mittens” book (which has this amazing two needle, figure 8 cast-on that ultimately leads you to the stunning, angora-lined mittens, thoroughly addictive both in the knitting and the wearing) Anna Zilboorg has a great quote: “What is needed is patience, perserverance, and kindness. Talk to your fingers as you would to a dog you were trying to train to sit up while he was sure you meant roll over. They’ll catch on and you’ll be delighted.” I always reflect on that quote when I’m trying something new in knitting.

  • Whoa, Nellie!!!! We do not yet have anything close to 1000 squares. I think I threw everybody off by listing that 1352nd thing I like about knitting. We have close to 300 total, with 200 and change that arrived in the month of March. Mighty impressive if you ask me, or if you look at the overflowing laundry basket that represents March alone.
    I like the idea of all this flying around to post squares from exotic locations, and I LOVE the idea of getting somebody you know who is already there to send in an authentic, all-natural, no hormones or antibiotics square from that State, Province or Country.
    Like, Nebraska and Kansas, home of My People: whassup with them? Do they not knit or know knitters? Are they unteachable, these Nebraskans and Kansans? Are they lacking in dexterity? Surely there are some Scarlet Squares to be had from the land of Go Big Red! (Remember, no figurative representations of people or animals, so please keep Harry Husker at home!)
    On a personal note: my beloved computer, which I’ve had for only 6 months or so, has died. Dell is coming to fix it on Monday. Until then, I am relegated to a woefully inadequate laptop with no CD Rom and therefore no software for me to post pictures. So there will be a brief Intermission in the Square Dance Show. Go out to the kitchen and make yourself a sandwich or something. Squares will resume on Tuesday or Wednesday, if all goes well. I may also be slow in responding to emails. Sorry everybody! Love, Kay

  • Since my state gets bad publicity all the time I’m here to represent! Chads not withstanding, FLORIDA squares are coming soon!!
    Great job ladies! Those Afghans will be snug and stylish soon!
    PS – I made a *special* square just for you, Ann 😛

  • Lots of squares, lots of mattress stitching to be done!
    Congrats to everyone who is far less tardy than me for getting those squares in – the Found Objects side bar is a sight to behold!
    Ann- belated congrats on the two handed non-tangled fair-isle technique, I’m sure you’ll be up to full speed with both hands & not a knotty twisted bobbin mess in sight, in next to no time!
    p.s. I’ve only got another 6 weeks of ante-natal beached whale status left (then it should be post-natal beached whale status! -I’m afraid to go to the beach in case the coastguard gets called out!)and I’m almost ready to start making the curtains for the babe’s room – his blankie’s half done so that nesting thing is starting to happen!

  • Debi–Whenever you get to feeling bad about Florida, just thank goodness there’s Alabama, the state of my birth.
    Maybe I’ll go visit the old stomping grounds and have a knitting moment.
    Kay, your map gives me the perfect reason to hit the road: square manufacturing in exotic locales. I am not seeing one square from the Caribbean.
    x0x0x0 and lots of square love to everybody who’s working on a square!

  • I`m ashamed to see that Norway is still plain white on your map. I`ll be on my way to the post office asap.

  • kay…. i heartily sympathize with you re your computer having a complete tizzy… resulting in a major breakdown. i’ve been there numerous times,…. but i’ve never used the so-called “help-line”, and instead simply yell out into the universe, “HELP!!… is anybody out there?” fortunately, having lived with 3 engineers of various ages and descriptions, and lots of maleness and left-brainedness in the household…. someone eventually comes to my rescue, presses a bunch of buttons, unplugs all the cords and wires, practically removes the entire motherboard… and voila!… clicks, bleeps, and burbles resume, and i’m back to “square” one!… moral of story: to relieve future anguish, please be sure to train one of your dearest little urchins in computer savvyness! hugs and love!

  • Heh heh… the squares from Alabama have been sitting in my car for nigh on two weeks now, just waiting for me to drag myself by the post office. You’ll get them soon!(ish) 😉 I love the maps.

  • 300 SQUARES ALREADY !!!! oh – my – god ! I am hyperventilating at the thought of the design decisions you’re going to have make to put these babies together. How are you planning to do it you two ??
    Carefully selected by colour tone / texture / stitch ? Or blind-folded dip into the basket and start crocheting ? Or chuck them all on the floor and see where they land ? Will send valium and whisky with my bundle of squares ….
    Heather x

  • …. I’m also ashamed that Sweden is not on there yet. I guess it is according to where we currently live and not nationality???
    My squares are currently holidaying in a padded envelope in the west village, waiting for my friend to post them off to you… Hopefully they will be with you soon, so Sweden can be represented too!!

  • You’ll be able to fill Vermont in this month. I didn’t get my square to you in March (tho’ it was finished then), but I’ll get it to you this month! (along with a few more too.)

  • Ok, Ok!
    Alaska will happen soon!
    There’s plenty of us knitters up here… and plenty online too. I’ll see what I can do. I know I’ve plenty of yarn ends just waiting to be knit up.
    Keep up the great work everyone!

  • freaky – i’m the first one in the office today. am beginning to wonder if we have a holiday, and nobody told me…
    congratulations on your stack o’ squares, i am beginning to get really excited about how these afghans are going to look. (yes, yes, i am a nerd. but excitement it is.) i am soon going to be hosting a “tricot-the” at my home (that would be in Montreal), and i think that knitting squares for the afghanalong would be a swell theme for a first encounter. any suggestions from hose who have organized knitting circles would be most welcome: i.e. proposing patterns for knitalongs, the pros and cons of serving caffeinated beverages to knitters, what to do with one’s own children when inviting a host of knitters into your home, etc. etc. etc.

  • Okay, at least one from New Hampshire will be there soon!

  • I can get you Oklahoma if’n ya want it.

  • hey, i just found your blog today and noticed you’re doing Afghans for Afghans as well. I’ve been knitting little neon green wool hats like crazy, and hopefully i’ll get to mail them out soon! i’ll check your entires for info on these squares and maybe send a couple your way, but i would redden the map any as i am in Berkeley…