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  • Hi Kay
    The Bricklayer is looking good!.
    I’ve carried a mini-Mag-lite on my keyring for years and have a climber’s headlamp (on elastic) in the car so that I can see to knit on all those late night journey’s in the car. It’s great as I can even change the beam intensity! Now you know how certifiable I am!!

  • Now I want a climber’s headlamp for when I sit outside,knitting,at 2 a.m. The neighbours already think I’m crackers !
    Kay,you look so happy in your sun hat,knitting on the beach.Sigh.The nights are starting with that autumn chill thing.Soon be time to sit knitting and roasting [!] in front of an open fire.Reminds me ,must call the sweep out.
    Bricklayer is beautiful.It echoes that sparse,pure simplicity of quilts made from cast-off cothes.Utilitarian beauty,no less.

  • oh, kay!! the loretta pettway tribute looks fantastic!! i can see the steps, even on the lighter shades of the denimin. high fives all around, a victory dance, and a glass of lillet in celebration.
    wish that someone in the family had snapped a picture of you, mag lite in mouth, knitting in the dark like a trooper in the bergmobile on the long island expressway!! would you be willing to do a recreation of this moment so that i can snap a photo for your readers?
    and yvonne….where can we all get the miners hat? and more importantly, will it fit over my big head covered in curly hair?

  • Kay–Good Lord. You must have a constitution of steel: KNITTING in a CAR in the WAY BACK? I come from a long line of queasy travelers, and the thought of knitting in the throw-up seat way back just about puts me over the edge. I managed to knit on our Road Trip Pawleys 2003 only because of proximity to freezing cold air conditioning pointed directly at me. I bow to your greater fortitude.
    Mag-lite. Has to be the cutest disaster aid anywhere. I won’t tell if you get a miner’s headlamp. But you have to promise not to tell that I got one, too.
    x0 A.

  • I love that blanket. It’s looking fabulous! I am really jealous that you get to knit in the car. Husband tells me that he is concerned that I may impall myself in an accident, however, I have a sneaking suspicion that he is more concern about me impalling him!

  • Wow at it all. AND! This is the first time I’ve seen someone knitting on the beach. I wanna try that, tooooooooo.

  • Ya know, Becky, you have got to get with the beach-knitting program. On the day this picture was snapped, a lady behind me was knitting something very eyelashy (I averted my eyes so as not to upset my Yorkshire-tinged Rowan sensibilities), while a woman one umbrella over was cross-stitching (I debated whether interrupting her for a quick interview for the blog). The technique is simple: Plant self under umbrella. Apply SPF Whatever. Assign someone else to chase children. Dig feet into sand. Knit. Enjoy. xox Kay

  • Yvonne–I hope I won’t insult you if I say that I’m not one bit surprised to learn that, on occasion, you wear a light on your head. You are a true visionary. I will walk tall into the sporting goods store, and not even pretend that I intend to use my head-light for cave exploration. ‘It’s for knitting in the dark–you gotta problem with that?’ Love, Kay

  • Go get a head torch – they’re fantastic things – great for those I-don’t-care-if-it’s-November-I-want-barbequed-chicken-for-tea nights, and for searching out the log pile after dark, besides the “normal” camping things. Ideal for reading in bed & knitting in the car too! not v. glam but for Lis, they definitely fit over a mop of curls (well they fit over mine anyway & on frizz-days I look like Crystal Tips).

  • crystal tips? who the heck is that?

  • Beautiful blanket, Kay! I was really disappointed not to get a personal look at your Gee’s Bend inspiration, but I’ve not made it to NYC since 2/02. Knitty Amy wrote about wearing one of those headlamps in the Toronto blackout, and only days later my driving brother handed me one from his bag as I knitted in the dark. He’s a gadgety videographer, prone to such tools, but it’s good to hear I won’t be alone if I get one of my own!

  • Crystal Tips & Alistair … a children’s cartoon,early 70’s.Alistair was the dog,Crystal Tops the little girl with BIG hair.Ut was very ‘yelow submarune’ style animation.Very Peter Blake – he was a great lecturer ! Did a print making course with him.If only I could afford a press etc. Rather miss making etchings.
    You did ask,dear Lis.

  • Kay, If you are certifiable, then I am in very good company. I always knit in the car at night, though I don’t yet have the Mag-Lite.I just keep turning on the overhead light every time I need to see. And as for knitting on the beach, I lived on a Caribbean island for ten years and always knit on the beach. Topless, no less!

  • Topless!! You go Louise!! Totally unscientific MDK Poll: How many topless knitters out there? I mean in public of course.
    Talk about your subcultures!

  • Louise: Whoa. You top ’em all. Or not.

  • My needlepointing friend got a headlamp for Christmas, specifically for needlepointing. Yes, I do have craft stuff envy.

  • O.K. ,apparently I’ve nothing better to do :
    Crystal Tipps – a girl whose hair my own very closely resembled in my prime !

  • Emma–The rude thing a New Yorker would say is, ‘GET A JOB!!’ But I, for one, think you provide a valuable public service and cultural enrichment!! Love, Kay