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  • Oh that chocolate yumminess looks oh so very . . . yummy. πŸ™‚ We can’t wait to see you both out here on the west coast. It looks like ya’ll are having the most fun. The tour looks like reason enough to want to write a book!

  • Whoopie pies! by mail? blasphemy! I make my own. An indescribable pain in the butt, but I get requests from birthday girls every year. Interesting that my recipe is from an old craft mag compilation book.

  • I’ll bet you guys are glad to be resting at home for a bit. Homemade whoopie pies are THE best. I’ll even make you some if you’ll just come to Boston.

  • I’ll make more whoopie pies (Boston area Whoopie Pie bake off, Carole?) if you come to Boston.

  • Oh my! I love fried corn! Aren’t veggies so much better dipped in batter and thrown into boiling oil?! Mmm…mmm!

  • Forget about the food. Check out the YUMMY yarn display behind Kay & The Giant Quilt. Wow!

  • I may be a heartland girl now but I grew up in Maine and make a mean whoopie pie myself. Yumm… (Though that one does indeed look delish!!)
    You two are having way too much fun on this trip!

  • Dear Kay & Ann,
    I loved meeting you two @ Threaded Bliss. What a fun night!
    That yummy display of yarn behind Kay and the Mother of All Quilts is Cascade 220.

  • Cascade 220, isn’t that the yarn for the PERFECT SWEATER???? Anyway, fried corn looks way better than fried twinkies, that is all I have to say.

  • Am looking forward to you guys hitting Kansas, I hope to be there!

  • A whoopie pie! THAT’S what I need. No, it would be too messy. Because….
    *ahem* I just got my BOOK. And I’m in LOVE. Can’t stop reading and giggling. I love you guys. LOVE.

  • Whoopie pies and fried corn on the cob? This will teach me to read your blog when I’m hungry.

  • You guys look like you are having tons of fun on your book tour! After getting your book, I have started making tons of dish cloths.
    I do have one request though, come to the Boston-Providence area! We would love to have you!

  • Yikes–deep fried corn on the cob?! I thought deep fried Twinkies at MSW were crazy! Did they taste like cream corn with a coating, or what?
    I’m enjoying living your book tour through your entries–thanks for giving us a peek behind the scenes!

  • This weekend, I feel into a dishcloth-knitting trance and couldn’t get out. It was wonderful. Just wanted y’all to know that your attempts at converting the masses via your beautiful new book totally worked.
    Don’t know if I can fully embrace the fried corn-on-the-cob though. Bless your heart for trying that!

  • Wow, that whoopie pie looks fantastic – EVERYthing looks fantastic! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  • I hope you’re working your way west …

  • Ladies, I just BLEW my diet looking at that pic of the whoopie pies. Yes, even though they’re quartered and have cute little toothpick thingies in them, they have somehow managed to jump off the page and attach themselves to my ass. ‘scuse me, as I must go shower before I try to sit on the couch and knit.

  • You know it’s bad when you have to “cut” the Whoopie Pie with an RC. Still trying to get that fried corn film off of my teeth….

  • I loved meeting ya’ll Friday night at Threaded Bliss. I’m the one who brought the baby πŸ™‚ anyway, I’m loving the book and you almost sold me on the linen. Not quite there yet though. I definitely want to do a log cabin something soon!

  • Meanies~! Am off solid food due to toothy ishs. Deep fried corn? Must be yummy!!

  • Whoopie what?

  • egads. is there anything you southerners DON’T fry?
    leave that damn corn alone…..

  • By the way, did y’all know that the Oriental Trading Headquarters is located in Omaha, NE? Buttons from Taiwan by way of Omaha. All good things come out of Nebraska I tell ya. I wonder if they do tours? xoxo Van

  • Each of your posts-from-the-road is better than the last. Vicarious travel, that’s the ticket!
    Finally laid my hands on a copy of your fabulous book. Apart from questions about the kickbacks you must be getting from the Euroflax folks, I’m all set to knit linen-things. Beautiful, beautiful book! Congratulations!

  • Now this is sounding like fun. Waiting for “stash picked up on the road” pictures, though πŸ˜‰

  • I think we should have a “Flash Your Stash Day” of all the “souvenir yarn” that was accumulated during the book tour so far! I think that would be a fun thing to see!! hehe

  • Yall need some grits to go with that whoopee pie.
    Remeber when Fred Sanford called jacques Cousteau Jack Gusto? Ecoute, Jack, here’s some Ripple!
    Love your posts, love your work. You should come to SC before hurricane season gets cranked up. Looks to be a doozie.*sigh*

  • Deep-fried corn on the cob?? I can’t decide whether I’m intrigued or grossed-out. But if you like it, I’ll make you some if you come to Boston. So we’ll have Carole and Kat’s whoopie pies and my deep-fried corn on the cob. Now that does sound scary.

  • That baby kimono is so sweet!
    Did you notice the makers of whoopie (oh, stop chuckling) are in a town called Gardiner? Coinkidink? Maybe yes, maybe no.
    Take a well-earned rest, ladies!

  • Your tour looks like a blast! When are you coming to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area?! We have about a million wonderful LYS’s here.

  • Okay, now go a little bit north and then take a left and after a while you’ll need to get over some big mountains (don’t whine, you can eat Moonpies or Whoopy-pies, or whatevery you like) and then when you see the BIG water, you’re in San Francisco bay area!! Where there is much fabulous yarn in many a cool, kick-a** yarn shop. Come. You like. I (and many like me) want to see you two in action.

  • Not that the whole thing doesn’t sound fun and fabulous, but I have such Whoopie Pie envy. That’s what I’d have my mom make for all of my class parties as a kid.

  • That cake looks delish!!!! Sounds like you guys are having a great time!! i love seeing all the new pictures and reading about your adventures. I also bought some of the peaches and cream cotton for washclothes and wow just on the roll alone it feels soft!! I really like it, i was surprised-most cottons like that kinda have a roughness So thanx for the tip on the yarn!!!! can’t wait to start a washcloth to brighten up my kitchen!!

  • WHOOPIE PIES!!! Now I am craving. Screw ho-made chocolate pudding, I’m requesting whoopie pies for the birthday treat (May 1st!!). You guys are dangerous…

  • Brentwood Ho????
    Who you callin’ a ho?
    Thank you guys again for making the party at Threaded Bliss the most fun I’ve ever had in my shop!
    P.S. I take it the fried corn was from Corky’s across the street. I confess that I tried it once and like Angela said, I think I’m still trying to get that grease coating of the roof of my mouth!

  • So there you go, off to frolic in the Midwest, but for some reason, even with the amazing draw of Mary Neal, Chicago is being shunned. Our tulips are out and everything, too.
    Really, not bitter. Not at all. Since I have an actual trip to an actual yarn store (Nina!) with an actual knitting girlfriend on the calendar for this Saturday, I will just have to take your book along and see what log cabin-y goodness it unleashes.

  • deep fried corn on the cob?!?!?!?! where has this been all my life!
    As always, looks like great fun!

  • So nice to meet y’all at the booksigning! Twas a pleasure, as is my most recent MD-inspired knitting–a whole passel o warshrags. Who knew they would be so fun?

  • I loved our little visit to AngelHair 2 summers ago. Pam was soooo nice. I’ve enjoyed the book tour ride. Please give recipe for gooey chocolate thing posted….have you seen the knitblog cookbook on Elizabeth Lemlers site?