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  • Oh Ann, what a coincidence. On this, the first morning of my vacation, as I sit at my desk and do what seems suspicously like work, I was wondering what it would be like to not have any meetings (or emails or calls) I can’t miss. The grass is always greener, huh? Maybe I wouldn’t feel so sorry for myself if the meetings were in Cannes… so I signed off the work, did a little fiber-and-knitting surfing, and now I’m going to clean out the kiddo’s room while she’s at school. Years of Happy Meal toys about to be tossed, it makes me giddy! and then, I’m going to sit on the deck and knit and NO ONE CAN STOP ME!. Maybe I’ll even go do it at Starbucks. Love the tutu stuff. How does it feel, is it soft?

  • my two cents on this whole idea of purpose and wondering as to whether one is a loser…hey, i have those wonderings all the time and i have the big job. of course, i dont get to go to cannes for meetings or do any real globe trotting for my work. it just seems, at least to me lately, that everyone has it better than me. i am always most surprised when friends and family speak enviously of what i am doing. i sort of think it is a page of of hobbes (or was it locke?) regarding the never ending search for felicity. sigh. hope you had a happy mother’s day…did you have trout for dinner? and if so, did someone else cook it?

  • I’m a works-outside-the-home kind of mom, but I remember reading something when our kids were very small. An article commented that in our parents’ day, a woman who was not in the workforce was a…..homemaker. Somehow the tables got turned, and now she’s a …. stay-at-home mom. The title has shifted from keeping the HOME to keeping the KIDS. And of course it’s only this shift to KIDKEEPER that means that mom’s like you feel the need to re-think things once the kids are in school.
    I humbly submit that that’s bogus, and that the need for a homemaker increases, not decreases, as the kids grow.
    Consider this: Most kids who get into Real Trouble (pregnancies, fatherhood, drug and alcohol addiction, etc.) have the opportunity to engage in those behaviors because nobody is at home when they get home from school. Consider, as well, the alarming statistics about MIDDLE SCHOOLERS (that’s 11-13 year olds!) engaging in sex and alcohol use.
    There’s your purpose, Ann! And note that this is a purpose that can drive your life without requiring that you bake from-scratch cookies with them when they get home from school. A bag of store-bought Oreos, a good amount of conversation about what’s going on in life, while you knit and they eat those Oreos, is all the purpose you need!
    And here’s hoping that Buffy responds appropriately to her sweater by yelling “Woo-hoo!”

  • Humpless camel? Indeed not! My work day just isn’t quite right without a stop at Mason Dixon. Sometimes several. There are whole conference calls that drone on and on while I am checking out the latest sidebar stories. The tutu project alone is going to keep me riveted for some time.
    If only you worked. You too could surf your own site and see how enjoyable it is.
    We’ll all wait patiently for your first book. But in the meantime, those strawberries sound mighty tasty. (I’m having a flashback now, to being in a strawberry field, about 35 years ago…)

  • I don’t have children, but I am always looking for the porpoise of my life! The grass is always greener, I suppose, but there’s obviously a problem with the greener grass, since they are not thinking about water conservation. I guess what I am saying is it may sometimes feel like you have no porpoise, but you can search for it, and in the meantime, your life is probably pretty sweet, non?
    You have a sister named Buffy? How can you beat that?

  • once more, you have hit squarely on the head something that occupies (too much) of my thoughts lately. where do i fit into this ever-more complicated scheme of things? some days the search for meaning seems clearer than others.
    fuelled & inspired by MDK,
    kelli ann

  • Occasionally, mostly as I do something far less reflective than pick strawberries (like say, clean the cat box, or scrub the toilet, or something else that involves the waste products of other living things that I have somehow ended up responsible for) I think to myself “Are you sure? Are you really sure that this is what you are supposed to be doing? Are you really confident that this is making a difference?” Now, if my life were a movie, then one of my kids would come in and do something cute and the soft music and the fuzzy focus would start and I would realize that it’s all really worth it, just to be a mother.
    Since this isn’t the movies, maybe you should pick up two copies of that porpoise book.

  • Finding the porpoise = a toughy !
    If our society put sufficient value on the nurturing of small people would this question trouble you as much ? I’ve had a woman turn away when,having asked what I did,she deemed my ‘work’ to be of no value.She missed a stimulating and interesting conversation there !
    We’re all different and have different needs,so I’m not about to say that what is good for me is good for you.I feel very happy with my lot,even when times are hard,which they really can be with any child and especially a disabled one.
    Look to the beauty of your Peonies and grab your happiness where you can.Oh yes,and keep writing. :0)
    None of the above written in a judgemental way.At all.Whatsoever.

  • “me again,
    case in point: the relative dearth of subjects of conversation not related to my sons.
    like the woman in a commercial i saw once, at a play with her husband:
    “nice use of iambic pentameter-wameter.”

  • I can say with confidence that your porpoise is not only to enrich the little and big lives in your very own house but also out here in the ether. Yes, we’re all waiting on your first book, and I know it will be a best seller, even better than that porpoise book, because who really wants to think about that serious subject when she could sit and laugh her head off at your recounting of diet coke chicken? I ask you, what better porpoise does a body have than to make people happy? None of my fambly has Very Important Jobs, but they all have porpoises, even the ones who don’t get the fiat money we call Dollars in payment.
    P.S. Ann, I started my own blog last Friday. I’m in your server space now, lady. Soon, we Davidsonians can rule the world. Just give us a few hunnert years. Feels so good to finally fill in that pesky URL space.

  • Dear Ann (you housewife loser you),
    Isn’t housewife just the ickiest word EVER?
    Calm down. Cannes is not what it is cracked up to be. Would you believe: the people are total phonies? Shocking, I know, but this is what I’m told.
    Are you sure the stack of Purpose-Filled Life books in the Costco was not a Candid Camera set up? That is just too richly ironic. Was there a huge stack of The New Simplicity?
    xox Kay

  • Ann, the description of your Costco experience had me cracking up. You’re such a talented writer you could always fall back on writing a book–something funny, please! I’m still in the “hump” phase of no sleep myself, so sleep seems to be purpose enough for me.

  • Housewife. So, all that mortgage stuff was the marriage ceremony? Do I really want to be married to a pink house with a scorpion infestation?
    I sat on the couch today, trying to recover from getting up at 3 ayem to put Himself on a plane (he has a Real Life), then at 6 ayem to send Smallness to school (she has a Real Life). Around 2 this afternoon I realized I had read two Regencies and knit a sock (LL Tahoe in baby cable ribbing) and I was still in my pj’s. I thought, “Is this my life?!!!” Then I remembered I have to teach casting on to the knitting group on Friday and life no longer felt amorphous. Do you think you can impose the image of a porpoise on something like daily knitting or writing quotas? Why not write that book, please? The Porpoise’s Wife?

  • As my great-grandmother used to say, life is a terminal disease and no-one likes a moaning, whining patient, so get on with it.
    As for the TuTu Wrap, it will slip. And go everywhere you don’t want it to go. Knit with it, be loose and relaxed. The occasional strong shake and stretch help, but Scribble does as Scribble wants to.

  • That scribble knitting is so cool! I wish I had the faith to try something from that unexpected knitting book. Unfortunately, I’m a bit of a control freak. No letting go for me.
    I should start writing “housewife loser” under occupation on my taxes. ;0)

  • what is that lovely slippy tutu yarn?

  • Ann, I know I was in the crochet thread camp for the scribbled tutu, but I’m thinking you might want to frog it and start again with finer thread. The tutu looks imprisoned in the thicker thread. Shouldn’t it look like it’s floating? Maybe this effect is subconsciously giving you that feeling that something’s not quite right in your world. Maybe.
    About purpose…sounds like you need deliverance. My Morning Jacket, my new favorite band, will be at the bonnaroo music festival sixty short miles away from you in June. Here’s the link:
    Yes, I feel too matoor to go, too (35), but I still think there’s nothing like cranking up the stereo to drive away profitless speculation.

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