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  • I believe, once again, that I am first. Which is frankly a pathetic commentary on both my chronic lack of sleep and seemingly constant computer time.
    Not true, at least the computer time part. I just check in on my way up the stairs to the Nation magazine and a Tracy Kidder book. I promise.

  • Ooooh. Oooh. I’m second!
    So far (5 votes in!) I could live with any of the choices. So exciting!

  • The results of this are definitely more exciting to me than our local school board elections held today. I’m proud to be part of the task force, watery coffee and margaritas and red wine included.

  • A) Noro Kureyon
    B) It has amazing color properties.

  • Least favorite – anything Colinette (can’t afford to buy enough to make anything really great!)
    Something good — gorgeous colorways

  • Hmm – Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, ‘cos it pills so horribly – but it is so, so soft!

  • Wow, I got to vote twice today! Once for mayoral candidates and borough presidents, and once for my favorite desert island yarn! What fun! Vote early, vote often, and vote merino, that’s what I say!

  • Can’t wait to see the results!
    Least fave on the list would have to be the Shetland 2 ply (even though I haven’t seen any). I’m assuming 2 ply means thin, thin, thin like dental floss and that’s why it’s my least fave. BUT on a good note it would make the most beautiful lace!

  • I’m with Thomas – Many of these yarns I’ve never seen, & not sure how many I can easily obtain in Cornwall, UK…
    However, of the ones I’m aware of, my least favourite is Noro Kureyon (too expensive for me (colinette is cheaper here!) and I’m not keen on the colour combinations).
    Positive – looks great once knitted (if you like the colour combos!), feltable.

  • I’ll echo Suzanne.
    Noro Silk Garden.
    The colorways are impressive.

  • How do I vote? I think I’m missing something here!
    Most hated yarn: Kureyon – too scratchy, too much “debris” but pretty colorways 🙂

  • How can I pick a least favourite?? I’ll go along and say that I have been disappointed with Kureyon, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t grab some on sale…. It’s so lovely in the ball; should be put in a big glass bowl on the coffee table, but I don’t like the loooooong stretches of colour knitted up.

  • Hiya, it’s difficult for me to vote for best or worst as I have only fondled about half the yarns on the list (UK reader). However I haven’t let this minor detail stop me!
    Of the yarns I have used my least fav is Jo Sharp DK Wool because I found it suprisingly rough, however it does come in a fantastic range of colours so I still like it!

  • YVE Least favorite: Noro Kureyon (just like everyone else), because it’s scratchy and full of “stuff”, but it is very lovely to look at. Somebody must knit with this stuff?!

  • My vote is for Noro Kureyon; nice and pretty but too much hype–all I see anyone knit with it is felted bags. Too difficult for us to get in the shop so we’re discontinuing reordering it. Same goes for silk garden.

  • Liked Least: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece because the darker colors run.
    Positive comment: Great colors and nice hand.

  • not sure what my least fave is sits here thinking…. still thinking….. oh for the love of pete I can’t remember what the name of the yarn was that drove me to almost quite knitting I know where it is in the LYS and just don’t vist it any more. It was lovly and and soft and wanted to be a lacy scarf for my sister and just would not behave so it sits alone in a dark corner of my yarn basket.

  • My least favorite is Brown Sheep Worsted because it is too fuzzy, loses fluffy bits and makes my nose itch but as a positive the color selection is vast and the price reasonable.

  • Obviously I should have dropped by earlier. Not a single Lana Grossa Yarn on the list despite most of them being great. Cool Wool Big and Royal Tweed are waiting to be knit up.
    As for the drink: Long Island Ice Tea.

  • Kid Silk Haze. I had to burn the little bit I had because it drove me INSANE, but people do make pretty items with it. Really, though, it’s hairy dental floss. Whateva!

  • Noro Kureyon.
    It’s pretty.

  • Harrisville Shetland
    comes in a lot of colors

  • A. Rowan Kid Silk Haze
    B. So soft and beautiful colors!

  • Noro Kureyon and Silk Garden — cons: too much vegetable matter left in it, esp. for the price. Pros: beautiful colors, wide range of colorways.

  • Rowan Felted Tweed – because it has great colors, feels good, makes a fantastic project and it is the only yarn the BF wanted for his sweater- so that means something!
    If I had a vote for a discontinued yarn – and this is just torture – Rowan MAGPIE! AAHH- let’s just think about that for a minute – hundreds of us knitting with yarn from beyond. bliss.

  • Ooh that Cascade 220 felts so well.

  • Denim. But I will respect it. For Kay.

  • oopsie doodle daisy … something not to like … would say that the dream project would not be made of tahki cotton classic … fabulous colors … good yardage … good price … but no memory … oh … that doesn’t count … that’s not a n-i-c-e cmment … but hey … if the yarn doesn’t remember how can i … and then i would still be all the way with kay on a bit of denim … but then i’m getting carried away … am i still allowed in though i voted on the previous poll but had actually not officially snuck in on the first round .. hee hee … kay can perhaps vouch for me after doing the matisse thing exhibit on saturday in the city … is that called brown nosing … ach … macht’s nix …

  • Does it ever occur to us that we are a bunch of SICKOs, caring so much about this?
    The mention of Magpie was very moving. Even though I love the cottons, I had to wipe a tear. That yarn is the Greatest All Time Aran Yarn. Such beautiful cable-show-up-ness, drenchy colors, soft and loft. Boo hooooooooo.
    My least favorite yarn on the list would be the Koigue variegated colors. Please, don’t stone me. No judgments. I love the solids. I love the yarn, so well behaved and soft. I just don’t like the way the variegateds knit up with pools and flashes and general incoherence.
    Nice things to say about it: it’s soft, it’s got great stitch definition, it makes gift recipients go oooh and aaaaah!
    xoxo one of the 2 (two!) Denim voters so far, Kay

  • Ann is going to make me stand in the corner for this one.
    b) It would be wonderfully useful on a desert island. You could make a hut out of it.

  • Margaritas? Red Wine? C’mon people! Our official drink has to be martinis!!! How else are we supposed to get through this Future Search?

  • KT–In Ann’s absence, I must take it upon myself to order you to go stand in the corner. While in the corner, you must knit a long buttonhole band while THINKING about what you have done WRONG.
    When the kitchen timer rings, you may come back and play with the other children, but only if you feel you can behave.
    And by the way, this is not a Time Out. This is Standing in the Corner. I am not some kind of New Age permissive mom. xoxo Kay

  • Im the 45th voter….I just turned 45. Serendipity. 🙂
    I just cant master the drape and shape of Cottons. They require extra laundering care, (big negative in my life) and they can’t match the fit of a wool. Positive commment: they don’t itch of course.

  • I can’t do it. I embrace diversity. I welcome difference. I stand with my arms thrown wide in the glory of all yarns for they each have a place in the universe, every single one of them waiting for a glorious unique moment when their own individual light will shine, making each of them the perfect yarn for that single matchless instance when that yarn is the one, the only, the unparagoned fibre of choice.
    I would like to claim my rights as an equal opportunity knitter and declare myself a contentious objector. I will not choose.

  • My least favorite yarn didn’t make this list and no wonder. Rayon ribbon (especially the space dyed kind). It’s ugly and slippery and there’s nothing good to say about it because it’s expensive, unpleasant to work with, and feels like pantyhose and it should be ashamed of itself forever. Now that felt reeeeelly good.

  • I’m not (yet) a fan of anything cotton, but the softness is rather nice.

  • I don’t know the name of the yarn I like least because I’ve blocked it from my memory, but it is a shiny ribbon yarn that I probably would love if it wasn’t lying in a tangled mess in my yarn bowl.

  • Colinette One Zero — I like things EVEN! That said, the colors are really beautiful.

  • chenille-can’t remember the company or content. i’ve wiped it from my mind. after a few inches of seed stitch…enough with the worming already. geez.
    it was a lovely rich shade of red, kind of like a good zinfandel.

  • I don’t like the Manos, cause it is rough on the hands to work with but I keep being tempted by the vibrant colorways. (And that is why I am a Malabrigo gal.)

  • Noro Kureyon is my least favorite because it’s expensive and doesn’t feel nearly as good as it looks.
    But it does look marvelous. And hence there are some very interesting and creative patterns for it that take advantage of the coloring/striping.

  • least fav is red heart 100% acrylic, made from petroleum by products. positive thought – baby upchuck washes away like a dream – –

  • Least favorite – Tahki Cotton Classic – hurt’s my hands. The colors are beautiful and I do like the fabric it creates.

  • OK — least favorite (although some these yarns I haven’t actually met — I did try, but it’s a very big list) would be Noro Kureyon. I’m knitting with it now, and I would say the color is wonderful and so interesting. But not nearly soft enough.

  • I’ve been knitting over the last few days with Online Punta. Ick! It has given me blisters on my fingers. What was I thinking with the novelty yarn, even for a kid.
    It is a nice color though, I’ll give it that.

  • Well, I haven’t knitted with all these yarns, of course, but I’m choosing Noro’s Kureyon as my least favorite–it’s far too scratchy. However, its colors are phenomenal, which is the only reason I tried it in the first place! (And, it felts well . . . or so I’ve heard. I haven’t actually gotten around to felting my Booga Bag yet… I mean, it’s only been about a year since I finished knitting it!)

  • Well, I’m feeling a little bit like Dumbo here. I clicked on vote on each category because that seemed to be the only way I could view the choices. When I went back to really vote I got a message saying my computer had already voted. Gheesh! Wonder what I chose? I do love Koigu though I’ve only fondled it. My least favourite yarn at the moment would be Rowan Summer Tweed. Love the colours but I find it stretches and bleeds when washed { maybe thats only the first time} but it is great for those of us experiencing their own perpetual personal summers!

  • I will never buy any more Cashmerino Aran – it looks like it got sent to war after one washing. It is lovely soft to knit with, though.

  • O.K. so this may be a little lowbrow for the list but my least favorite is Lion Brands Homespun. It bunches up on me and drives me crazy (I know, short trip!). But it is inexpensive and the colors are nice.

  • I’m actually getting a little panicked that the Ultimate Yarn might not be Rowan Wool Cotton. I love that stuff… but still- panicked?
    Least favorite yarn… I must say, it’s a pretty durned respectable list. The yarns I’m familiar with are yarns I like. So, for the Yarn Validation, I’ll say: least favorite from the list: anything Colinette (it comes to the store basically thrown in a box, not even hanked or neatly bound like Manos, and we have to hank it all ourselves. And their color card system for ordering is insane to the point that you wonder if they actually want orders. Plus it’s often too bulky, funky, and expensive for my tastes). What I like about it- why, the colors of course. Pretty.

  • A Colinette One Zero ‘cos it looks sad so quickly.
    B The colours are stunning.

  • I didn’t participate in the first meeting, so I hope it’s ok to join in this vote. I voted for Rowan Calmer because I have been waiting to try this yar. My second vote would be for Rowan Felted Tweed for the same reason. (I am thinking of staring the Weasley sweater just to try this yarn!)
    Least favorite would be Cascade 220 because I think it’s too scratchy for a sweater. Second would be Noro Kuyeon for the same reason.

  • I haven’t tried Euroflax so don’t make me Stand in The Corner, but I did try to knit with linen in Russia and it hurt. My least favorite yarns (until I try Euroflax) are linen and hemp, but they are very durable, good for warm climates, and when you grow out of a sweater, you could always recycle it as a canvas bag.

  • Aw, that was rough. I felt so, so…disloyal to the yarns I didn’t vote for. I must go home tonight and pet them all.
    Being a twinkie (my DH’s term) who always completes assignments, on the Yarn Validation Exercise: (a) The yarn on the list I like the least is Kureyon, entirely for texture reasons. (b) I will admit that Kureyon does interesting things with color changes, and that maybe if I ever got interested in felting, I would appreciate it in a different way. (But don’t hold your breath.)

  • I voted Araucania Nature Wool. It is lovely and I like the way it is dyed.
    Also, it’s at the front of the list.

  • Ooops, didn’t read the homework correctly. Least favorite yarn is fuzzy eyelash yarn. On the plus side, it knits up quickly and doesn’t show mistakes.

  • I’ll come back in a little while to talk about my least fav yarn and why. For now, though, I’m kind of stuck on the beverages for our meetings. I have in front of me a Yarn Cocktails pattern, which includes not only the pattern for a cute cap-sleeve top, but also the drink after which it is named, Hurricane. I propose that we select our beverages from the designer’s menu, um, er, web site:
    Double something. Double trouble, maybe, especially if we have an open bar.

  • Least favorite? From this list, it would probably be Takhi Cotton Classic. I really want to like it, since I love the colors, but I have a hard time getting a consistent gauge with it.
    Drink of choice: I would go for a nice gin and tonic. Paper umbrella optional 🙂

  • Please tell me there is a “veto” option if we get less than a 2/3rds majority on that variegated koigu. A tiny-gauged, variegated sweater is out best? Egads!
    SAMASFOW may have to withdraw its members from the design team if this improper use of an otherwise lovely variegated merino takes place. Stop the madness!!!

  • Okay, I’m back. My least fav yarn, and I’m really sorry to say this because I made a beautiful scarf from Sally Melville’s Knit book and I love the scarf and wear it all the time and I get so many compliments on it, is Eros; it’s a ladder yarn — enough said? You have to pay attention to every single stitch, ugh. My positive comment is well, that’s how I started, and I’ll end with I love the color of it, too.

  • Least favourite – Debbie Bliss Cashmerino – but pretty colours.

  • I wish we had negative votes: one negative vote cancels out one positive vote.
    C’mon, folks, variegated fingering yarn?
    I know, I know, I’m a beeyotch.
    It’s soft. How’s that?

  • Cascade 220 – just a good, all around yarn. Comes in Superwash for the kid’s stuff, comes in pretty colors – can be painted if you don’t like the colors.

  • I’ve been lurking for too long now and decided to get up the gumption to vote — for Koigu. Every time I go into my LYS, I stand in front of the Koigu display for about 5 minutes, drooling.
    Least favorite yarn? Huh. Can’t say I have one.
    And I’m all for red wine. Or beer. Or margaritas. And scotch would be nice…you know, I’ll drink just about anything.

  • Am I the only one who thinks a vodka tonic with lemon would be Just The Ticket for desert island partying?
    From this list, my least favorite is Kureyon, because of what everyone else said. I keep being seduced by it because of the colors and the striping, but it betrays me by feeling like rope every time.

  • On behalf of the Scottish girls, I vote for red wine!!! We are still voting for drinks, aren’t we???
    P.S. South African Red Wine by my side as I type…..

  • Yarn? We’re voting for yarn? Aha! Least fave – anything that will clash with red wine! Hee hee hee!!!

  • My least favorite drink is the Sloe Gin Fizz. One good thing I can say about this drink is that it is a lovely color and might make a good dye for yarn.

  • You know, nothing beats sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist of lime. Added bonus: it’s very economical!
    The two yarns that jumped out on the list that I don’t like are Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (it fuzzes up) and Berroco Chinchilla (it just too fuzzy to begin with). But Cashmerino is a pure delight to knit with and Chinchilla comes in really great colors.

  • Please don’t toss me out of the future search (I make a great margarita), but I must confess that I don’t like Koigu vareigated. Although the colors are lovely on the shelf (see, so nice) I’m not a fan of Koigu “in action”

  • From bitter, bitter past experience – it has to be Colinette Skye. Don’t ask. I shall weep.
    On the positive side – it was a learning experience and as a result I am a more mature and rounded knitter. Yeah. (oops, sorry I meant Yay ! – just being positive you know.)
    Tempted tho’ I am by the red wine – couldn’t we all have a civilised G&T on the lawn ??

  • 1. Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran weight because it pills horribly
    2. The colors are so beautiful

  • Least fave: Shetland tiny 2-ply from hell.
    Nice thing about it: I now understand I never have to knit with it, cause I’m too loosey-goosey to EVER get the gauge.
    Nice to really understand your own limitations.

  • Koigu
    It looks pretty in the skein.

  • So Ann, what about the fair? You are distracting us with these votes and all, but it seems the ribbons have been awarded at the fair, and we all need to know the truth! Show us your ribbon!

  • Which do I like the least? I’m far too polite to say. They all have their own place…:) Look. I’m even smiling politely at my own goofy comment. What does that say about Canadians?

  • a) I have to say “Yarn Bee – Playful” (found at Hobby Lobby – http://www.hobbylobby.com ) is my current least favorite yarn. It’s an acrylic eyelash with little poufs of fluff and strands of shiny plastic. (Give me Misti Alpaca anyday. Take this away, far, far, away to that desert island.)
    b) It’s sparkly…
    My mother picked it out for a hat. Alone, it’s too thin and itchy for my taste, so I’m blending it with Caron Simply Soft. Black is so not fun to work on in a crowded subway. Sadly, it matches a felted purse she bought at a flea market.

  • Was there any hesitation in your vote re: Rowan Denim? This is such a tough call, because I imagine the best yarns to be the ones that are so expensive I’ve never used them (Aurora 8, DB Cashmerino, Zara)…

  • And why does Koigu get separated into solids and not when Lorna’s gets a pass? Hmmm?

  • Okay, I didn’t see “recycled 100% lambswool from a sweater I got at the Goodwill for 99 cents” on the list. What gives? Honestly, I’m doing the best I can to search my future and I’m playing nice and all of that stuff . . . could it be that you all have never recycled a sweater from the Goodwill and therefore have yet to discover the wonders of cheap recycled yarn? Sigh.
    I’m casting my anti-vote for the Axelle de Sauveterre cashmere aran because I don’t know how to pronounce it and I’m not going to knit with something I can’t pronounce. My nice comment about it is this: if I knew how to pronounce it, I think it would make a snazzy name for someone in an overwrought historical romance.

  • You have left off so many great yarns! Two of Classic Elite’s come to mind: Inca Alpaca, and Montera.

  • For all of you who voted for the Koigu: You’re going to make my fingers fall off.
    For those of you complaining about the Kureyon, give it a wash — a serious wash with water and soap and some agitation — and see if it doesn’t soften up beyond your imagining. I have *heard* of people accidentally washing it in the washer (on cold!) and it coming out fine and very soft, but I’ve not tried that (though maybe now I’ll have to …. ) but a good thorough washing of it makes a big difference, in my humble opinion.
    And for the Powers That Be: Could we possibly consider having a Yarn-off, where the top 10 or even 20 yarns get voted on? ‘Cause I don’t know if 36 or 37 votes out of 416 really represents a majority…..
    And if I’m speaking out of turn, let’s blame it on the margaritas!

  • Least. Thaki Cotton Classic. But it comes in pretty colors.

  • I had to vote for the yarn I did because out of all of those choices, I’ve only ever had experience with 2 of them, and I cannot and will not knit with that Cashmerino again. I HATE KNOTS IN MY SKEINS.
    There. I’m ok…and please don’t make me stand in the corner or take a time out because I’ve never tried most of those yarns…I’m too tired to go to the LYS right now. Small child drama, dontcha know.

  • least:Colinette…but it makes others weep for joy.

  • a) scratchy Noro Kureyon
    b) comes in great colorways

  • Least favorite on the list: Berroco Chinchilla–too fuzzy, makes my nose itch, and the balls look like ratty dog toys. Positive: people make chemo caps out of it.
    I totally agree with MaryB in Richmond about washing Kureyon. Use Eucalan–it works WONDERS. I’m not sure I’d throw it in the washer, but a nice long soak in the Eucalan has done it for me. My Kureyon sweater is really soft.

  • Noro Silk Garden – but it does have some nice colorways.

  • Kymm, you’re right on. Fabrice de Sauveterre (Fah-BREESS deh Sohve-Tair) is the name of an alarmingly charming character in Nancy Mitford’s The Pursuit of Love, but I don’t know if he’s related to the yarn painter. I’ll take this to the Lit-n-Spin Research Subcommittee (LoSeRS) of which I am Chair and get back to you. In the meantime, somebody please make more Koolaid.

  • Wow. Amazing. I thought I had almost every yarn ever made but this list proves otherwise! Least favorite types of yarn ribbons and chenille. Nicest thing I can find to say of them is they make nice “novelty” scarves. Sometimes. 😉

  • Holy Cow, ladies. In case I’m conspicuous by my absence, it’s only because I’m so danged INDECISIVE. And I look at that incredibly long list of yarns and see all the ones I have never even TRIED and …. how do *I* know? I don’t have any yarn that I feel well and truly passionate about, above all others. So I will have to abstain from voting and watch and learn! mwah!

  • That was a tough exercise! I had a bit of trouble finding them all and one of my criteria for selection was current availability, since I’m sure once we finally pick one there will be a sudden rush of us all trying to find that yarn. We’re going to have to contact the manufacturer and get a special order or something! 🙂
    Ok. Least favorite yarn: Berrocco Chincilla because I don’t like “hairy” yarns. What’s great about it: super soft and nice close to the skin.

  • A. Noro Kureyon- the knots that can/have led to major disturbances in the color change.
    B. The colors are beautiful and rich and therefore I forgive them the bits of hay.
    C. I am all for gin and tonic on the lawn..WHO said that?!?! Extra lime for me …please

  • The yarn I would choose dead last to work with :
    Berocco Chinchilla
    It’s very soft though and I bet it would make nice knitted stuffed animals with the furriness factor!

  • Patons classic merino. So far 17 of us!

  • My least fave is Kureyon, but it is a great idea with the stripeyness. And there are some great patterns designed for it.

  • It feels so good to be a part of the Democratic process of chosing yarn.

  • Bot that was tough. I feel like a traitor to my lovely alpaca yarns, especially Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk and Frog Tree Alpacas!!!!

  • Red Heart.
    It comes in a variety of colors, is affordable, available at every Wal-Mart, and is what I learned to knit with. I’ll be glad when our group can start the actual knitting whatever the #1 yarn is deemed to be!