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  • My yarn store came to me through the mail on Friday, and it included a new, very wonderful yarn: Alchemy Synchronicity. Also swatched Artfibers’ Scottie… both definitely qualify in the “yummy and aran” category.
    Oh, wait, those weren’t on our homework list. Never mind…

  • I am filled with sorrow at the news of your cold. I recommend a lemon wedge chaser with the cordial. Also, I’d like to report a new-found fondness for Manos del Uruguay as a direct result of the homework assignment. Sigh.

  • Okay, so I admit I would like lint if it were spun by Eisaku Noro, but thanks to this assignment I discovered Cash Iroha and life will never be the same.
    Bless you whenever you sneeze,
    PS Raw garlic and lots of it–TRUST me.

  • Er, um, the dog ate my homework?

  • Yes, I did homework. Yes, I bought yarn. I bought Noro Kureyon. I’ve never used it before, and I bought some to make the Edgar scarf in the new Knitty. I’m not sure I’d call this my favorite yarn — a little thick and thin — not quite soft enough. But I am having a great time watching it change color as I knit. I am easily amused.

  • Ann,
    I did my homework 🙂 and after my trip to the LYS I am still a cotton person. I love it and it loves me.
    HOpe you feel better soon.

  • I did my homework found some really great stuff. I discovered that I thought Koigu was Noro. I had never seen the Koigu before. The pure merino (SOLID) was pretty delish! Also the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport was delectable. I had forgotton how nice Zara is.
    I am not a silk person, but I dutifully went and performed my silk test- you know, the sniff test. Yeeeeeeech! Some of those were damned stinky. (No need to name names-don’t want to hurt their feelings, plus they know who they are.)
    Yep, still a wool person. And why would anybody (skacel) name a yarn Sofa?
    Feel better Ann!

  • Hey, glad to hear about stinky silk. I had some Handmaiden silk/wool, and made myself a neckwarwmer that kinda resembled a dickey, and then realized it stunk. A stinky turtleneck thing!! Pee-yooo. And now I find that Summer Tweed has a bit of a pong too. But not as bad, I think, and I won’t be putting it right up to my nose. A big V-neck, I’m thinkin’.

  • So sorry to hear about your cold, Ann. I did the homework this weekend and, while I am still not a wool fan and every nerve in my little cotton loving hands resisted, I did manage to touch and smell and ogle all sorts of fancy wools. I have heard lots of ravings about the Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb and now I know why. It is beautiful stuff.
    Get well soon – the perfect handknit future search eagerly awaits your return.