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  • Dahling, blue is your signature color! I recognized right away where you were, in spite of the fact I’m just an Omaha girl. I done visited them there botanical gardens a year ago. I’m wondering how the Chihuly Chstuff is weathering the cold snap, but maybe it hasn’t arrived there yet. Beeyouteefull sweater.

  • Love the Raspy with a side order of Chihuly. You look so happy in it/with it.

  • You know – I think you look great in it! It is more than just a home sweater. And defo suitable for the grocery!

  • You look fab in Raspy blue. It is soooo you darlin. Really it looks great on you. I am really loving the blue.
    Even Virginia Beach got to have a Chihuly exhibition a few years ago. If I won the lottery guess what my house would be full of. And I don’t mean sock yarn. It is already full of that 🙂

  • fabulous darling – would that all of us middle agers could make it look as good as you do!

  • I’m with you keepin’ it real. Knitters are real folks, with real figure flaws, and you don’t burn a lot of calories sittin’ around plying the needles.
    You go girl!

  • I think you look lovely in Raspy. My first Chihuly experience was at the Milwaukee Art Museum with clients (awesome), second, in a cave at Pine Ridge winery in Napa, third at Atlantis, and then my aunt invited me to the exhibit you were at.
    We all look less flawless in handknits!!

  • Absolutely love the Raspy. The botanical garden is beautiful also. I’m over the Chihuly, but then I’m from the Seattle area-ish and Chihuly is a bit of a bad word around these parts lately. A bit of an art scandal it is.

  • It looks perfectly perfect to me — and I would wear it to the grocery store, to knitting circle, to the movies, at home, with my pj bottoms, to the Knitters Review Retreat — heck I would wear it everywhere!!!
    But then again I have never been know for a fashion sense you know. Unless weird counts as fashion sense 😀

  • That color looks good on you. Considering the clothes I normally wear to the grocery store, that sweater would be dressing way up.

  • Fab-o sweater. I just saw the Chihuly exhibit in the STL. Here’s yer link: http://stitchriprepeat.blogspot.com/2006/09/chihuly-and-flowers.html
    A former midwesterner, I’m in Nashville now, and love all of Ann’s Nashville-isms. Love to read you girls!
    Ann, Angela over at Nashville SNB is starting a fibers group up. Like with fabric and art quilts, etc. you should check it out!

  • Fab-o sweater. I just saw the Chihuly exhibit in the STL. Here’s yer link: http://stitchriprepeat.blogspot.com/2006/09/chihuly-and-flowers.html
    A former midwesterner, I’m in Nashville now, and love all of Ann’s Nashville-isms. Love to read you girls!
    Ann, Angela over at Nashville SNB is starting a fibers group up. Like with fabric and art quilts, etc. you should check it out!

  • Kay your sweater looks great – much more than an over pjs sweater – the texture looks beautiful! – is this the sweater they spatter bleach all over with a carrot? I’d keep it the way it is!

  • You look wonderful in that color and it does look so stylish and comfortable… two words that you don’t normally put together – unless you are talking about Keen shoes. I love Chihuly’s work. Did you see his piece at the Children’s Museum when you were here. He has a couple of other beauties on display, too. But the focal point of the museum is a 3-4 story piece that the stair/ramp revolves around. It’s wonderful! So’s the sweater.

  • Love the Raspy – and love the Chihuly! His glass looks like it is alive.

  • What yarn sub? What figure flaws? Where?

  • Chihuly was here in Columbus, Ohio, too. It was spectacular. Wanted to make all kinds of things just from the photos we took there.
    Nice Nice sweater.
    I read your book almost every night before drifting off to sleep. Want to make everything in it. Saving t-shirts for loop yarn. A knitting book hasn’t inspired me so much for a LOOOOONG time.
    Thanks, knitting sisters.
    Now, it’s time to build some IKEA furniture….
    wish I could knit it up instead!

  • ca-YUTE! Very stylish, and I’m diggin’ the home-plied colorway.

  • From one middle-aged broad to another — you look fabulous, dahling!
    And prepare for an onslaught of whiney, poor-me emails as I embark on my own denim sweater.

  • Kay, thanks for being my virtual model! I must have a Raspy for myself!

  • Awesome! Looks very comfy and cute. 🙂

  • The Raspy is great and so is the model. Since it is BLUE(denim beside the point), you and Ann have a lot in common. But…according to my grandchildren, middle-age is 60 and I am pretty sure that is not what you are.

  • I’m dumb, is the Denim People still around?

  • I really like how its slimming at the waist. Perhaps, just perhaps, I am on my way to making sweater.
    Who am I kidding, I don’t have time to finish a scarf. Or a dishcloth. Or even a swatch.
    Thanksgiving break is going to be great…

  • Kay–You look great! I don’t see any figure flaws—just a beautiful, accomplished, happy and successful wife and mother. What could be more figure flattering than that!!

  • You look marvelous, hon. And I like to call Figure Flaws something else: Figure Design Features.
    I’m off to Memphis this afternoon for a weekend at the Southern Festival of Books (I’m talking at 1:30 pm on Saturday, so please fly down from New York in that sweater and join me), a sit n knit after the talk, and surely some Memphisy chow along the way.

  • Your Raspy is tres cool!

  • Both are looking just lovely – you and Raspy. (I have some of that Texere denim yarn. I knitted a swatch using it doubled and still it seemed so fine! Thanks to you, now I know that you have to use three strands of it to make it look like Rowan denim! HA!)

  • I really really like it a lot!! You look great in it, and it looks like you’re having so much fun!

  • You look fantastic in that sweater! That color is lovely on you. My son went to the Chihuly exhibit this week with his school and since then, he has asked me about 368 times if we can make a family trip up there. I think we’re going to have to do it soon.

  • Yet another perfect sweater! I could too so wear it to work! Yay…

  • You are just a doll!
    Thank you for the great photoshoot!
    Cool location!

  • Can I just point out that Kay isn’t planning to wear her sweater out in public? She’s obviously not from the south where it is perfectly acceptable to wear curlers to the store, and bedroom slippers have made an appearance in our local courtroom. 🙂

  • I think the sweater is awesome and so are you! I see no figure flaws, just a woman who keeps the millions of us entertained with her antics!

  • Raspy looks fabu on you 🙂

  • Love the Raspy, gorgeously simple denim, bluey slouchy, lounge-around-in-pj’s-in denimyness
    I love Chihuly too – I’ve yet to see any Chihuly in the flesh, only devoured the books, but it’s just mind-blowing.

  • Fab sweater. It looks comfortable. I would wear it for sure.

  • You’re a glass act, Kay. mwah

  • kay, you do look lovely- and comfortable- very at home in the garden. thanks for the visit — a weird, evocative installation xoxo

  • T R E N D Y! and true blue,….that’s what you are, babe!

  • We had the “Chihuly in a garden” thing too a few years ago at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago. Fabulous!
    I like the sweater. Nice color!

  • Great sweater–it looks both comfy and stylish!

  • I’m a long time lurker, who when I first found you fell into The Perfect Sweater thread and always wondered what happened to it. When I bought your book, I thought it would be in there. Yes, I was disappointed but happily I ADORED the book so much you guys were let off the hook. Finally I just assumed that you were leaving it for the next book or gave it up and went back to the mythic isle of ‘Rowanland’. So I was ‘gobsmacked’ (have to use that one) to see the post and THE Pattern. In 6 sizes. Really: that totally rocks. Not only because I’m a 2xl myself, but we ALL deserve that perfect sweater. Thank you for giving it to us and for free.
    Most the time I don’t comment b/c life is just too nuts and I’m on the internets enough as a web-tech-head, but I’ll take the time to say it now: I love you two. You’re writing is wry and genuinely funny. Instead of it being all cutesy, somehow you keep it ray-all! So thanks already.

  • Hey Kay – the sweater looks faboo! What a terrific knit. And I truly can’t see the yarn sub. Nice work. Raspy My Love really is stylish – I love those sleeves, and it hits just the right part of your butt.

  • I love adequate knitting and practice it myself all the time. I also love your blog, am furiously knitting felted boxes and dishclothes and buttonhole bags. Yours was the first blog I ever read and it sucked me right into the blog world and into a new relationship with my own writing (and my own knitting). I recently started my own blog and wanted to say thank you for being the inspirational godmothers. I’m sure you’re responsible for a zillion of them out there, but I will always hold you especially dear for the creative kick in the ass you’ve given me in so many ways.

  • The to-mid-finger sleeves are a *key* design feature here. Much more elegant than the alternative. We all need a comfy-going-to-visit-beautiful-public-spaces sweater in our wardrobe, and your Raspy fits the bill perfectly in all its blue loveliness.

  • Lovely sweater. Flawless inside and out. I like the photoshoot and term “Chihulypalooza.” Keep on knitting.

  • Really, why couldn’t you wear that to the grocery store? It looks wonderful!

  • That looks lovely on you, Kay. The waist shaping and raglan lines look like they hit in just the right spots, and of course the colour is perfect. I think it could be more versatile than you let on. 🙂

  • That sweater looks amazing on you! Now I want one!

  • Love the sweater and have just LOVE Chihuly!