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  • That is too funny! Yummm…rice pudding! 😉

  • I love my slow cooker/crock pot so much and yet I have the hardest time finding recipes that don’t involve starting with a can of condensed soup. Blech.

  • Gosh – Stitch ‘n Bitch (am I allowed to say that?? I really am not sure…)going mainstream.

  • I was sitting next to a man with his young son (about 4 or 5) on the R train this week where this ad was featured. They had a multi-stop discussion about why those people didn’t have any clothes on, but didn’t comment once on the knitting! I really wanted to contribute, but somehow, it didn’t seem appropriate.

  • Tee Hee. I giggle every time I see this ad on the subway.
    And is she wearing fun fur slippers?

  • I’ve loved this ad, too. Until upon closer inspection I noticed the knitting is only skewered on the needles!

  • Crock-Pot is trademarked, hence the sudden surge in slow-cookery by all sorts of other appliance manufacturers. No matter. please share your rice pudding secrets.
    Also – that ad is a riot!

  • I made pot roast in my slow cooker just last night. I heart my slow cooker so much that I have two (one a “slow cooker” and one a “crock pot”), one sized for potlucks, one for my family alone.
    That ad is too funny …

  • Hey, fill us in on which slow cooker you choose. I’d love to hear how it road tests. Or kitchen tests as the case may be.
    And that photo is from the Stitch N Bitch book, no?

  • That exact picture is in the “Stitch N Bitch” book.
    Love my slow-cooker – or whatever they want us to call it!

  • My first thought was “trademark infringement!” but maybe that’s just because it’s the topic of conversation today. Upon reflection, I think it’s more likely a case of stock photo collision.
    I’ve worked on many projects where we have chosen a picture from a stock photo collection, only to find that another company used the same photo elsewhere. I wish stock photo catalogs would print out a list of “everyone else who bought this photo,” it would save a lot of graphic designer-y heartbreak.

  • Are the shoes really the things you love? I was checking out the pecs.

  • I saw that ad in the subway this morning too! I’m glad to see that Debbie Stoller is still putting that image out there 🙂

  • I’m afraid to use my crock pot because I’m worried my dogs (each 90 lbs) would pull it off the kitchen counter. Why didn’t we adopt small dogs?

  • Gee, I can’t wait to get to the Big City to see that ad! New York looks like so much fun.

  • That fella has on one heck of a cozy.

  • That picture is in the first Stitch n Bitch book, isn’t it?
    By the way, not on topic at all, have you seen the Ravelry group “I would rather poke my eye out with a dpn than knit a dishcloth”?

  • I love that picture; I’ve also seen it in the Debbie Stoller’s Stitch and Bitch Handbook. Best thing is, I have a friend who saw the picture and said that she had dated him. Unfortunately, no savory (or um, unsavory) details. Just gave me a smile looking at that picture.

  • I love my slow cooker, but without you to remind me, would have forgotten that TONIGHT we’re supposed to have beef stew, which does not happen in an instant. Ah well, maybe tomorrow night.

  • Can I just say, I never noticed the shoes or the pecs. I can’t be the only one who wants to meet this man…well, maybe not…

  • Can I just say, I never noticed the shoes or the pecs. I can’t be the only one who wants to meet this man…well, maybe not…

  • God I miss Zabar’s! What kind did you get (cost?) I’ve been thinking about taking the plunge as well!

  • You crack me up! Forgot to tell you I found that book on the only web site where you can shop for exquisite yarns and crunchy granola books: Bob and Nancy’s Bookshop site: waldorfbooks.com – AND, I hesitate to mention: “The Gourmet Toaster Oven” book – I’m running out of counter space!

  • OH SURE! I get a slow cooker and you give me the BIZNESS about it; Mrs. LEAR gets a slow cooker and she’s the freakin genius of the universe!
    That’s just RICH. SHEESH!
    PS I could tell you the best slow cooker cookbook but you wouldn’t believe ME.
    Off to buy more L’il Smoky cocktail weenies to slow cook for twelve hours.

  • Who is Mrs. Lear? And Ann, I would love to know about the slow cooker cook book, what is it?

  • Hey, I want to know the best slow cooker cookbook!
    After laborious shopping (lots and lots of angry reviews on slow cookers) I bought one last spring. And now all I make is minestrone once every month … or two.

  • To bring this back to knitting/textile arts, a crock pot/slow cooker is also a good tool for yarn dyeing experiments. You can create your own shades of dish cloth cottons with white yarn and a few sachets of KoolAid…

  • Ann, Ann, please tell us the best slow cooker cookbook. I promise to believe you — especially if it actually has recipes that cook without intervention for more than 4 hours (my current cookbook’s idea of slow–and my idea of not-even-a-full-day-at-work-and-thus-useless)

  • I visited Zabar’s for the first time this summer. LOVED it. What a fantastic store. I picked up one of those mini-totes with orange handles for small projects.

  • I heart all three of my slow-cooking crock pots – ya need different sizes ya know. And that image is a total rip-off from the Stitch N Bitch book! You know, Ribbed for HER Pleasure. How can they do that? Good thing they didn’t lift anything from YOUR book. The very nerve.

  • Oh, my, as I sit and read your blog I have something yummy cooking away in my Crock Pot. I have not one but 2 – my favorite and my back up. I would be lost with out them. It is so awesome to come home from a horrid day at work (which I’m not doing now – work that is)and have something lovely all cooked up. My favorite Crock is from my wedding list – no self respecting girl should be without one in my book! Crock on, Kay! Crock On!

  • I have two, one to cook with and one to dye in. It is a nice tidy minimum size for small batches.

  • I don’t know what Ann’s favorite slow cooker book is, but my most used book is “The 150 Best Slow Cooker Recipes” by Judith Finlayson.
    I had one of the slow cookers that had a metal insert, and tossed it in favor of the tried and true crockery style. Holds heat better, and the few minutes and extra pan needed to sear meat on the stove is worth it to me. I’m on my third one, numbers one and two now being relegated to the dye room.

  • I know the guy in that picture probably has on knitted bikini briefs, but it looks like an enormous WW to me. I must have a dirty mind!
    I will have to send you my recipe for Chicken Cacciatore in the “slow cooker”. It’s to die for and I like to set it up in the morning and pretend that someone else made dinner when I get home.
    However, I don’t use my slow cooker as much as I would like–it’s TOO big. The only place to store it is on top of the fridge, where it requires a step stool to retrieve and put away, and it gets that yucky greasy kitchen dusty up there so it always has to be washed before using. So it’s not convenient to use. Either I should get a smaller one, or knit it a cozy to keep the dust off. Hmmmmm . . .

  • Ahhh…the old crock pot. Less hands-on over the stove; more time to knit. There are a bunch of good recipes on the Williams-Sonoma website (search slow cooker)…I highly recommend the Wine-Braised Short Ribs with Lemon Pasta.

  • Try the “Fix and Forget It” books from Good books in Intercourse PA. Amazon has them too. Lovely people to order from. It has hundreds of great recipes. They do assume you know how to use one, not a lot of how-to’s. I love the books!

  • Each year I fire up the crock pot right around the time I think about lighting the first fire in the woodstove; this year, that happened about ten days ago. I make yummy stews and – my new favorite trick – oatmeal that cooks all night and is ready when I get out of bed, stumbling around in the (now) dark mornings. Steel-cut oats cooked for hours….mmmmm
    what’s a WW?

  • Let’s hope they followed all the copyright rules when they borrowed that pix from Stitch ‘N Bitch.

  • Where is the pattern for the Penis Cozy?

  • I must have looked at the photo wrong- I thought he was just uh.. ‘holding’ the yarn that she is knitting with in his lap???
    Cracking up.. because this has a similar ‘ uh, slant’ to what I posted on my blog.. (POSTED 6 hours before I read this site)..
    still giggling like a 13 year old school girl- over both blog entries.
    The socks and glasses crack me up.. humm, wonder what he looks like w/out the Clark Kent glasses?
    Thanks for sharing this photo! 😀
    When I made pot roast in my ‘purchased’ as a crock pot.. but, I will seem ‘in the know’ and call it my SLOW COOKER.. it didn’t turn out very good. Anyone want to share a good pot roast recipe? Or any recipe?

  • Don’t diss the weenies!
    Cocktail Weenies of Death
    (recipe originated by my Southern Belle mother and tweaked by me)
    2 pounds cocktail weenies
    1 cup ketchup
    1 cup brown sugar
    1 cup bourbon (yes, you read that right)
    1/4 cup sirracha
    1/4 cup soy sauce
    Mix all the sauce ingredients and heat in slow cooker (or on stove top if you’re in a hurry) until the brown sugar melts. Then drain the weenies and add them to the goo. Cook on high for an hour or two, depending on when the game starts and how early you got up that morning. Longer is better.
    The longest these have lasted at a party is about 20 minutes. I am now greeted at the door of any Super Bowl party with, “Did you bring weenies?!” I normally loathe cocktail weenies, but bourbon cures everything!

  • What is sirracha, and where can I get it?

  • Here’s sirracha: http://www.huyfong.com/no_frames/sriracha.htm
    (I didn’t know either. Bourbon I know.)
    xoxo Kay

  • I love that ad–makes me grin every time I see it.
    Kay, I’m going to a party tonight on the UWS that requires TWO slow cookers, had to loan mine to the hosts as they only have one. They’re doing meatballs in one I hear. I’m writing down liz’s cocktail weenie recipe for our holiday party. That’ll show up their two slow cooker party–my party will have bourbon weenies!

  • I wonder, is that an image somone found and put both in the Stitch and Bitch book and the storage add, or was it a photo taken specifically for SnB?

  • I wonder, is that an image somone found and put both in the Stitch and Bitch book and the storage add, or was it a photo taken specifically for SnB?

  • I lurve modern devices that increase knitting time.

  • I just wanted to recommend with the kind of enthusiasm usually reserved for things like 100% cashmere yarn at 50% off, the slow cooker cookbook by Rick Rodgers called “The Slow Cooker Ready and Waiting Cookbook.”
    I’ve tried about 5 different slow cooker books, and this one is my favorite by about a mile. Everything I’ve made from it has been very good, at least. And most things I’ve made from it have been excellent.
    And no, I’m not Rick, or his publisher, or anyone in his family. It’s just the best slow cooker book I’ve found.

  • are ya tryin’ to kill me here…
    You know I have SUCH a crush on NYC and it’s for this very thing: People not afraid to wear socks with sandals!

  • Every time I see this picture on the subway I am knitting across from it and some dude is smirking at the irony. It actually annoys me a little…. the joke the storage company is making is kinda weak compared to the actual irony enjoyed by all knitters who know that this image is used already.

  • Now, that is odd. Last week I came across a photo in the Patternworks catalog that is also in the Happy Hooker. So maybe the photographers retained rights to their work and resold the photos?

  • And how did that rice pudding turn out, Kay? 🙂

  • Hehe, he was wearing shoes?? I can’t say I made it that far down. He’s a cutie! rowr (hehe, kidding, I noticed the white socks almost immediately and went “ewwww”)
    YAY for knitting! What a great ad, that’s hilarious.

  • *snort* you know I stare at this ad many mornings on the F.. and I have never noticed his shoes? i try not to be caught looking at it tho since i’m generally sitting next to the husband and knitting. maybe i should carry a large ball of red yarn just for those mornings and see how many bleary eyed commuters get the joke? [or maybe i should just lay off the cold meds.. *sigh*]

  • Shoes?? What shoes?
    Is that a beret below the pecs and abs of steel. Must knit the beret!

  • Yeah, try getting a pressure cooker – everyone thinks you mean slow-cooker. Even though it’s sort of the total opposite. The best crock pot action, though, is the husband’s annual family reunion – they run two power strips out from the house to the yard, from two different circuits, for all the crock pots. Ours always has chili in it.
    I might check out some of the recommended cookbooks – I need to find one that doesn’t think I’m PRE-COOKING a bunch of crap, including beans. Beans? I’m going to soak them one day, cook them the next day, and THEN put them in a crock-pot? I could also just tuck a few into my cheeks and wait ’til they dissolve…

  • Will we be seeing some scary monsters here today?

  • right on there with the precooking stuff I wonder how long they would take to dissolve in ambers cheeks?