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  • Just how COOL is your Dad? (Ans. – Very) x x

  • I know the feeling… I have two conscience projects on the go at the moment.
    Your dad sounds like a super cool dude!

  • My dad lives in Florida so not much guilt over not knitting for him in…well…I was in HS in Kansas when I cranked out the giant scarf that never ends in earthy Red Heart acrylic stripes. BTW, I had a horse then (even rode as a whipper-in with the Hunt club and barrel raced at local Western shows) and Dad wore cowboy boots to the stable year-around. That meant with shorts (70’s very short cord shorts called “Stubbies”) and a straw cowboy hat in the sticky KS summers. Embarrassed the heck out of my sister, but since I lived in overalls or beat up 501’s back then- with cowboy boots of my own- I adopted a live-and-let-live attitude. PS- I never missed an episode of McCloud and still harbor a soft spot for Dennis Weaver. I saw him recently as the wise patriarch on some teen-angst cable series involving race horses and a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Swoon.

  • OMG, you crack me up with the cowboy hat code . . . my stepdad is one of the 6, I think (he doesn’t look right *without* his hat)!

  • Aw, that’s nice. Looking forward to murky posts.
    (Are you a Nebraska girl?!!)

  • Ohhh! This is so cool. You’re prize package will come equiped with even more fun tunes to help you through this process! If the hubster remembers to send it today you should get it…tomorrow? BOS – NYC in a flash.

  • Oh my god! We have to start a Dad KAL! I’ve been putting off an aran v-neck for my pops. He insisted on paying for the yarn and everything (I was a good girl and went with a Jo Sharp elann special) and I have yet to do anything with it!
    I’ve got the cables all picked out – just have to swatch and start. Thanks for the kick in the pants!
    Oh and I agree – your dad is way cool.

  • Your dad will love his sweater. My dad asked me for socks while I was visiting this summer … it started when he asked me to darn a pair of thoroughly-worn out store boughts and escalated. Now the yarn is in the stash, I just have to figure out a pattern.
    Dennis Weaver was so dreamy as McCloud … I had quite the crush on him when I was younger.

  • Am. Laughing. So. Much.
    So. Much.
    Can we go ahead and call it a Dark Gray Guilt-along? I have 25 skeins of dark gray Rowan Donegal Lambswool that I told Hubbo would be a sweater for him. It’s gnawing at me like a tapeworm, this guilt. It hasn’t turned into a sweater by itself, so I’m thinking I may need to get involved.
    xoxoxo you nut.

  • Yes to the Dad KAL! My father’s birthday was last week, and I promised him a vest or sweater of his choice, in terms of style and color. He wants a plain stockinette stitch V-neck vest, so that’s easy. But the color? He wants yellow, and mentioned both butter and lemon yellow. Who knew? Anyway, there’s nothing quite right on the Knitpicks color cards (for my father, I’ll pay for color cards!), so I’m still looking, which assuages the dad-guilt pangs a little; after all, the color has to be right!

  • No dad to knit for, but if we’re doing a guilt-a-long I have many, many recipients to pick for, so giddyap!
    My husband put his metaphorical hat in the guilt-a-long ring this morning when he announced “she doesn’t knit for me anymore” and showed not the slightest bit of sympathy that the reason had to do with an XXL sweater that was 2/3 finished and now needs to be unravelled and reknit since he lost 50 lbs…ah, the evils of procrastination.

  • I’ll join the Dark Gray/Father’s KAL — I need to finish a vest for my husband in Peace Fleece. The color? Glad you asked; it’s a dark gray called “Father’s Gray.” (Cue the eerie coincidence music).

  • All misty and choked up now. When I was cleaning out my pop’s closets I found the nastiest acrylic-blend, tan, zip-front ribbed cardigan. I think he’d had it since 1962.
    Wish I could make him something nicer. Valentina’s right, lady.
    And what is it with the dads and the never shivering and the insufficient covering for Winter?

  • HAHAHAHA! I just remembered – the yarn for my dad’s aran – GRAY!!!
    Somebody make a button. I’ll host it.

  • Your Dad and my Dad should meet up. Maybe they have at the “6 cowboys who look good in their hats” conference.

  • #8 – My husband.

  • You had to make me cry, didn’t you? OK, almost. I’m happy to see that several other dads will profit, though!

  • I always wondered why I never saw a pic of the finished article!! Now I know I’ll be reading with baited breath to see it completed.

  • That’s it. My dad doesn’t wear sweaters, but BY GOD!! He will this winter! It doesn’t get that cold in Seattle, so I’ll have to figure something snazzy out. 🙂
    Best of luck Kay…let us know about the Dad-A-Long; I’m all over joining. Even though my record for KALs is 0 for 2.

  • Go Kay! And if you run a little short on the shark let me know – I’ve got a couple of skeins only being used for barn windows! Annhb

  • O, and could we revisit the Wool Cotton for a minute? What does it do when it’s washed and worn? Is the pilling controllable? Annhb

  • Count me in for the Dad KAL – I’m dying of boredom six inches up a gansey in Jaeger Luxury Tweed. And hey, I’m totally digging the feminine version of that cardi – want to share? I’d wear that, by golly! I’ve even got a duffle full of inherited wool for extra vintage appeal…

  • I love the dark grey/father knit along – I too have a dark grey project lurking – dark charcoal and light grey norwegian mittens from “Folk Mittens” that I promised my husband. I bought the yarn and was all set to go until I read the pattern – worsted weight yarn on 4 size zero double points with color stranding? Um, I don’t think so. I was finally guilted into starting them last week (probably 4 years after the yarn was bought and the mittens promised) and it’s just as evil as I suspected. Oh well, the things we do for love.
    Can’t wait to see the dad sweater, Kay, I’m sure it will be real swell.

  • I myself have fourteen balls of Rowan 4-ply soft languishing for my Dad. He wants a vest. I think it is mostly the idea of starting a fine-gauge sweater for a 6’3 fellow that is causing my fear of casting on. I am swearing it will be done by xmas… but which year???

  • ….you ARE lucky to have a dad to knit for. before we know it, the sansabelt pants will be all the rage again… he’s an absolute trendsetter!

  • Oh Kay —
    Put all other knitting aside and do the raglan for your dad. I lost mine a couple of years ago and I’d give anything to be able to knit for him. I also quilt and he asked for a coverlet — I never got one finished for him — one of the few regrets I have.
    Learn from me on this one.

  • Your dad is adorable! Knit for him!
    May I recommend the Ex-Husbands as a good “knitting for cowboys” band? They channel Cash fairly well in the vein of songs about drinkin’ and killin’. WIth song titles like “Flat Broke in Hoboken”, “Johnny Walker Redneck”, and “Tequila Salt and Lime”; you know they’re good.
    And I voted for Denim. I voted for Silky Wool the second time. I’m going to have to make an Texas executive substitution if we knit this sucker before November because it’s still over 100F here.

  • My dad probably wouldn’t have worn anything I (or anybody else) knitted for him–but he would have kept it tucked away for ever, I suspect, and maybe bragged about it on occasion. The hat makes me smile; my dad never did go that far here in Chicagoland, but, oh, the belt buckles!!! Great BIG western belt buckles. The Gray Dad KAL is a great idea. I’m with Valentina–please do it!

  • Even though my dad lives in the tropics, he has asked for a vest ages ago which I have yet to knit. Guilty, guilty. I think I’d better get going.

  • Get knitting Mrs. !
    Your dad is,indeed,cool. Mine grew a pony tail just to annoy the old dears around town. He’d probably have looked good in a cowboy hat too. ;-]

  • what a wonderful, wonderful entry! as soon as I am done my knitting for my brother (who does NOT look right in a cowboy hat, even though he’s a texan) perhaps I will knit something for my dad. like a tie…cause your dad gets leather jackets and cowboy hats and my dad? he wears indiana jones hats, a duster and ties. sometimes, a bolo tie, when my stepmom isn’t around.

  • My personal Pa Ingalls has passed on, but I have one of his favorite sweaters. It’s not a handknit, alas, but it’s an emerald green fine-gauge alpaca with cables. I wouldn’t be caught out dead in it, but I wear it at home. Yes, it’s huge on me, but it smells like him.

  • Wow, your dad is cool!
    We need to see the dad modelling raglan 50’s sweater-that-you-button picture when it’s finished. Preferably with hat.

  • I loved this post.
    My dad had to rent shoes when I got married in 1975–he only had boots. His boots would have been fine with me, but my mom insisted. 🙂
    He also looked good in his constant cowboy hat–hope he and John Wayne and Roy are still enjoying wearing them while riding the “happy trails.” (gooeyness is allowed under these circumstances, I think)

  • Lucky you! Get those needles clicking!

  • This was a great post. And it made me smile, esp. when I got to the Code of the Cowboy-Hat Guys. How did you know that also applied to my husband, rider of iron horses, and Dad to No One (that we know of…)?
    I participated in the Dad KAL before I knew it was cool, except my project was supposed to be a gift LAST x-mas to my FIL who is more the knitting recipient type. My own pa prefers Marlboros, flannel, and his truck driving uniform to handknits. I’ll pull out that old sock, though, and get started on it for this Christmas. I know ol’ FIL will be thrilled.
    P.S. Miss me?