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  • What fun!!! And those needles are awesome! Welcome back…. any pictures of your quilts?


  • While that needle set is beyond awesome, I would still rather win the Nobel Prize. Just sayin’.
    Tho’ mebbe I’m just sayin’ that because I didn’t win the needle set. Sour grapes and all that.
    And dude, I’m so emailing the link of you-all’s chick-fight to Ian. He lives for moments like that.
    Sad, really.

  • I KNOW. I saw those vintage needles and Lust nad Greed and Covetousness entered my heart. It was Very Bad.
    However – iffen you haven’t been to staples I will happily send you a tape gun, as we have approximately 11 here at work and only need two.

  • Oh, if only… I would have loved to have been there to “help.” There would definitely have been a melee.

  • can you hear me screaming with laughter out here at exit 51?

  • Lol! you may want to give sit & knit of new buffalo michigan a call – I’ve seen some there before (they have TONS of vintage needles). I’ve always had problems resisting the faux tortoise myself.

  • I’m going to have to double check with the proper authorities, Kay but I think your not swiping that case of needles earns you a plenary indulgence…or at least a trip to the Purl Patchwork Japanese blues aisle guilt-free.

  • I knew you guys were having a blast yesterday while I was slaving away at work. Jealous, jealous, jealous.

  • You guys and your antics – I love it. I miss you all and I’m so happy to see so much fun in yer hood.

  • Ya shoulda headbutted her!

  • I cannot believe you mailed those needles out. I’m seriously concerned about your focus.

  • That Ann! Always up to no good. She has tried to blame me for tons of shattered glass in her house. And toilet paper roll reversals. Da’ nerv!

  • Nice to hear your voice, Kay. I was present when a set of faux tortoise sock needles found a new home, for some paltry donation to a charity. You know, they’d just snap if you used them, so you’re better off without the temptation. Right??

  • That looks like a blast.

  • I guess you & Cara forgot to tell Ann that she was supposed to wear a black shirt?
    What fun to ba able to pack up all those goodies!
    I love the pictures in this post! Such expression!

  • I love it when Cara calls me Dude, too…for the same reason;-)
    Ann and Cara know how to put on a party but this must be the best yet.

  • LMAO! Great post, Kay! Can’t wait to get my Knit Big shirt. Thanks for helping with the prizes. That’s a big job!

  • So glad you’re back – and with such a delightful post. I was worried for awhile that I would have to fly out to New York and help with the unpacking to free up some blog time. I was in Boston a week ago – it could have worked. I know what you’re thinking, sure, tell a person now.

  • I love how you and Cara are wearing team outfits. But SOMEBODY didn’t call Ann!!!

  • Great! Now I’ll never win an eBay auction for funky plastic needles. EVERYONE will be bidding. First I can’t get any Peaches ‘N Cream at my local Wal-Mart and now this! Whatever will I do with all the money you are now saving me!

  • Ok Gotta have those needles – just gotta. Going to ebay- there may be a bidding war if I find them.

  • I’m screaming over the box! Have you all seen Wooly Thoughts’ collection of vintage needle gauges? Check it out: http://www.woollythoughts.com/gauges/index.html

  • Dude. There’s packing going on on the LES! It’s safe, too, the pretty fabrics are already boxed up.

  • What a fun party! And to think the inimitable Kay may have touched the prize I won!!!! Now I’ll love it even more because you three had such a fun pack-n-send party. #7 is mine, and I swooned over all the prizes–the needles too!

  • Oh where are the faux tortoiseshell and Bakelite?? We wanna see! And you girls were having way way too much fun! Looked like a blast!

  • I promise I will give those wonderful needles and case a good home. I will cherish them forever. I will build them a shrine and make offerings of colorful handpainted wool. I will (sometimes) abandon knitting socks on two circs so I can use them. I will show them off to my knitting friends at every opportunity. I will put them in my safe if I have to leave town. I will be anxiously waiting for the mailwoman — I hope she isn’t a knitter and/reader of this blog!!

  • Your blog is fantastic – makes me smile and giggle – what fun you all look like you’re having!! I love the t-shirt! GO BIG GIRLS!! WOO HOO!

  • You girls are so cute! I wanted to let you know that I just finished my first Buttonhole Bag. It is the cutest little thing! Thanks for the pattern! You can see it over at my blog…I’ve started knitting another one…