The Sonya Files

By Kay Gardiner
August 31, 2018

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  • Sonya is a muse for me. I love her posts, her photos, and her honesty. I have many a personal journal entry sparked by her posts.

  • I agree completely. She is why I subscribe to your newsletter. Sonja is very inspirational b

  • I’ve only just discovered her (having been away from Blogland for a long time) and I love her work and her posts!

  • I love this post–All of Sonya’s wonderful inspiration in one place.I’ve been sewing her patterns for 6 months now and love how it’s freed me to be more creative. Thank you Sonya!

  • Love Sonya, her attitude, her clothes, her outfits, her patterns.
    Everything about her.
    Thank you, MDK , for introducing me to her.

  • Thank you so much for this series of ‘reprises’ and links to content I missed before I started following you guys. It’s such a gift. I’ve been toe-dipping into the #memade waters, and an looking forward to starting to follow Sonya, as I see even from the one pic you’ve posted that she and I probably have a lot in common.

  • I love Sonia’s infectious smile. I could never pull off her style, but have taken her patterns and made them my own. I’m looking forward to taking a class with her one of these days.

  • I love Sonya, and she’s one of the reasons – probably the main one – that I am again attempting to sew. (Knitting is SO MUCH EASIER!)

  • Truly a muse! Her outfits and her words are full of joy and love!

  • Sonya has motivated me to get back to making my own clothes and to really wear what makes me feel good, not what someone says I should wear. Her wise counsel has led me to deconstruct resort-wear into wearable and to be brave enough to use her patterns as a springboard to making clothes that work for me. Thank you, Ann and Kay, for introducing me to Sonya and her philosophy. She has literally changed how I feel about myself in more ways that merely the clothes on my back.