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  • That yarn is amazing. Must resist!

  • On a cold and gray Chicago mornin’
    Another little baby child is born in the ghetto.
    And his mama cried.
    Just so you know that I marked the day in my own way…..
    GAGA about that Jojoland yarn. It’s not JUST that it’s called Jojoland, which would be enough (dayenu!), but that it’s so cool in its color shifts. So subtle. sa-BLIME! Made my day. xox Kay

  • that BLANKET – oh.mi.goodness!
    clearly she needs to make another one – for YOU!

  • Shit. Now I have to buy more yarn.

  • That is a really cool blanket! Hey, do you meet at the Nashville Library once a month, every month? Cause I am going to be visitng relatives in TN in the summer, and would love to join you.
    Thanks, Hannah

  • Is this one colorway all throughout the blanket? I just wondered because I’ve got to go get some yarn or look at it yearningly. Must. not. buy. stuff. It’s gorgeous.

  • Another question from the person who must not buy stuff: is this yarn soft and squishy?

  • How many days in a row can Mary Sue go without sleeping ? What kind of coffee does she drink?
    I am humbled by her work-output.

  • I’m using JoJoLand Melody for a lace shawl based loosely on that Rowan Butterfly slipdress, and it’s looking purrrdy. Pics to come.

  • Just love the tributes! Bet Elvis is smilin; on you all. That afghan is so gorgeous! Some people have all the knit genes…

  • I can see how she knit this in a month. It looks like a fun adventure, like a book you just can’t put down. Gotta get me some of this yarn!

  • Lots of great Elvin knits here! Beautiful blanket! But don’t think we don’t recognize these as knitting decoys so you can work on your book! Me? I just hold up a baby. So at least yours are FAR more creative and knitting-related.
    P.S. I had a very intricate dream last night about you and your boys. I MAY, just may, be spending too much time on the innernets.

  • SO glad I did not make any crazy, I-will-not-increase-my-stash-this-year resolutions, cause I gotta get me some of that! God bless her for being so modest. If I made a blanket that beautiful I’d wear it grocery shopping.

  • That Jojoland is some mighty fine stuff. I’ll keep my eyes out for it in the yarns shops. Thanks for the tip.

  • Have you warned the various vendors of this yarn?
    Oh yes, and it’s just WRONG that she knit that in a month, just WRONG!

  • Tell Mary Sue that is absolutely gorgeous! I really enjoy reading all you gals have to say.

  • That blanket could almost make me want to make another blanket…and I’ve sworn them off as they take me FOREVER! But that is beautiful!

  • wow. december. to january. did she sleep? did she curse? does she want to make one for me?

  • These ladies are talented and fun…if just a little disrespectful… Ah! What the heck! They are remembering him and that’s all that counts.
    Love that yarn… need to write it down and put it with all the other little pieces of paper that I collect and can’t remember what they mean.

  • That’s a hunka-hunka (not) burnin’ blanket! More than gorgeous — jest like the King himself!

  • How can no one be mentioning the crown (though the blanket is lovely)? And thank you for all of your good sense and optimism – your blog is wonderful. Wish I lived in the South or NYC so I could join y’all at a knitting night!

  • well i am glad someone else got a picture of someone they love immortalized on a blanket from that company besides me… my boyfriend’s mother got us one for xmas with me, my boyfriend and our dog on it from a picture she tricked me into giving her. now i have a huge head in real life… it’s even more huge when you put it on a blanket. now that is just ridiculous!
    however the miter square blanket? most def. not ridiculous!

  • That is one gorgeous mitered square work of art! You and Mary Sue are going to start a Jojoland Rhythm shortage. And what’s not to love about a hand-knit day-glo crepe paper crown? Fun stuff.
    I may have to think about knitting for Lincoln’s B-day myself. Might be the perfect use for that black Baby Monkey that’s hanging out in the stash.

  • That afghan of Mary Sue’s may make me fall off the Knit from Your Stash wagon already. Sigh.

  • That is an amazingly beautiful blanket. It brought my anti-mitered square husband over to the mitered square side!

  • That yarn is FAB-U-LOUS!!! Hubby loves socks knit out of the Trekking, to find worsted weight for a sweater is just too much! That Noro I have for a sweater for him may be a goner!

  • I stalk Jojoland on ebay, seller id: jojosquare, store at: http://stores.ebay.com/JOJOSQUARE
    You won’t believe their prices. I got a bag of cashmere sock yarn for $26, a bag of that Rhythm yarn (10 balls) for $30.
    They list tons of balls each week, so let’s not bid each other up, okay?

  • Suddenly and inexplicably, your test is too wide to read without scrolling constantly from side to side. I checked the archives. This is suddenly and it is not me. Canyou fix it?

  • Wow, that blanket. I was feeling pretty good about my progress on Moderne, but now feel totally inadequate.
    And, Tammy, wow, I hope my mother in law doesn’t see that, she, for sure would get us a blanket of ourselves as well.

  • Absolutely am in awe over the blankie.
    On a different note though: I can’t remember which one of you recently bought the “Eurosteam Iron”, but I was wondering if you’re still in love with it. I didn’t get around to ordering one before Christmas, but last time I checked it was still avail. at the special price.
    The demo looked so awesome & I’d love one, but want to make sure that it’s as good as they say.
    Thx. so much.

  • Love the Elvis hair and little Elvis throw. He would have stolen hearts even then.
    Love, love, Looove Mary Sue’s blanket! That is gorgeous! I want one now. I want that yarn.

  • I just contributed to the Jojoland Rhythm shortage. You all are enablers…in a great, great way. 🙂

  • Oh dear, I’m afraid I too have contributed to the shortage. I wonder how many balls of yarn Mary Sue used for that blanket. We need to know!

  • Oh dear, I’m afraid I too have contributed to the shortage. I wonder how many balls of yarn Mary Sue used for that blanket. We need to know!

  • There’s a Chattanooga contingent coming up for the next Nashville Library knit-in. Would you suggest a hotel? Several yarn shops for us to visit? We’d really appreciate it!!

  • Mary Sue’s blanket is wonderful! I love the yarn but am trying to NOT develop a knitting stash to match my fabric stash. Sigh. The things we impose upon ourselves…

  • I almost bought the book that paper crown pattern is in last weekend JUST for the paper crown pattern because I think I need one to wear to the grocery store to bring out my inner princess.
    Not only is that blanket a work of art, but also, it’s the finest meitering I have ever seen not in person. It’s amazing to behold.

  • WOW. That blanket is stunning! And thanks for telling us about this yarn, I’d never heard of it. I could maybe, possibly consider breaking my vow to ‘never ever ever knit another blanket in my life even if all my clothes and sheets and blankets and towels go up in flames’ for this. I’m thinking about it right now, in fact.

  • Wow, I’d seen the Jojoland yarn before, but I had no idea it would turn out so gorgeous. Bee-U-tiful.

  • Wow! I’m on my way to Jojoland this afternoon. Thae fact that Mary Sue knit this in a month is amazing, but the month of DECEMBER? This woman can’t be human.

  • I know I showed up an hour late, but how did I miss these Elvis festivities?? I’m so clueless.
    Anyway, Francie, just promise us you’ll never cut your hair really short and get a really tight perm, OK?

  • Just loved the Orange crown !
    it made me laugh out loud, thanks so much.
    i make tiaras – but out of metal, not crepe paper.

  • Thanks for the wonderful complements from such a stellar group of knitters. You all make me blush. I used the Rhythm so I wouldn’t have to change colors. The yarn is magic isn’t it. It’s truely wool so it’s not as soft as some but it has a wonderful feel that only wool can have. AND it’s really warm which I need because my dear one plays freeze out from time to time around the house.
    The blanket has 36 squares and took 20 balls of yarn. Evey inch of the 20 balls too but that’s because I love the border and it used up more than the squares do.
    I knit in the car during our commute to and from work while my husband drives. It keeps me from trying to brake for him. I love mitered squares. They fit in a little bag and you can work on them everywhere during minutes when you would otherwise be very bored.
    Mary Sue

  • Strangely enough that elvis wig resembles the feeling I have knitting with this Italian mohair that has me close to tears. Who knew I really was knitting a wig instead of a hoodie.

  • Gladys beat me to it…I am always looking at the Jojoland site on eBay. The deals that are on there are incredible! You can sometimes score a bag of 20 balls of Rhythm for under $40. Good stuff! And super soft and squishy.

  • WoW! Amazing tales of knitters & knitting as always here. The blanket is wondrous. I like the subtle color shifts. And to finish it in a MONTH is truly astounding!

  • That blanket is gorgeous.

  • Jojoland is located right here in The Colony, TEXAS. Right down the road from me. Woo Hoo!!

  • Jojoland is located right here in The Colony, TEXAS. Right down the road from me. Woo Hoo!!

  • Jojoland is located right here in The Colony, TEXAS. Right down the road from me. Woo Hoo!!