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  • (Jane waves) Hi, Ann! I’m rooting for Daniel, too. We didn’t get to see much of his collection last week, and I think they were just teasing us.

  • I’ve been rooting for Santino since the beginning, what with the wounded insecure inner child stuff he has going on. Maybe it’s just the therapist in me. That, and I loved his muslin dress on the first show.

  • Daniel V. all the way. He doubts his own designs frequently but he is only 24. He has amazing abilities and I hope he wins. I was glad to see that the little ones liked Santino last week but that guy is just too mean which is different than pompous.

  • Daniel V. I lub him.

  • Argh! I want Jay to win again… He’s my favorite. His new show is hilarious. But if he can’t win again, my vote goes to Daniel V. I’m so excited to see the collections. And I want to hear Santino do Timm Gunn one more time… “What happened to Andre?”

  • Um….Ann? Did you really post this at 2:43 in the morning? Because while I completely understand devotion to a television show, it IS a school night.

  • I too want Jay to win. Can we just have him back to sit on Santino and break him in half-sies?
    That would really make my day.

  • I agree with your poll. I can’t believe that Chloe won. Daniel was robbed. Santino was still around because the producers liked his bombastic style (did you ever watch the closing credits where they stated that the producers had the right to overule the judges’ votes – it was rigged)
    Daniel was totally robbed.

  • I watched this show Monday night and I’m really looking forward to the Marathon that Life Network is going to be running on March 19 to catch me up! Even after 1 show, Daniel is my favourite – he’s such a sweetie!!

  • Would you believe I forgot to watch the finale? My knitting group was that good. And also I was tired when I got home. Didn’t even cross my mind. However, I read about the winner on the news this morning. And I will be watching the rerun today. Yay Bravo for rebroadcasting everything 500 times a week!