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  • That is a great explanation of Thanksgiving – and beautifully illustrated too…..
    Have a great time.
    Love, Jill

  • What a great representation of the reasons for celebrating Thanksgiving.

  • Hahahah, I am very thankful for your wonderful explanation of the holiday. I always wondered about the rotisserie. And do you think it was a black afghan, not a picnic blanket?

  • Fab explantion – I especially like the ‘queasy with too much stew’ look!!! Have a good time y’all.

  • Thank you, thank you! *giggle* I was curious about American Thanksgiving.

  • my favourite is “the march of the crock-pots”. i wish i could buy such an appliance for my MIL in France. but not just any one – the brown, almond & orange one from my childhood…

  • I completely understood the story. I was with you all the way. I was charmed by the artwork and the sweet gesture of posting beloved child’s art on the internet and the cuteness factor of the anti-Howard Zinn version of the story, they way we all learned it while we still believed in Santa Claus and tax breaks, and then I saw the crockpost, and seriously,
    my brain went: “Oh, and then they made variegated yarn for everyone!”
    I need an intervention.

  • ….. you have un artiste in your midst…..heartwarming cutouts and collage….three cheers to the mom!…..