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  • A vat full of indigo ink
    Can raise up an unholy stink
    But the afghan, it’s true,
    Is a heavenly blue –
    So really it’s worth it, I think.
    Hopefully my luck is better than my poetry. I did manage to shoehorn all three subjects into the one limerick – is that worth extra points? 😉

  • There once was a lady who would knit till her fingers were blue,
    she would only stop a knittin’ to go to the loo,
    She was a fast as fast could be,
    a blue streek you would see,
    and before you knew it, you would have sweaters, socks and mittens too… all in the colour of blue.

  • A lady who dyed in an indigo vat
    with bubbles and boils and a large pointy hat
    got wonderful hues
    and shades all in blues
    though it smelled like pee from a cat

  • beautiful blue blanket
    sprung from stinky vat of indigo
    oh how I want you

  • beautiful blue blanket
    sprung from stinky vat of indigo
    oh how I want you

  • a blanket of blue
    knit to help out a school
    raising money, warm

  • How about a 5-7-5 haiku:
    indigo and wool
    produces startling green hue
    air makes wool turn blue

  • Waldorf a good cause
    Christina goddess knitter
    No better match made.

  • Indigo dye vat
    Oh how you make my dear nose
    Quiver with digust

  • Ooh, how I love a contest. Can we also write double dactyls, pretty please?
    Higgledy Piggledy
    Dye-smith Christina
    Mixed up the mordant and
    Mashed in the lace
    Indigofera tinctoria
    Reeked to high gloria
    Still, the blanket’s new hue
    Has the heaven’s own grace.

  • First and foremost, Bettina cracked. me. up.
    A gal with a knack for knitting
    Created a prize most fitting
    Now we all want a piece
    Of that lovely dyed fleece
    To wrap up in when we are sitting.

  • geometric lace
    sashiko embroidery
    indigo dyed genius

  • can’t imagine poem right now, am blown away. words fail me:: for the blankie and the entries!! will slink off & mull ’till thursday eve.

  • Blue beautiful Blue
    I love you true
    From when I was young
    Til now that I’m Old
    I love you light and dusty
    I love you dark and bold
    The sky holds you in the daylight
    The dusk takes you to midnight
    On a hot looking car
    To my luxurious sweater
    It’s every shade of blue I crave
    It just gets better and better.

  • Amended to reflect strict 5-7-5 haiku rule:
    pretty blue blanket
    sprung from stink of indigo
    oh how I want you
    Waldorf school raffle
    with fabulous blue blanket
    may you have success

  • beautiful blue wool
    knitted into lace, adorns
    a bed. lucky, lucky, bed.

  • Beautiful blue wool
    knitted into lace, adorns
    a bed. Lucky bed.

  • Eek! Sorry. first one I added too many “lucky”s in the last line. I’m not trying to cheat, promise!

  • Afghans in periwinkle, socks in azure,
    Sweaters in navy, all things I adore.
    Cardigans in cobalt, yarn in every hue,
    O’the things you can knit in the color blue!

  • A million stitches,
    Reflecting beauty and love
    In their night-sky hue.

  • Knit by many hands,
    Coveted by all who see,
    Helping a good cause.
    Haiku is not my thing. But, I do try. 😀

  • Roses are blue,
    Violets are blue,
    Blue is my favorite
    And so is blue

  • supporting the goal education,
    christina s. caused a sensation.
    using natural dye
    she provokes quite a sigh
    from the readers of mdk nation.

  • look! i was so excited that i MISPELLED MY OWN NAME.

  • The dames of Mason Dixon
    Were chattin’ and knittin’
    Churned out a sweater
    said ‘Afghans are better.
    No worries about the fitting!’

  • Ocean, indigo,
    blue like eyes and sky and us.
    Your hands warming mine.

  • There once was an afghan so blue,
    Dyed in a stinky indigo stew,
    The knitted donation so great
    Waldorf couldn’t believe it’s fate –
    I’d love to win it, wouldn’t you?

  • Blue
    Snuggly warmth
    comfort from the earth

  • When that afghan is with its skyish hue
    Come down to Texas and hath wrapped its blue
    Around mine body, that shall be the time
    That I shall not regret this doggerel rhyme.
    Do we get bonus points if we write a sestina? (Yes, I majored in English. How did you know?)

  • Blue is my favorite
    The blue blanket is gorgeous
    Oh how I want it

  • The knitted afghan is huge,
    And the most astonishing shade of blue.
    Knitted and dyed,
    with patches besides,
    Boiled in stinky indigo stew.
    The knitter decided to donate
    The Waldorf couldn’t believe it’s fate.
    Christina must be tired,
    but now a ticket is required,
    I’d sure like to win it, wouldn’t you!

  • 大寝心地
    (translation – forgive my very rough Japanese)
    enormous comfort
    surrounded, wrapped up in blues
    blessings of the fall

  • A Haiku for Blue:
    My tatoo of leaks,
    foot stain like rinsing water,
    hides beneath high heels.

  • Clever Christina
    Creates in kind with nature
    Lovely to us all

  • Here is my haiku:
    Looking at the sky,
    So grey, in tumult, cloudy;
    I wish it was blue.

  • Here is my haiku:
    Looking at the sky,
    So grey, in tumult, cloudy;
    I wish it was blue.

  • Lace travels like clouds
    Light warmth encourages sleep
    Dark blue as midnight
    So pretty.

  • Color to die for
    Stinky blue indigo vat
    Wondrous blue knit cloth

  • comfort from wool
    indigo tincture stains hands
    soul blanket is knit

  • A big blue afghan
    Work of many loving hands
    Too bad the dye stinks

  • I covet that blanket of blue
    (It’s my absolute favorite-ist hue!)
    Yet one question, I find,
    springs gently to mind:
    Does it still smell like fetid cat poo?

  • bringing warmth and peace
    like only a blanket can;
    unvented beauty.
    (note the initial letters of each line!)

  • I think that I shall never spy
    A lovlier afgan made without lye.
    From indigo blue of sky so deep
    And a stink so bad you gasp and weep.
    Fashioned by knitters with hearts so pure
    For the best cause of all, of that I’m sure.
    If I should die before I wake,
    Please wrap my soul in this keepsake.

  • I’m sorry! I had to go down the “obscene with humorous intent” road :0):
    A man once had two balls that were blue
    He just didn’t know what to do
    Then he met a knitter
    And gave them to her
    Now it’s a blue blanket for two

  • There once was a lady in Philly
    Where nights can be terribly chilly
    She knit afghan with friends
    Sew in all darn’ ends
    And stewed it in indigo – really!

  • I cracked up when I read heather t’s.
    ‘blue is my favorite
    and so is blue’
    totally awesome.

  • From sky to navy,
    The spectrum of blue is wide.
    I like cornflower.
    okay, not my best, but the continual rain in MN is dulling my senses!

  • She sees a vision in blue.
    she must eat chocolate

  • …And I got so panicked when I didn’t find my post that I sent another one! Please forgive me, I have indigo fever. Here’s a great indigo factoid: Cassie Dickson, weaver extra-ordinaire, said in a workshop last summer that she knew an old Appalachian mountain lady who kept an indigo pot going in her backyard for years and invited all the local pregnant women to come over and pee in it to strenghthen the dye. That should give more than enough info to anyone who’s unfamiliar with this topic!

  • Indigo smells bad,
    Smelly pot of dye it makes,
    Oh wow! what a blue.

  • Ode to Indigo
    Oh beloved pot of dye,
    Kept alive for months on end.
    In spite of complaints and trials.
    In spite of temperatures and aromas foul.
    With the lovely shades of blue you have given me,
    I salute your ability to endure.
    Oh stop! the thought occurs to me,
    I finally have a pot to piss in!

  • There was a young man (well relatively)named Kazoo
    Who’s indigo smelled much like poo
    You could see him recoil
    As it came to a boil
    He wondered: now what do I do?

  • There was a young man (well relatively)named Kazoo
    Who’s indigo smelled much like poo
    You could see him recoil
    As it came to a boil
    He wondered: now what do I do?

  • Reading all this totally redeems the four days I spent bending over stinking vats in the hottest week of the summer. I wish I could dye you each a big hank of whatever yarn you love best. Thanks!

  • Indigo-y vat
    Plus great big blanket equals
    Beautiful blue hug

  • your blue eyes
    looking deep
    in to mine
    as you wrap
    the blanket
    round us lovely
    blues in the night

  • Amazing Cristina decreed that
    “This afghan must go in the dye vat-
    ’twill come out as Art!”
    “But it smells worse than fart”,
    cried her young’uns, who ran from the house, stat.
    Hey, is there a consolation prize for most tortured limerick?

  • There once was a lassie from Philly
    Who thought bake sales and car washes silly
    Said she; Knitting’s far finer
    And so became a designer
    And all of us bid willy-nilly.

  • And can I vote on Lanea’s double dactyl? how lovely! I had no idea what that verse form was called until now, but I’ve seen it before (in Neil Gaiman), and I love it.

  • mood indigo
    New York’s a city with one jillion knitblogs
    & Nashville’s representin’ with a couple (few?) more
    But the Waldorf in Philly’s got
    one, seule Cristina
    and her blanket makes my spirit soar.
    (*with apologies to a.a. milne via. dennis lee… once more.
    i may well be disqualified as i blithely ignored form. so it goes…)

  • indigo blanket
    was dyed carefully by hand
    it wants to be mine

  • oh! shoes of elvis.
    mood as raindrops spatter down
    his eyes now gone. blue.

  • Of all the world’s beautiful hues,
    There’s nothing quite like the blues.
    For an afghan so rare,
    Knit with such care
    I’d hock my favorite shoes.
    I’m glad this is a participation time contest and not a quality competition….

  • Thanks, Emily Dee! That’s really kind of you.

  • With apologies to Geoffrey Chaucer:
    A dyere ther was, of Loves-toune,
    Who werked a clooth of passing heigh renoun
    That was of blewe. It nedes mot be writ:
    It was a verray parfit gentil knit.