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  • I love your easyville sweater. Looks much nice in this red colour. Is that conker felted tweed?

  • Ann,
    I know thouest pain. Took 2 tries to solve a drainage “issue”, and three whacks at the porch roof to get that right…..forget Rome, Western Civilization was completed in the time it took my guys to fix my stuff here!
    Birch looks divine, and oh so true comment about lace, nuns, and sex (that would sound really strange out of context!!)

  • Polly–It’s in Wool Cotton, Roast is the color. You know, I have some Conker Felted Tweed just waiting for that perfect project. This Wool Cotton is a dead match with the Conker; maybe I could rig up a striped something with my leftovers?

  • Beautiful Birch,and lovely ‘easyville’.
    I can vouch for Wool Cotton’s suitability for little boy’s clothing !
    Where’s your friend? Where’s the photographic proof that she knits ? :0]

  • Ah ,misnomer ! Jack’n Eddy ! Or something …
    Anyway ,it’s gorgeous with all those roasted zig-zags !

  • Birch is looking great! I hope you’re v.v. proud of yourself.
    those zig-zags are looking good on Jack & Eddie too.
    Quick Rapunzel update – should finish the back tonight – lurex is looking OK and only a little bit of frogging had to be done on the cable (one glass of wine too many, obviously!) but it’s moss stitch from just above the waist, all the way up the rest of the back (lurex every 4th row). It’s looking good, but the lurex would have looked more subtle if I could’ve got one that matched the KC colour. I’ll just have to be flashy, that’s all there is to it!

  • Birch looks fan-tastic! So does Jack’n’Eddie! The nuns have come out of the cloister, hit a bar, and are possibly aiming to pick up the bikers who just rode in. It looks great! 😉