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  • Most of the time I don’t bother. If the yarn is sturdy I don’t seem to have a problem reusing it without refurbishing it. I have had a couple of fiascos though. Rowan DK MUST be straightened before reusing it. It’s just not dense enough. I’ve never used the Jo Sharp so I can’t say. Umm, do a swatch?

  • You wind crinkly yarn into hanks,tie with figure of eight ties to prevent disaster,then dip in lukewarm water.Wet through thoroughly,squeeze out excess water,then roll in towel,stand on roll to squeeze out all water,then hang to dry.
    Do not weight it.No need to follow Polly’s,I have to say somewhat loopy, advice & put in steamer.Ignore Dutch forum members who say it’s fine to knit as is,all crinkly.Wool has memory.Knit it crinkly,i.e. stretched,wash & watch garment distort.
    Trust me,I’m a spinner & wool know it all of many years standing,and sitting.
    I think you over estimate the scratchiness of the Jo Sharp dk.It’ll be fine – or fambly person can invest in ultra fine knitted silk under garments to protect their delicate skin.Sweater looks lovely.They’ll love it & realise how lucky they are. ;-]

  • Emma, putting it in a steamer works a treat – I’ve done it many a time…….I agree you don’t have to weight it, though.

  • Call me lazy (I won’t mind)but I don’t think you need to do anything besides frogging and re-knitting. I did this once with the same yarn,when the back piece of my Anjuli cardigan was clearly way off gauge and far too wide for my size.The yarn showed no kinks from the many rows of frogging,either in the skeins or on the finished cardigan.
    Love those earthy colors!

  • Hi Jil !
    I never said bunging it in the steamer didn’t work ! Just why would you risk scalding when a quick dunk in warm water works just as well ?
    You know,surely,that I’m teasing…

  • Wow, you folks are hard core! If I had to pamper yarn that much after frogging, it would go in the trash. Myself, I just reknit it, sometimes as I unravel. (Which I call sweater morphing.) Washing and wearing the completed sweater solve a multitude of sins (including a refusal to block,, which sometimes comes over me).
    The Jo Sharp is pretty soft, actually. Give ’em a bottle of Eucalan along with the finished sweater!

  • Evelyn–OK, sister, move along! We will not have any heretics who refuse to block, here in the Land Of a Thousand Blocking Pins. Please look deep into your heart and repent.
    We love the sinner, not the sin.
    P.S. LOL at reknitting as you unravel. Had to think about that one for a minute. Talk about kinky, and in more ways than one! xox Kay

  • Hold on, y’all–I got all confused and thought you were explaining what to do with my Christmas pudding.
    I think I’ll try to use up all my nice n tidy fresh balls before I pour on the calvados and set my yarn on fire.
    Thank you for your worldly wisdom. Lord knows my crinkly DK can use it.

  • Ann, I have reknitted as I was unravelling the Jo Sharp DK. It was fine, but am sure it would be even better if you did what Emma suggests.
    As for what I may have said on Liz blog, you caught me confused, as i am jet-lagged, sleep-deprived and struggling to re-adjust to my life of a legal alien after a 2 weeks holiday in Italy. I have no idea of what it was, but I know I do have the Rowan wool cotton for Punch, cardigan version, in the colors shown in the mag. but in my travel induced stupor i am wondering cardi or sweater, sleeves matching or un-matching etc. As you say, I’ll watch ‘n’ wait, you look like you’re nearly done!
    Love and Happy New Year

  • Ben–If you have Wool Cotton for Punch, I’d say you’re in business. I love the colors in the magazine. Once you get started, I would love to see how Punch knits up in Wool Cotton, so send a photo if you get a chance.