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  • Mary Neal, when you get back, on your next trip to New York, you will feel right at home at my pal Lis’s favorite bargain yarn haunt, P & S Fabrics, right in the tacky, dusty, neglected heart of LoBro. OK, it doesn’t smell like pee there. But that’s about the extent of the lavish customer-pampering at P & S. After a morning pawing through the bins with all of your questions helpfully answered by a (1) guy (2) who doesn’t knit (3) in an enthusiastic blend of English & Brooklynese, you can refresh yourself with a bubble tea and some Go Go Dim Sum in nearby Chinatown, a neighborhood that has much to offer the smell-deprived.
    My question is, can Ann not send you some yarn? Would that be against your rules of engagement? Ann’s got plenty to spare, and it all smells good. She can throw in something for the Gameboy that won’t get confiscated by InterPol. Let us know. Love, Kay
    P.S. I have been enjoying reading about your adventures but am getting a bit nervous for you.

  • Thanks, Kay, but there’s no mail here. I’m not kidding. The electric bill gets tucked in the door, and the gas bill? Well, the little man with the cane and the well-worn ledger and pencil comes to the apartment and sits in the kitchen until you come up with the money to pay what you owe. If you want to send something via DHL, it’s $125 for up to one pound and it takes six days. I appreciate the thought, though.

  • Mary Neal and your brother have my admiration. I would have been out of there within a WEEK. Well, maybe a month. I once camped out in a yurt [sp?] next to a pen full of goats in the middle of Montana. Ever heard goats singing together in a group at 5 in the morning? Moreover, ever been exposed to the smell goats give off when they’re in a group? So maybe I have more endurance than I think I do.

  • Are we becoming the smell blog?
    And, yurts in Montana?
    Poor Mary Neal with no hope of a care package. Phone home!!!

  • Mary Neal: I didn’t realize the mail was THAT bad–I just figured that the postal service would pilfer any and all natural fibers shipped in your direction. SHOCKING!
    Becky: A yurt? Fer real? Were you on a Downward Bound trip or something?
    And Kay: All I can say is, it’s a merciful thing that blogs DON’T smell. As two people with mortal fear of TTSB (Things That Smell Bad), we’re lucky to inhabit this scentless universe.

  • Hi Mary Neal,
    In Europe (except UK) dpn’s come in sets of 5. You CO on 4 and knit with the fifth. Perfectly normal for us Continentals, perfectly puzzling for the Anglos. Just think of it as a spare, should you loose one.